7 Lakes In Quebec That Completely Freeze Over in the Winter

In Quebec, people love to engage in winter activities, but some of them need using lakes that totally ice over. There are many of frozen lakes in the vicinity to pick from for ice skating, ice fishing, and other activities, so finding one is not a problem.

Remember to bundle up in thick clothing to stay warm while enjoying Quebec’s frozen lakes. To make sure the ice is safe to be on, you need also verify its thickness. Although the lakes included here usually freeze fully, this does not guarantee safety at any given time, so proceed with caution if you must venture on the ice.

Where in Quebec you can enjoy outdoor activities can be determined in part by knowing which lakes totally ice over in the winter. You can visit the following frozen lakes this winter:

1. Lake Saint Jean (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean)

Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, a lake in Quebec that freezes over in the winter and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, is one of the region’s main attractions in Charlevoix. This lake is a good place for ice fishermen to capture yellow walleye, perch, and pike, though those aren’t the only options.

In addition, you may do ice skating, sledding, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing while you’re in the area. Additionally, you can ride a fatbike on the stunning paths that encircle the lake.

2. Lake Memphremagog (Lac Memphrémagog)

This lake is located between Magog, Quebec, Canada, and Newport, Vermont, in the United States. The ice can get up to three feet thick when it freezes over. Because of the variety of fish they may catch and the thickness of the ice, ice fishermen adore this location.

On the lake, you can ice skate and partake in other outdoor winter sports. In addition, a charmingly illuminated ice skating path around Lake Memphremagog, providing breathtaking views.

3. Saint-Joseph Lake (Joseph Lac)

During the winter, Saint-Joseph Lake usually freezes over entirely, beginning in early December and lasting until late March. When the ice is thickest, which is in late December to early March, winter ice sports are available.

4. Lake Simon (Lac Simon)

Because Lake Simon freezes over completely, it’s a viable place to do frozen-ice activities in The Laurentians. Cross-country skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and ice fishing are all available there. You can even go ice skating on illuminated woodland pathways while you’re in the vicinity.

5. St-Augustin Lake (Lac Saint-Augustin)

Saint-Augustin Laken is located in Quebec City, and during the winter, it is entirely covered in ice. You can spend months each winter enjoying the frozen water, whether it’s for ice fishing or lake skating. Additionally, you can go to adjacent ice skating and hockey rinks.

6. Lake Beauport (Lac-Beauport)

This lake features an ice skating rink that is naturally formed and encircled by gorgeous surroundings. In addition to dog sledding and snowmobiling, this location is excellent for ice fishing.

December sees the freezing over of Lake Beauport, however it’s probably not safe to go on until much later in the month. You shouldn’t go on the ice after the first of the month, but it doesn’t defrost until the end of March.

7. Lake of Two Mountains (Lac des Deux Montagnes)

The intersection of the Ottawa River delta and the St. Lawrence River is where the Lake of Two Mountains is located. It’s a well-liked lake for ice fishing, and some people go ice fishing at night. With its two tallest peaks overlooking the northern shore, Mont Oka is the source of this lake’s name.

Highlights of Lakes in Quebec That Completely Freeze Over in the Winter:

Quebec Lake
Lake Memphremagog (Lac Memphrémagog)
Saint-Joseph Lake (Lac Saint-Joseph)
Lake Simon (Lac Simon)
St-Augustin Lake (Lac Saint-Augustin)
Lake Beauport (Lac-Beauport)
Lake of Two Mountains (Lac des Deux Montagnes)