7 Black Birds That Look Like Crows

Although they are occasionally mistaken for ravens and other blackbirds, crows are among the easiest bird species to recognise. These are gregarious, widely distributed birds. In technical terms, crows belong to the genus Corvus and are not one particular kind of bird. However, most people think of the American crow when they speak about crows. We’ll be comparing these birds to that for the purposes of this article. What other birds do people mistake for crows, then? Discover seven black birds that resemble crows by following along.

So let’s talk about the arrival of an American crow before moving on to the other birds. Large passerine birds are American crows. They measure from 16 and 20 inches in length, with their tail making up almost half of that length. They can weigh up to 21 ounces and have a wingspan of about 33 inches. Their feathers are iridescent and black at the same time.


Naturally, ravens are at the top of our list. Crows and these all-black birds are frequently mistaken for each other. However, the more closely you examine, the less similar they are. Common ravens, for example, are much larger than American crows. These big birds can often weigh three pounds or more. The wingspan of a raven can reach up to 60 inches. In addition, their behaviours differ from those of a crow. Crows, for example, are more likely to congregate in big groups than ravens, even though both species mate for life.

Blackbird Brewer’s

The Brewer’s blackbird is an additional bird that resembles a crow. But just like with ravens, it gets simpler to distinguish Brewer’s blackbirds from crows the closer you get. The brewer’s blackbird is a native bird of much of North America. They are frequently discovered close to water. While female Brewer’s blackbirds are sometimes mistaken for crows, they are not completely black. Rather, the majority of them are brownish-grey. Although they are shorter than crows, males are iridescent and entirely black. They can weigh up to 2.2 ounces and measure 8 to 11 inches in length.

Western Jackdaw

Our list also includes the western jackdaw. Western jackdaws belong to the family of crows. They go by the names European and Eurasian jackdaws as well. Although they both have black plumage, Western jackdaws and crows aren’t quite alike when you look closer! For example, western jackdaws have plumper bodies and shorter beaks. Their length ranges from 13 to 15 inches. They have a grey nape as well, however the exact tint varies greatly.

Common Starling

Interestingly, despite having quite different plumage, common starlings are occasionally mistaken for crows. Even yet, ordinary starlings appear to be nearly completely black at first glance. On the other hand, they are vibrant birds. Their plumage is glossy black with a green or purple sheen. Moreover, common starlings have stunning white feathers with a sprinkling pattern that is more pronounced in the winter. Their beaks are yet another notable morphological distinction between ordinary starlings and crows. Crow beaks are always black, although common starlings have yellow beaks in the summer.

Great-tailed Grackle

The great-tailed grackles resemble crows if we overlook the blue gloss on their feathers and lengthy tails! The gregarious great-tailed grackle is a widespread bird in both North and South America. The great-tailed grackle’s male and female forms differ greatly. Like crows, males are iridescent black with a purple-blue sheen. However, female great-tailed grackles have distinct brown colouring. Their length ranges from 15 to 18 inches, making them smaller than crows.

Common Blackbird

Most people associate blackbirds with crows or ravens. This explains probably why so many black-feathered birds, such as the common blackbird, are mistaken for crows. The IUCN Red List categorises common blackbirds as Least Concern. The majority of common blackbirds are smaller than crows, measuring 9 to 11.4 inches in length, though their appearance varies slightly according on the subspecies. Male adults have lustrous black plumage with an orange-yellow beak. The predominant colours of female common blackbirds are brown and white, with faint mottling around the necks.


The rook is the last of our seven black birds that resemble crows. Large, gregarious birds that resemble crows are called rooks. But the more you examine a rook, the simpler it is to determine that it is not a crow. For example, rooks have slightly white faces and beaks that are grey-black. Aside from their faces, they have black iridescent plumage. A rook can grow to a maximum length of 17 to 18 inches and a maximum weight of 12 ounces.