7 Best Kept Secret Places to Retire In Oklahoma

Everyone looks forward to reaching the stage of life where they are seriously considering retiring. It’s time to enjoy your golden years after decades of hard work. Making the best of this phase of your life requires careful consideration when choosing a retirement location.

You might like to reside nearby to a hospital, your grandchildren, or a place where you can engage in your favorite pastimes. We have identified the greatest locations in Oklahoma for you to consider residing there for a portion of your retirement.

A blend of large cities and little towns with plenty of things to do, lovely scenery, and something for everyone.

1. Warr Acres

Warr Acres is the top retirement community in Oklahoma. This is an Oklahoma City suburb. Numerous activities are available, and the locals are renowned for being kind. Despite being near the city, it is peaceful and quiet.

A lovely place to go hiking or spend a cool summer’s afternoon on the water is the nearby Lake Hefner. The tasty cuisine and entertaining games at Incredible Pizza Company will make your grandchildren very happy if you take them there for dinner.

Last but not least, a typical Warr Acres property costs roughly $175,000. It’s a reasonably priced area to call home and live the suburban lifestyle.

2. Sulphur

In relation to reasonably priced housing, Sulphur is an excellent destination for retirement in Oklahoma. You’re likely to locate the ideal location because the average property value is currently about $141,000. For the retiree who desires to spend a lot of time in nature, this small village is ideal.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is located in Sulphur and offers swimming, camping, hiking, and bird watching to its people. Main Street is lined with interesting stores, and there’s a spa and a casino nearby. In addition, Poor Girls Cafe serves delicious coffee.

3. Pauls Valley

Our third choice is Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. You may fully immerse yourself in Oklahoman culture in this community. To begin with, the average property worth is approximately $125,000, and your adult children or grandchildren will have no trouble finding things to do when they come to visit.

Pauls Valley Lake boasts not only an exquisite scenery but also a camping in close proximity! Take a weekend trip around the lake in a kayak, fishing, or tube. The locals like spending time at the fairgrounds visiting the seasonal festivities and going to the rodeo.

4. Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is definitely worth mentioning even though it might not be off the usual route. It’s the biggest city in the state and among the most well-liked retirement destinations in the nation. In the neighborhood, home prices are also competitive.

There will always be a ton of things to do in a big city. OKC has everything you might want, whether it’s line dancing, sipping cocktails at a speakeasy, or seeing your favorite band perform live! Furthermore, the tranquility that the suburbs and rural areas provide is always nearby.

5. Guthrie

The charming hamlet of Guthrie in Oklahoma is an excellent alternative for retirement locations. People are moving more slowly and taking pleasure in the little things in life here. A Queen Anne-style home may be found almost anywhere you look.

These make for a lovely place to retire to because they are not only exquisite on the exterior but also classic within. Despite being a tiny town in the state, this town depends significantly on tourists who come to explore historical sites. There are more than 2,000 historic structures to explore!

6. Broken Arrow

Safe and secure surroundings are among the top priorities for those searching for retirement communities. Though it is the largest Tulsa suburb, Broken Arrow is also the safest. It’s a reasonably priced area with lots of surrounding natural beauty and a reputation for traditional family values.

Given that Tulsa has numerous hospitals, Broken Arrow might be the ideal place for you to retire in Oklahoma if you require proximity to a reputable healthcare center.

7. Edmond

A community that has received recognition for being the “perfect suburb” is difficult to top. There aren’t many people here—about 80,000—but you’re never too far from a friendly neighbor.

Everything you’ll need to enjoy retirement is here. Numerous places of worship, lovely parks, wildlife, and excellent schools are all present. We strongly recommend visiting the area around Arcadia Lake and going for a vigorous stroll along the Arcadia Lake Trail.