6 West Virginia Cryptids: Appearance, Behavior, and Location

Important Points
An animal that people think exists but for which there is no solid scientific proof is known as a cryptid.
Folklore in the West Virginia region includes several tales about cryptids.
In West Virginia, reports of over a dozen different cryptids have been made.

The Mountain State is well-known for its tales of legendary creatures, especially for those who are open to the paranormal. There are several historical sites in the Appalachian Mountains, which only contain West Virginia as a whole state. Which six West Virginia cryptids are the most famous? Continue reading to learn more about these enigmatic and occasionally spooky West Virginian legends.

1. Mothman

The Mothman is a well-known cryptid from West Virginia that has been seen all around the world.near November 1966, reports of sightings of the Mothman started to surface near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The first Mothman story appeared in The Point Pleasant Register, the local newspaper. A pair claimed to have seen a ten-foot-winged flying man-beast with glowing red eyes.

Many sightings around Point Pleasant were recorded over the course of the following year. The media then took notice of the tale and made a big deal out of it. The day of the fatal Silver Bridge tragedy was the last sighting in Pleasant Point. 46 persons were killed when the 1,460-foot suspension bridge unexpectedly collapsed into the Ohio River.

Following the bridge catastrophe, rumours circulated that Mothman might not have been a dangerous beast after all and had instead come to warn the people of West Virginia of the impending tragedy. Point Pleasant has a museum, a statue, and a festival in honour of the Mothman today. Since his origins in West Virginia, the Mothman has continued to make sightings all around the world.

Describe the Mothman. According to bird specialists, the Mothman might have been a barred owl or sandhill crane.

2. Bigfoot (Sasquatch)

Bigfoot is arguably the most well-known cryptid, not just in West Virginia but globally as well. This enigmatic species, sometimes referred to as the Sasquatch, is supposed to reside deep within the Appalachian Mountains’ forests. Bigfoot is a big hairy ape that resembles a man; its height is typically estimated to be between six and nine feet.

The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve in West Virginia’s southern region has been the site of a recent spate of Bigfoot sightings, according to the state.

3. Flatwoods Monster

The small village of Flatwoods, West Virginia, was reported to have seen this horrifying creature in its woods. The Flatwoods Monster, also known as Braxie, was originally observed on the evening of September 12, 1952. Ten feet tall, with a red hood-like face, flashing eyes, claw-like hands, and a clothing that resembles metal, is how the monster is described. Four boys were playing outside when they noticed a dazzling bolt of light traverse the sky and seem to fall far away. This odd creature was observed.The creature was in the woods when the boys and their parents went to look into the crash.

Similar to the Mothman, Braxie is commemorated by a museum in the neighbouring town of Sutton. Additionally, there are five wooden Flatwoods Monster chairs that stand ten feet tall across the area.

4. Snarly Yow

The Potomac River region saw the influx of German settlers in the 1700s, which is when the Snarly Yow was first observed. There have reportedly been sightings of the Snarly Yow in Maryland. It is characterised as a big, snarling mouth, glowing eyes, and a fuzzy, black, dog-like creature. The Snarly Yow is said to possess supernatural abilities by those who have witnessed it. These include the capacity to materialise and vanish from thin air, to withstand gunshot wounds, and to be struck by moving vehicles.

5. Sheepsquatch

One of West Virginia’s more peculiar cryptids is the sheepsquatch. It’s not nearly as well-known as the Flatlands Monster, Bigfoot, or even the Mothman. Still, one of West Virginia’s most famous cryptids is the Sheepsquatch.

About the size of a bear, sheepsquatch is a big mammal coated in fluffy white wool. Sheepsquatch can move from walking on all fours to standing erect, much like a human. It also possesses ram-like horns, a dog-like skull, sharp fangs, and claws in addition to being completely white. Sheepsquatch sightings are common in the TNT Area of West Virginia. The TNT Area is a former World War II explosives dump located not far from Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman. It has also been referred to as one of the world’s most enigmatic locations.

6. Wampus Cat

A half-dog, half-cat cryptid that is frequently seen in West Virginia is known as the Wampus Cat. The beast is big, with a maximum weight of 600 pounds, and it can run both on all fours and erect. The Wampus Cat is a terrifying sight, but the legend surrounding it goes back to the Cherokee people.The story of the heroic Native American woman who resides inside the Wampus Cat to defend her people and territory is passed down through the generations.

Highlights of the West Virginia Cryptids:

Cryptid Description Location
Mothman A large flying man-like creature with red eyes. First sighted in Point Pleasant
Bigfoot A large hairy ape-like creature that walks on two feet. Deep in the forests of the Appalachian Mountains
Flatwoods Monster A 10-foot tall human-like creature with a red hood-shaped face, glowing eyes, claw-like hands, and wearing a metal-like dress. Flatwoods
Snarly Yow A large, black, dog-like creature with glowing eyes and a snarling mouth. Around the Potomac River valley
Sheepsquatch A white, wooly creature about the size of a bear with ram horns. TNT Area near Point Pleasant
Wampus Cat A massive half-dog, half-cat creature. Throughout West Virginnia