6 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish are wingless insects that live in high-moisture environments like gardens, leaf heaps, and caverns. They are widespread throughout the United States. Silverfish are important members of the food chain for centipedes and spiders and aid in the breakdown of plant materials when they are outdoors. However, they can be an annoyance indoors. These tiny insects contaminate textiles, books, and any food that has been preserved by feeding on starchy materials. These six methods will help you keep silverfish outside of your house.

1. Get Rid of Moisture

The perfect habitat for silverfish is one that is damp and wet. Thus, your bathroom or basement are where you’ll probably find them. It will be beneficial to make sure that certain parts of your house have adequate ventilation. Additionally, using a dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air, making the space dryer. Water is kept out of your house by fixing underlying causes of dampness, such as faulty pipes or sealing foundation gaps. One strategy to get rid of silverfish is to have a dry house.

2. Seal Up Food Sources

Silverfish eat sugars and other starchy foods like a buffet. They will not only contaminate pet food but also cereal, flour, sugar, and other items. No one desires to serve cinnamon toast silverfish in a bowl! Because silverfish also eat through cardboard, be sure that all of your dry staples are stored in plastic, sealed containers.

Books, magazines, and paper supply boxes also attract silverfish. Sealing these products inside plastic boxes or totes will prevent silverfish from accessing their food supply. Additionally, make sure these insects aren’t taking up residence inside if you are relocating these objects.

Another method to get rid of silverfish in your house is to cut off their food source.

3. Natural Repellents

Despite the fact that the majority of the data supporting these natural repellents is anecdotal, many report success. Several choices consist of:

Cedar chips or shavings
Cedar oil spray

You may also easily get rid of silverfish that you observe by vacuuming up those that are already there. Sticky tape can also be used to treat minor infestations.

4. Apply Diatomaceous Earth

The sedimentary remnants of aquatic life make up this white powder. The skeletons of these organisms, known as diatoms, are composed of silica. Silicon dioxide is created when oxygen and water combine with silica. In 1960, diatomaceous earth—which primarily consists of silicon dioxide—was registered as one of the first insecticides to eradicate mites and insects.

Unlike boric acid, diatomaceous earth has the advantage of not being harmful. It is therefore a wise choice for houses that allow pets. Diatomaceous earth’s microscopic, sharp edges break apart the silverfish’s exoskeleton, allowing the fat and oils therein to be absorbed. Diatomaceous earth basically dries out and kills silverfish.

Because silverfish are nocturnal, it is better to use diatomaceous earth in the evening. Make sure to reapply the diatomaceous earth for multiple nights in a row if there is activity.

5. Chemical Sprays

For minor infestations, boric acid is a possibility. The drawback of boric acid is that if consumed by people or animals, it can be fatal. Use of boric acid is therefore discouraged in households with small children and pets.

Large infestations are best suited for insecticide use. The most promising sprays are those that combine pyrethrin and pyrethroids synergistically. Seek for sprays that contain phenothrin, tetramethrin, cyfluthrin, and bifenthrin. Upon touch, they will eradicate silverfish. However, adhere to the label’s guidelines. Applying certain sprays near sources of fire is not advised since they may catch fire.

6. Pest Control Professionals

It’s time to get rid of your infestation of silverfish if it has gotten out of control. You may get rid of the silverfish permanently by making a call to a certified, local pest control expert. You can be sure the issue will be resolved because of a pest controller’s knowledge and access to the right remedies. This is the best technique to get rid of silverfish in your home, even though it could be pricey.

Highlights of the Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish:

Get Rid of Moisture
Seal Up Food Sources
Natural Repellent
Apply Diatomaceous Earth
Chemical Sprays
Pest Control Professionals