6 Tips To Remember While Responding To SRT

Situation reaction test is a test predicated on how you perceive a situation and how you act to solve them or tackle them in a fraction of time. It isn’t a university exam, where you have to fill the sheets to score further. Whatever happens, in SSB is observed in a qualitative way.

So you have to drive yourself to the qualitative way rather than quantitative wayEntire SSB depends on your mental capability which governs your recommendation. SRT is a part of psychological testing in which you’re given some day-to- day situation and you have to answer them in your way.

Here are some points every SSB applicant must remember before attempting SRTs.

  • You are not a supermanBe a normal person and reply like a normal man. There are numerous situations where you’ll find one on one situation. You can fight there and it’ll show stamina and strength. But some situations appear when you’re facing numerous opponents. There you have to use your mind and tackle the situation using tricks.
  • These are experience based –  You need to have a wide range of experience to handle SRTs. It’s impossible to experience an entire world at this age. But you’re expected to have basic experience of casual life. Like what you’ll do when you get stuck in a lift, or how you can improvise when you want an critical ticket in any trainDay-to- day experience is enough to attack these SRTs.
  • Try to keep the response short – A applicant gets a set of 60 SRTs. It’s up to the applicant’s calibre about how much he attempts. There’s nothing right and nothing wrong. What the assessors want is the quality of replies, not the quantityapplicants occasionally encounter a situation where a count of responses is moreSo make the response short and put them in sequence. It’s a test of your perception, not any grammar testSo concentrate on your response rather than grammar.
  • Don’t fabricate or impose response on situationsUtmost of the applicants respond in fabricated way and reduces their chance of their recommendation by themselves. Be normal and mention what suits you. A thin applicant mentioning about lifting 50 kg weight is absurdSo do n’t write what isn’t possible. And respond as per your personality and your way of thinking.
  • Stick to the qualities – While answering SRT, you have to commemorate the qualities that the army wants. Like do n’t transfer the responsibility given to you, do n’t stop your work and find new ways to complete the work or for diving the situationsshow punctuality task and time managementetc.
  • Don’t skip any SRT –  It’s the most important part of the SRT test that whenever you attempt SRT, does n’t skip any problem in between them. This shows two thingsfirst the block mindedness of the applicants and secondly lack of response in tough situationsSo be continues in SRTs. Like every question paper is set as per syllabus, also, SRTs are also framed as per the calibre of applicants of specific ages. All problems are answerable, what’s needed is attention and a bit sequence of responses given.

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