6 Reasons to Think Twice Before Retiring in France

Many people have dreams of retiring in France. It is a nation rich in culture and artistic expression that has a particular sophistication that is uncommon in other locations. France has many wonderful reasons to retire, but their delicious cheeses and wines are at the top of my list. However, there are a few things you might want to think about before deciding to live in France forever.

1. Think Twice About Retiring in France If You Don’t Speak French

You will eventually want to learn the language if you go to France, even though it might not matter as much in bigger places like Paris. In certain circumstances, you can get by with English, but knowing French will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

You might want to think again before retiring to France if you find it difficult to converse with people in your native tongue. Like in many other nations, some people don’t treat people who don’t speak the language well.

2. Think Twice If You Don’t Want To Be Taxed

The French government will tax you while you live in France and get money from your retirement. This implies that you can wind up paying taxes to both France and your home country. Think about how much taxes you will have to pay and how it would affect your monthly income.

It’s also important to remember that before relocating to France, you will have to demonstrate your financial stability. Your residency card is unlikely to be accepted if you are unable to provide proof to their government that you have sufficient savings and means to support yourself.

3. Think Twice If You Love Mexican Food

As absurd as it may sound, it might be difficult to find foreign dishes in France. It can be challenging and expensive to locate Mexican, Indian, and some American dishes. If you are a regular taco eater and you have favourite specific seasonings, be aware that they might not be available in France. Although it can grow pricey, you could always have them supplied from another nation.

4. Think Twice If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

You will need to provide proof of private international insurance in order to be granted permanent residence in France. Even though the French healthcare system is excellent, receiving the same care as French citizens requires approval, which takes time. You may have to wait up to six months after filing your S1 form before you have the same coverage as citizens. You can utilise your private insurance to pay for any necessary medical care in the interim. In France, having health insurance is mandated by law.

It’s also critical to recognise that the French healthcare system differs from that in other nations. It is more accommodating and less strict, occasionally paying for all medical expenses for people with long-term conditions. Your circumstances will determine the reimbursement rate, therefore not every visit you have will be fully covered. It’s also crucial to remember that payment for each appointment will be required upfront. The French government will subsequently receive a reimbursement request from you to pay for the visit or prescription.

5. Think Twice If You’re Used To 24 Hour Groceries

Shops, including grocery stores, are not run like they are in the United States. The majority of supermarkets are only open for a few hours on Saturdays and from 8 to 5 on weekdays. At lunchtime, a lot of establishments also close for a few hours for lunch. You might want to think twice about retiring in France if you enjoy having access to groceries whenever you want.

6. Think Twice If You Have Very Close Family In Your Country

Relocating to France might not be the best option if you have grandchildren or children that you can’t bear to see less frequently. Although it may seem effortless to board a plane at any moment, travel to distant regions such as the Americas can be costly and time-consuming. This may not apply to you as much, though, if you’re thinking about migrating from somewhere closer, like another European nation.

In any case, family members can’t just hop on a plane and come see you whenever they want. Give it some thought if you’re prepared to go to a place where you don’t know anyone and part ways with your loved ones, family, and close friends.