6 Most Beautiful Places to Live In Louisiana That Are Still Affordable

Louisiana is a stunning state on the Gulf of Mexico in the Southeast. This U.S. state is well-known for being “America’s first melting pot,” especially during the scorching summer months, its massive metropolis of New Orleans, and its Mardi Gras celebrations. Furthermore, Louisiana is one of the least expensive states in the union, with plenty of reasonably priced locations spread all around the state. The cost of living in the state is 9% less than the national average. Specifically, utilities are 13% lower and housing is 17% lower.

Numerous towns and localities in Louisiana are well-known for their affordability, especially the smaller ones. Fortunately, having money doesn’t have to come at the expense of beauty. The state’s many stunning, energetic cities are still hidden treasures at reasonable prices.

These are six of Louisiana’s most stunning locations that are also reasonably priced.

1. Mandeville

Mandeville is situated in Louisiana’s Saint Tammany Parish. This city, which is among the cleanest and safest in the state, is tucked away on Lake Pontchartrain’s north shore. Moreover, it boasts some of Louisiana’s greatest public schools. Mandeville is therefore home to a large number of families with small children.

Mandeville is a highly-liked tourist destination since it has an abundance of fascinating recreational places that are maintained up, as well as an endless number of eateries. Over 13,100 people called the reasonably priced city home in 2021.

The cost of living in Mandeville is 13% less than the national average.

2. Lake Charles

Lake Charles, a city in southwest Louisiana, is well-known for the Imperial Calcasieu Museum and the Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center. Exquisite natural beauty, a vibrant nightlife, and small-town charm may all be found in this lovely yet reasonably priced area.

The majority of people living in Lake Charles own homes and enjoy the suburban atmosphere. throughout particular, families and young professionals abound throughout the city. The educational system is also superior to average. There were more over 81,000 people living in Lake Charles as of 2021.

The cost of living in Lake Charles is 15% less than the national average.

3. Lafayette

Located in the southern region of the state, Lafayette, Louisiana, offers affordable housing, a thriving business community, and an excellent educational system. Amazing universities like Remington College Lafayette and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are really located in the city.

The reasonably priced Louisiana city also has a rich history, a thriving nightlife, a complex culture, and a variety of dining alternatives. In particular, Lafayette is home to LARC’s Acadian Village, the Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum, and the Alexandre Mouton House, popularly known as the Lafayette Museum. There were 121,771 people living in Lafayette as of 2021.

Lafayette has a cost of living that is 12% less than the national average, despite the claims of many residents that housing costs have soared in the past several years. This is particularly unusual for a large American city.

4. Monroe

The northern part of the state is home to Monroe, Louisiana. This city, which is expected to have a population of over 47,300 in 2021, is rich in history. The Biedenharn Museum and Gardens, the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum, and the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo are all located in Monroe. The town’s many stunning parks or the Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge are great options for those seeking outdoor experiences.

Well-known for its excellent schools and community service initiatives, Monroe is a college town. The area’s vibrant social scene and wealth of outdoor activities draw a lot of visitors.

Living expenses in Monroe are 13% cheaper than the national average.

5. Monroe West

West Monroe is another lively and reasonably priced area in Louisiana. West Monroe is situated in Ouachita Parish, directly across the Ouachita River from Monroe. In fact, in Louisiana, Monroe and West Monroe are frequently referred to as “Twin Cities.” As of 2021, there were more than 12,800 people living in West Monroe.

West Monroe is regarded as a close-knit neighborhood and safe city. The area is made inviting for both locals and visitors by the abundance of small local businesses, eateries, and smiling faces.

West Monroe’s cost of living is 13% less than the national average, just like its twin.

6. Baton Rouge

The capital of Louisiana and a well-known city on the Mississippi River is Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge boasts a vibrant and diversified community along with an amazing culinary scene. The city has many museums, outdoor activities, and a rich history. As of 2021, there were approximately 222,200 people living in Baton Rouge.

Many are shocked to learn that Baton Rouge has a cost of living that is 3% less than the national average, making it an incredibly affordable city. By contrast, the cost of living in New Orleans is 12% greater than the national average. Furthermore, compared to nearby metro areas, housing rates in Baton Rouge might be up to 20% cheaper.