6 Funny Pieces of Advice for the Bride-to-Be

A hearty congratulations is in order! Being engaged to be married, you are undoubtedly knee-deep in the most significant day of your life’s preparations.

You have probably spent a lot of time researching the best ways to make that day amazing because you want it to be all you’ve ever imagined. You can’t learn everything through research; certain things are best learned the hard way.

1. Drinking more water = clear skin…and additional bathroom breaks

Use of something as basic as water is one of the most useful tips for a bride anticipating her wedding day. Although it is advised to drink as many ounces of water as half of your body weight, many people have noticed that consuming water at a significantly higher pace has additional benefits.

Put simply, you will experience greater external benefits the more water you drink. One disadvantage, though, is that using more water can make you need to use the restroom more often in the days before your wedding—and maybe even on the actual day!

Pay attention to how much water you are consuming because it can influence how frequently you need to use the restroom. The bride-to-be should designate a bridesmaid, whose main duty will be to hold her dress up while she urinates, regardless of whether you think these trips will be a problem or not.

2. Gas happens, so let it be

You’re going to have some negative signs of nerves on the big day, depending on how you usually handle anxiety!

These symptoms can range from a straightforward unsettled stomach to diarrhea or constipation. Gas is one of the riskiest, and possibly most scary, symptoms. Don’t worry if you experience this! You are not alone; a lot of brides have this specific anxiety-related side effect. Breathe deeply a few times, put on some party music, and unwind so you can enjoy your special day.

3. Turn your oops into whoops!

Being a bride does not make one immune to mishaps or awkward situations. Numerous brides have gone through potentially or actually were quite embarrassing situations.

These could include losing a shoe, stumbling on the dance floor, tripping or falling while walking down the aisle, or getting a veil stuck in a door. Make fun of the circumstance and even crack jokes about it, instead than viewing this as a “oops” moment and something to be ashamed of.

Being the first to see the irony of the circumstance will enable you to convert your “oops” into “whoops”!

4. There will always be a picture worth a thousand words

You are not immune to mishaps or incompetence, and you are not immune to becoming the target of a poorly taken picture. Try your hardest to make that embarrassing snapshot of yourself into a “whoops” moment if it happens. If you are unsuccessful or the photo is just too embarrassing, destroy, hide, or remove any copies of it that you can!

5. Bring an extra razor – you’re bound to have missed a spot

While some may think this goes without saying, it is not unheard of for a bride to forget her razor at the most inconvenient time.

Make sure you bring an extra or two for when you’re getting ready. One of your bridesmaids may use one even if you don’t really need to! Having one ready for when you need one is always preferable to planning ahead and presuming you won’t.

6. Avoid those ugly underwear lines, and just go commando!

Finally, chances are that you are among the brides who, on her wedding day, want not to have underwear lines! And who is to blame for you?

This is going to be one of the most significant days of your life, captured in photographs. It’s crucial to look well and have fun during the day! Too is one simple method to prevent underwear lines. You guessed it! Don’t wear underpants on your wedding day—go commando! Though it could sound embarrassing, many brides have discovered that telling their future husband is amusing as well as helpful.

Many brides expect a joke and a raised eyebrow from their partners when they reveal to them that they are going commando. Enjoy yourself to the fullest with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life, despite the pressures of making the big day flawless.