6 Coldest Places in Tennessee Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Tennessee has a temperate climate, with long, hot, and humid summers and brief, chilly winters. Nonetheless, during the winter months, there may be extremely cold temperatures in some areas of the state.

These six locations in Tennessee have the lowest average temperatures as well as the lowest recorded temperatures.

Johnson City

Johnson City’s typical high temperature is 84 degrees.
Johnson City’s typical low temperature is 28 degrees.

Based on average yearly temperature, Johnson City, Tennessee is thought to be the coldest place in Tennessee, according to recent statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The average temperature was 58 degrees from 2018 and 2022.

Even though the city has relatively short winters, the temperatures drop dramatically during this time. For context, Johnson City’s lowest temperature ever recorded was -23 degrees. The date of this was December 30, 1917.

East Tennessee’s Johnson City has a number of parks and trails with breathtaking scenery. Despite having a reputation for being the coldest area in the state, the city has lengthy, hot, and muggy summers, which makes it a fantastic destination for summer travellers looking for some natural beauty and mild temperatures. Johnson City’s population is 71,278 as of 2021.

Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge’s typical high temperature is 88 degrees.
Oak Ridge’s typical low temperature is 31 degrees.

Prior to Jonhson City, Oak Ridge was the coldest place in Tennessee in terms of average temperature. The winters in Oak Ridge are brief, rainy, and bitterly cold. In actuality, the city’s lowest temperature ever recorded was -17 degrees on January 21, 1985.

In Eastern Tennessee, Oak Ridge can be found in the counties of Anderson and Roane. Often referred to as the “Secret City,” Oak Ridge was formerly home to the Manhattan Project headquarters, a pivotal moment in American history that directed the creation of the first atomic weapons. The city has museums that preserve its past and a wealth of historical sites. The population of Oak Ridge as of 2021 is 31,824.

Mountain City

In Mountain City, the average high temperature is 80 degrees.
Mountain City’s typical low temperature is 27 degrees.

Another chilly hamlet in Tennessee, Mountain City experiences wintertime lows of just the 20s.Mountain City experiences brief, chilly, and rainy winters, with partly cloudy weather most of the year. In fact, Mountain City experienced the lowest temperature ever recorded in Tennessee, with a startling -32 degrees .

The northeastern most county seat in Tennessee is Mountain City, which is situated in Johnson County. Furthermore, at 2,418 feet above sea level, it is Tennessee’s highest incorporated city. Additionally, it is close to the boundaries of North Carolina and Virginia. The population of Mountain City is 2,444 as of 2021. There’s not much to do in this small town, even though it’s a terrific place to raise a family. It does, however, provide breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery.


Oneida’s typical high temperature is 85 degrees.
Oneida’s typical low temperature is 28 degrees.

Oneida is among Tennessee’s coldest towns. Oneida has cold winters despite having lengthy, hot, and humid summers. The town’s lowest reported temperature, in actuality, was -2 degrees.

The small town of Oneida is located in northern Scott County. It is a charming and serene place to live. The population of Oneida is 3,788 as of 2021.


Gatlinburg’s typical high temperature is 84 degrees.
Gatlinburg’s typical low temperature is 29 degrees.

One of Tennessee’s coldest locations is Gatlinburg, where the average high falls into the 20s while the low seldom drops below 14 degrees. In the town, the lowest recorded temperature ever was -18 degrees . The date of this terrifying day was January 21, 1985.

Eastern Tennessee’s Gatlinburg is a well-known entry point to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gatlinburg is a stunning mountain town with ski resorts and natural parks. The town is home to 3,726 people as of 2021.


Greeneville’s typical high temperature is 85 degrees.
Greeneville’s typical low temperature is 29 degrees.

One of the coldest locations in Tennessee is Greeneville. The village has brief winters that are incredibly rainy and chilly. Rarely do temperatures drop below 15 degrees instead, they typically reach the 20s. On January 22, 1985, at Greeneville, Tennessee, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -29 degrees .

Greeneville is situated in Greene County, which is close to Tennessee’s eastern border. The little town, which serves as the county seat, is a kind, welcoming community that is home to many prosperous small companies. Greeneville’s population is 15,495 as of 2021.