50 Personal SSB Interview Questions That You May Face

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Jai Hind future warriors today we are going to discuss about 50 of the commonly asked questions in the personal interview in SSBs. These are sample responses(hints) for the first 26 questions and yours may differ because of your own experiences. So focus on the questions more than the responses.

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  • Tell me about your district
  • Tell me about your family
  • Tell me about your education after class VIII till now(class XII)
  • What does your name mean and what significance do you derive from it?
  • What all qualities you will look for into your future partner? (in case you said no gf/bf)
  • Do you smoke or drink? Why so?
  • What will your parents / friends / siblings / teachers tell about you?
  • What motivates and demotivates you, how do you overcome demotivation ?
  • What is your biggest fear in life
  • When did you decide to join defence forces and what have you done to prepare yourself for the forces ?
  • Do you watch porn? Are you addicted to it & what do you do after watching porn?
  • How are you different , give me some reasons to select you ?
  • Do your parents know about it.
  • You may tell that they know, you two are together working hard to achieve their aim. You have to diplomatic in questions related to these.
  • Did you have physical relationship with her?
  • My advice is even if you had, try to deny it, especially if you are going for 10+2 entries.
  • Who is your best friend and why?
  • What kind of people you don’t like?
  • Who are you closer to in your family?
  • Who is your favourite teacher and why?
  • Tell me about your time-table.
  • How do you spend time with parent?
  • What is your role at home?
  • How much is your pocket money and how do you spend it?
  • What is the volume of this room?
  • Did you join any coaching academy?
  • Why were you not recommended in your previous attempts?
  • Tell me about the biggest thing on your life that you are proud of ?
  • Why have you only applied for Army, don’t you like Air Force and Navy?
  • Tell me about the competitive exams you have appeared in.
  • Do you have a girlfriend? If not, then why?
  • But if you do have a girlfriend, then he may ask questions related to it like, so be prepared
  • How did you become close?
  • It may be that she was also preparing for CDS exam and you both started helping each other out for the common aim.
  • Why you were not selected in you previous SSB ?
  • What special preparation you have done this time to clear SSB ?
  • What have you performed best during your previous SSB ?
  • What is your career plan if you get rejected this time too ?
  • Tell me something about this selection centre and city ?
  • What are your strengths, tell me about a situation where you used have used your biggest strength ?
  • Who is your role model and why ?
  • What are your weaknesses and what have you done in the previous months to overcome that ?
  • What are the seven sister states, their capitals and CMs?
  • Whom do you like the most , your mother or father ? Tell me about the qualities you like and dislike in both of them .
  • What will you do if a lion is coming Towards you in the jungle.
  • Did you make friends during previous SSB, tell me about them?
  • What is the meaning of your name, who gave you this and why?
  • Tell me about the social services you have done in your life so far?

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