5 Ways to Keep Squirrels From Eating Your Halloween Pumpkins

October is almost here, and families everywhere are preparing for the holiday. Little children are giddy as they shop for pumpkins to carve with their mothers. The kids get to express their creativity while the family gathers together to carve the best pumpkins. The family retires for the night after setting their pumpkins out for everyone to see on the front porch.

The youngsters can’t wait to see their pumpkins when they go outside the following morning, but all they find are the ruins of what once was. The squirrels in the area have decimated the pumpkins. Let’s put an end to this before it even occurs! How do we prevent squirrels from consuming our pumpkins?

1. Add Repelling Scents

Now, at first, you might not be into this because you’re probably thinking of something like rat poison. But hold on, that’s not the way to solve it. We won’t leave your front porch with an offensive odor that drives guests away!

Cayenne pepper is one of the smells that deters animals the most. “Cayenne pepper can irritate the skin and eyes of creatures (with the exception of birds),” according to Halton Region Master Gardeners.

According to Martha Stewart, using eucalyptus or peppermint oil is another popular repellent. Simply fill a spray bottle with the oil, dilute it with water, give it a good shake, and spray the pumpkin.

2. Set Up Animal Decoys

If you would prefer something a little simpler and scent repellent isn’t an option for you, think about putting up animal decoys. You can place scarecrows next to your front porch, just like farmers would in their fields.

It could be possible to keep these tiny squirrels away from your freshly carved pumpkins by placing an owl or a fox next to your front porch, especially near your pumpkins.

3. Set Up Motion Activated Lights

The majority of creatures are known to emerge at night. For this reason, we are surprised to see our destroyed pumpkins when we wake up in the morning. Installing motion-activated lights might be sufficient to frighten these squirrels off. The sensors are going to light up as soon as they get close to the pumpkin. The majority of squirrels will become alarmed and flee, protecting your pumpkins from harm.

4. Cover Pumpkin in Petroleum Jelly

Using petroleum jelly on your pumpkin is a fantastic alternative. Simply cover the pumpkin with jelly and place it on the front porch as usual. The intriguing thing about utilizing petroleum jelly is that it can help your pumpkin last longer.

5. Add a Squirrel Feeder Close By

Finally, but most definitely not least, you should place a squirrel feeder next to your front door or in the same location as your Halloween pumpkins. Squirrels will definitely bite if they can be lured in with something more delicious nearby. As omnivores, squirrels love fruits and seeds over all other foods.

Overview of the Top Five Strategies to Prevent Squirrels from Eating Your Halloween Pumpkins

In conclusion, there are many ways for your family to prevent squirrels or other animals from damaging your Halloween pumpkins, regardless of the approach you find most appealing.

Ways to Keep Squirrels Away
Add Repelling Scents
Set Up Animal Decoys
Set Up Motion Activated Lights
Cover Pumpkin in Petroleum Jelly
Add a Squirrel Feeder Close By