5 Top Places to Raise a Family in Illinois

Are there any American neighbourhoods remaining where children playfully ride their bikes down leafy lanes until the street lights start to blink? Is it feasible that there are areas where parents may raise their family and get all they need? You’re likely to locate a couple of them in Illinois if there are any.

Using information from Niche, we created a ranking of Illinois’s best five locations for families. Important family-relevant aspects like cost of living, school quality, recreational possibilities, weather, safety, and health care were evaluated for the company’s rankings.

Each of the five locations is situated in a Chicago suburb. Living close to the city probably raised a place’s ranking for job prospects. One further advantage of living just outside the city limits is that you can still enjoy family-friendly activities in Chicago without having to worry with the high crime rate in the neighbourhood.

Is Illinois a Good Place to Raise a Family?

WalletHub’s 2023 greatest & Worst States to Raise a Family edition listed Illinois as one of the greatest Midwestern states to raise a family, despite the fact that the state placed just outside the top 10 nationally. Illinois ranked third for Median Family Income among the findings. In the Family Fun category, the Prairie State came in fourth, while in the Education & Childcare and Health & Safety categories, it was ranked about in the centre.

Advice for Selecting the Finest Location to Raise Your Family in the Workplace

Any location you are thinking about should have access to the necessities. It is imperative to guarantee that there are sufficient job prospects in the region. The more career possibilities available to you, the better, especially if you want to raise your children near to home. rates the state as 17th for business.


Parents’ first priorities are always high-quality education. Be sure to do your homework on the school district that your kids will be attending. According to, the state has the second-best educational system in the nation. However, certain Illinois schools will be better than others, therefore the best course of action is to speak with other parents.

Recreation and Activities

A fantastic family destination should provide lots of chances for creating memories. Verify that there are nice parks and playgrounds in your neighbourhood. Find out if the city maintains a department of recreation. Fun is a crucial component of a happy family life.

Other Children

Without neighbourhood pals, a childhood cannot be fully experienced. When searching for a home, spend a weekend strolling down the street to get a sense of the community. Families find a property more appealing when there are other children to play with near the house and in the neighbourhood parks.

Top 5 Places in Illinois to Raise a Family

Now that we know what we want and that a location in Illinois is probably going to meet our needs, let’s look at the top five family-friendly locations in Illinois.

1. Inverness

This Chicago suburb is situated in Cook County. Reviews of Inverness highlight the city’s large open areas and low crime rate. Inverness has a robbery rate of nil per 100,000 residents, but Chicago has a rate that is three times higher than the national average. With 7,772 residents, you can be sure that your neighbourhood is safe.

Inverness not only secured a fifth-place position as Illinois’s finest place to raise a family, but it also achieved several other noteworthy rankings. According to Niche, the hamlet has the 19th-best public schools in the state out of 544 locations. Inverness placed 54th in the country for the same category.

Inverness’s typical household income is $207,623. $75,149 is the national median. Only 2% of residents rent, while the vast majority of people own their homes. In the community, the typical home value is around $700,000.

Seventy-four percent of Inverness people live within ten minutes of a park, according to the Trust for Public Land. Within the boundaries of the city are three parks.

2. Kildeer

Kildeer, a smaller Chicago suburb with 4,133 residents and well-regarded public schools, provides the best of both worlds. The municipality was listed as the 25th greatest suburb in the nation to raise a family in. It also ranked ninth in the state and 27th among the best public schools in the US.

With 35% of the population having a bachelor’s degree and 43% having a master’s degree or above, the population is highly educated. The majority of people own their homes. Just 1% of the populace rents. At $250,001, the median household income is more than three times higher than the national average.

The town is only 16 miles from Lake Michigan, despite the fact that the Trust for Public Land says that only 38% of citizens live within a 10-minute walking distance of a park. With its 4.43 square miles of mostly undeveloped land and spacious homes, Kildeer offers plenty of space for walking and playing with your kids.

3. Clarendon Hills

Arlington Hills can be the right choice for your family if you’re searching for a secure neighbourhood with top-notch public schools and a hint of the city. There are numerous parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in the region, according to Niche. There are 8,658 people living in 1.82 square miles, which is a significantly higher population density than Inverness and Kildeer.

Furthermore, with a median house value of $570,600, homes are somewhat more inexpensive than those in Kildeer and Inverness. With 84% of residents owning their houses, there are somewhat more renters than in our fourth and fifth top places. $115,923 is the median household income.

The eighth-best public school district in America is Clarendon Hills. Families can enjoy a wide range of leisure activities in the city in addition to excellent educational options. According to data from the Trust for Public Lands, a staggering 91% of people live within ten minutes’ walking distance of a park.

4. Kenilworth

Similar to Inverness, Kenilworth is situated in Cook County; however, in contrast to Inverness, Kenilworth’s eastern boundary is Lake Michigan. The city’s median property value of nearly $1.4 million is probably due in part to its ideal seaside location. The median household income in the area is $250,001, and 98% of people live in valuable homes.

According to Forbes, Kenilworth is the wealthiest city in Illinois. The 755 households in the city are among the safest in the state, which comes with money. There are zero violent crimes committed in Kenilworth for per 100,000 residents. It has a much lower rate of property crime than the country as a whole.

With a mere 0.67 square mile area, all 2,537 residents of Kenilworth lives within a 10-minute walking distance of a park. If one can afford it, it seems like a utopia.

5. Long Grove

Long Grove, the first historic district in Illinois, is a delightful tourist destination and the ideal area in the Prairie State to raise a family. The Municipal Planning Council designated the charming village one of Chicago’s Best Public Spaces. Long Grove is a charming community with cobblestone streets, charming businesses with vibrant paint jobs, and exquisitely restored ancient homes.

Long Grove’s laid-back vibe, variety of events, festivals, entertainment, and pure country charm entice both locals and tourists. The town, which occupies 12.61 square miles, is home to 8,279 permanent residents, however a significant number of additional people visit for vacation.

Public school rankings are good and crime rates are low. Compared to Kenilworth, buying a property in Long Grove is slightly less expensive, with a median home value of $721,100. A family’s median income is $236,172.

The village’s lively historic downtown blends with its rustic charm to provide families with an exceptionally delightful location to live. Residents can explore 450 acres of ponds and streams, marshes, woodlands, and community parks in addition to dining, entertainment, and shopping options. A family could not ask for much more in a home. For this reason, Long Grove ranks as the greatest area in Illinois to raise a family.

Highlights of the Top Places to Raise a Family in Illinois:

Name Suburb
Long Grove Chicago
Kenilworth Chicago
Clarendon Hills Chicago
Kildeer Chicago
Inverness Chicago