5 States that Get the Most Rain in January

While some states get snow in January, others get warm temperatures, rain, and other weather-related events. Like all weather conditions, there are locations in the United States that have more rain than others throughout this month, with an average of 2.31 inches. The states with the most rain in January on average are listed below:

1. Oregon

In Portland, Oregon, the average amount of precipitation in January is 6.0 inches. November and December usually bring higher average rainfall totals (6.7 and 6.9 inches, respectively) for this location. But January is the third wettest month of the year, with the remaining months seeing rainfall ranging from 0.6 inches in July to 4.6 inches in February.

The year 1953 holds the record for Portland, Oregon, to have received the greatest precipitation in January. 12.83 inches of precipitation fell in January of that year, far more than usual.

2. Washington

Seattle receives 5.8 inches of precipitation on average in January, while Washington is the state with the second-highest amount. December brings nearly the same amount of rain to the area, but other months experience rainfall ranging from 6.11 inches in November to 0.75 inches in July.

Washingtonians witnessed the wettest January on record in January 1953. They had 12.92 inches of rain in that month, and the record hasn’t been surpassed.

3. Louisiana

Baton Rouge receives an average of 5.7 inches of rain in January, compared to 5.2 inches in New Orleans and Biloxi, Louisiana. Rainfall in Louisiana is higher in the summer months of June, July, and August than it is in the winter. With a few isolated outliers, the rest of the year’s averages are either the same as or lower than those for January.

In 1998, Louisiana experienced its wettest January on record, with 19.28 inches of precipitation falling on the state.

4. Alabama

Alabama comes in fourth place on the list with an average of 5.1 inches of rain falling in Birmingham each January. This average is similar to other months’ rainfall, which can vary from 3.3 inches in October to 5.7 inches in March. In 1937, the region recorded 13.37 inches of rain in January, which was the most ever.

5. Georgia

The average January rainfall in Atlanta, Georgia, is 4.6 inches. The rest of the year, when average precipitation varies from 3.6 in May to 4.8 in July, is consistent with this average. Compared to 1996, when they received 8.3 inches of rain, the average is far lower.