5 Most Beautiful College Campuses in New Jersey Are Picturesque Masterpieces

While New Jersey may not rank among the most beautiful states in the union, several of its university campuses are scenic works of art. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, 70,000 acres of verdant forests and breathtaking waterfalls abutting the Delaware River, is one of the Garden State’s redeeming natural beauties.

However, the Garden State has become significantly less green due to urban development and strip malls. The serene havens these five college campuses offer amid the state’s encroaching urbanisation are noteworthy.

5. Seton Hall University

You wouldn’t believe that Manhattan, New York, is only 14 miles away from this private Catholic university.One of New Jersey’s most stunning college campuses is that of Seton Hall University. Situated in the charming hamlet of South Orange, the school’s 58-acre park-like campus captures the essence of the neighborhood’s small-town charm and close-knit community.

The oldest diocesan university in the country is Seton Hall University. The school was established in 1865 and relocated to South Orange in 1860. The picturesque Montrose Park Historic District encircles the main campus and is home to stately Victorian-era mansions that decorate meandering avenues surrounded with trees and illuminated by gas street lamps. The park has been added to the Historic Places of America National Register.


Situated on the Seton Hall campus is the Eugene V. Kelly Carriage House, also known as the Father Vincent Monella Art Centre. It was constructed in 1887 and is protected as a National Register of Historic Places. The architecture of the institution combines modern, neo-Gothic, and Roman elements. The charming atmosphere of the campus is still maintained by three of the original centrepiece 19th-century buildings that comprise Seton Hall.

One of the campus’s oldest structures is President’s Hall. It is a neo-Gothic brownstone that was finished in 1867. Currently housing administration, the building was once utilised as a seminary. The hall is made more beautiful by a sizable stained glass window that was made in 1866 and features the namesake of the university.

The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception is arguably the campus’s most valuable asset. This gorgeous brownstone, built in the Gothic revival style in 1863, is a well-liked location for weddings. The chapel gained notoriety when it appeared on Collegeranker’s list of The 50 Most Beautiful Colleges You Can Get Married At and Buzzfeed’s study of 31 Absurdly Beautiful Colleges You Can Get Married At.

4. Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Campus

The Florham Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University was formerly the country house of early 20th-century socialites Hamilton Twombly and Florence Vanderbilt. Situated on 178 acres, the university comprises contemporary and Georgian-style buildings encircled by expansive, verdant lawns. As you travel around the campus, you’ll pass by dense urban woods that offer fall colour and shade in the summer.

The landscaping was planned by the well-known architect of Central Park in New York City, Frederick Law Olmsted. The Vanderbilt structures that still stand were created in the 1890s in the Georgian style. These first structures have been modified for use in classrooms.


The bedrooms in the mansion are currently used as classrooms, retaining all of the elegance and charm of their original layout. Calculus lessons can take place in front of a beautiful fireplace or authentic 19th-century portraits. The 100-room palace, now named Hennessy Hall, is the focal point of the campus. It is a duplicate of a Hampton Court wing owned by King Henry VIII.

Italian marble was imported by the Vanderbilts to be fashioned into the interior decorations of the mansion, including the fireplaces and stairs. Hartman Lounge, the original billiard room with chestnut panelling, is also located in Hennessy Hall.

Another original building the Vanderbilts commissioned is Florham’s library. It encompasses the bright Orangerie. Fresh citrus fruit was formerly supplied to the estate for a large portion of the year by the magnificent greenhouse. The scientific building was originally the garage and stables, but university planners were not one to pass up the chance to enhance the campus beauty.


Large white oaks, ginko, and dawn redwoods surround this serene haven on a scenic ridge, offering a tranquil escape from the outside world. Singing their praises of the campus, more than a hundred different species of birds fly among the overhanging trees. Groundhogs, wild turkeys, and deer all establish homes on the property.

3. Kean Skylands

Of the five most stunning college campuses in New Jersey, Kean Skylands is arguably the best. Many students select the school because of its forested grounds, which makes it such a distinctive institution. The Skylands campus of Kean University is located in Oak Ridge, New Jersey, on 40 acres of protected ground.

Students at Skylands attend classes in two buildings—a renovated former monastery and a floor-to-ceiling glass structure—connected by an elevated skywalk that winds through a treetop. The college’s immaculate private lake is visible from the skywalk that crosses the whole campus. The glass building, also known as the Cabin, is an open-air, three-story structure that offers an amazing 360-degree perspective of the campus.

2. Ramapo College

Ramapo College is a breathtaking institution situated in Mahwah, amongst the switchbacks of the Ramapo Mountains. The campus was listed as one of the 20 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the United States by Conde Nast Traveller. The 300 wooded acres of the school, which is set in an estate-style setting, offer students countless chances to get outside and spend time in nature.

Magnificent learning surroundings with towering trees and expansive, well-kept lawns can be found just 30 miles from New York City. Cameron Pond is a hidden gem in the centre of the campus. This calm aspect of the campus’s personality contributes to its tranquil atmosphere.

An administration office is housed in a red-brick Queen-Anne-style home that was completed in 1890. The home was listed as a historic site by the Township of Mahwah’s Mahwah Historic Sites Committee.

1. Princeton University

Princeton is not only one of the most prominent and ancient universities in the country, but its campus is also a breathtaking work of art. The main Princeton campus occupies over 600 acres in Princeton, New Jersey. More than 200 buildings totaling about 10 million square feet are located on the land.

The architectural style and age of the college are varied. Gothic spires cast shadows over Romanesque facades, and modern structures like the Lewis Library are located nearby. The renowned Frank Gehry designed the library. The brilliant architects Rafael Viñoly, I.M. Pei, and Gehry are responsible for several of the contemporary buildings on the picturesque campus.

Gargoyles squat on the towers of the ancient building, which is covered in long ivy vines. With lush, green lawns and shade-giving trees as a backdrop, these ancient structures seem to reach the sky. You would never think that the urban jungle of Philadelphia and the metropolis of New York City are on either side of you as you walk around the university’s campus. You should expect your campus to be the most stunning gem in the state when you pay almost $80,000 in tuition every year.

Highlights of the Most Beautiful College Campuses in New Jersey:

School Name City
Princeton Princeton
Ramapo College Mahwah
Kean Skylands Oak Ridge
Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham campus Madison
Seton Hall University South Orange