5 Largest Airports in New Jersey

One of the most populous states in the union is New Jersey. Furthermore, a lot of people use the state’s numerous regional airports for travel. Passengers have multiple alternatives to choose from. Similar to this, the US has a significant number of airports. However, which New Jersey airports are the biggest?

We will include the top five airports in New Jersey along with some background information about them, such as their passenger volume and historical background. Next, we’ll highlight some of their primary flight paths to show you where the flights arrive and depart.

1. South Jersey Regional Airport -624 acres

Our list starts with an airport that isn’t your average airport. Nonetheless, people who want to learn how to fly might visit South Regional Airport. In addition, it provides fueling services for individuals wishing to replenish the gas tanks in their aircrafts.

It’s an excellent place to stop and refuel before traveling to Pennsylvania or any other surrounding state, as it’s less than 20 miles from Philadelphia.

2. Teterboro Airport -827 acres

Terterboro Airport, a larger airport that is useful for people who don’t want to fly to other big cities, is the third airport on our list. In the end, it’s really a general aviation airport 12 miles from Manhattan.

One of New Jersey’s oldest airports is Teterboro Airport. It is incredible that it began flying in 1917. During World War II, the airport was taken over by the US. It has therefore witnessed a great deal of history.

In response to concerns about noise from nearby areas, the United States issued a prohibition on aircraft weighing more than 100,000 pounds from leaving Teterboro in 2003, which contributed to the creation of a federal bill.

3. Trenton-Mercer Airport -1,345 acres

Trenton-Mercer Airport is the third airport on our list. Mercer County owns this airport, which makes it stand apart from the others on this list. The main airline using this airport is Frontier Airlines.

Given that the first flight took off in 1907, Mercer-County Airport is the oldest airport in the nation. The airport did, however, formally open in 1929. Mercer County Airport was the name given to it at first. Afterwards, the airport was renamed as Mercer County Airport by the county in 1995.

Florida, notably Orlando, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, is the destination of the primary flight paths. In addition, there are flights from the airport to North Carolina and Georgia. Mercer County Airport is one of the largest airports in New Jersey, serving a large number of travelers and several states.

4. Newark Liberty International Airport -2,027 acres

The busiest airport in New Jersey is also the second-biggest on our list. In the end, Newark International Airport handled 43,565,254 passengers, as reported by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Since its opening in 1928, billions have been served by Newark. The original motivation behind this airport’s construction was the need for one close to New York. Visitors to New York frequently land at this airport, then drive across the George Washington Bridge to reach the city.

The Newark International Airport serves more than thirty airlines. Similarly, the most popular domestic flight destination from Newark is Orlando. The most popular overseas destination from this airport is the United Kingdom. The airport additionally operates flights to Germany and Mexico. These elements make Newark International Airport one of the biggest in New Jersey, especially considering the 1,200 daily arrivals and departures.

5. Atlantic City International Airport -5,000 acres

Atlantic City Airport is the biggest airport in New Jersey. With 5,000 acres of territory for departure and arrival, this airport is enormous. The two main airlines that fly through this apart are Spirit Airlines and American Airlines. Furthermore, the military has already used it.

Originally, the airport at Atlantic City was a navy transport station. The county officials also utilized the region for fighter training. In 1958, the airfield was abandoned by the Navy, and the New Jersey Air National Guard took it. The National Guard and those traveling into Atlantic City have utilized it ever since. Additionally, it uses a single terminal that is used by several airlines. This airport is the biggest in the state overall.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that 632,691 passengers have passed through this state, indicating that many continue to fly over it. It is the ideal location for travelers wishing to see Atlantic City.