5 Coldest Places in Washington Are Bone-Chillingly Frigid

In the United States, winters may be quite amazing. Your state may have mild winters (like those in Florida) or wintry wonderlands depending on where you live. Naturally, every location has its own special charm, whether it’s hot or cold. It is a fact that certain locations experience extreme cold. There are frightfully cold spots in Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Mexico. There are parts of Washington that are so frigid that they will chill you to the bone. Let’s examine the top five icy locations in Washington that are really cold.


Republic is the name of the town in Washington that is the coldest. There are roughly one thousand people living in the town of Republic. During the gold rush, the town’s population skyrocketed as a mining town, but by the turn of the 20th century, a large number of residents had gone. The region around Republic, which is in northeastern Washington, has some of the lowest temperatures in the nation. The Pacific Northwest is well-known for both its copious amounts of snow and its harsh weather. Republic experiences 43.8 degrees Fahrenheit on average each year. The coldest months in the Republic are December and January. Finally, Republic receives fifty-two inches of snow annually.


There are 228,000 people living in the city of Spokane, but there are about 600,000 in the surrounding metropolitan region. According to some estimates, the city is the 70th coldest in the nation. The average yearly temperature there is 48.1 °F. Situated on the Spokane River, Spokane is a city in eastern Washington, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. The record low temperature was a staggering -30 degrees Fahrenheit in January, although December is still the coldest month of the year. In addition, Spokane receives 45 inches of snow year, with the highest amounts falling in December and January. It’s interesting to note that, despite the fact that much of Washington receives a lot of rain, Spokane receives only 16 inches annually due to its closeness to the Cascade Range.


With a population of 349, Winthrop is a town in north central Washington. In quest of gold, European settlers entered the area that was home to several Native American tribes. However, Winthrop, a little town in Okanogan County, is not well-known for that. In terms of the lowest temperature ever recorded in the state of Washington, Winthrop and the town of Mazama are tied. Winthrop recorded a low of -48 degrees Fahrenheit on December 30, 1968. It receives an astounding 58 inches of snowfall year, with December receiving the most at 21 inches.


Mazama is a town in north central Washington, 14 miles from Winthrop. Mazama’s summers are mild and dry, and its winters are bitterly cold and covered in snow, much like the surrounding country. Mazama receives an astounding 120 inches of snowfall year, with December seeing the highest snowfall. With an astounding 62 inches of snowfall on January 1, 1997, it was the most snowy day in the town’s history. With December being the coldest month at 21 degrees Fahrenheit, the annual average temperature is a mere 44.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Mazama and Winthrop share the record for the lowest temperature in Washington, which was a record-breaking -48 degrees Fahrenheit on December 30, 1968.


With 749,000 residents, Seattle is the most populated city in the state. It is situated around 100 miles south of Canada in northwest Washington. Not only is Seattle one of the coldest cities in the nation, but it also receives a lot of rain. The yearly average temperature there is 53.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it receives 39.34 inches of rain but just 6.3 inches of snow annually. On January 31, 1950, Seattle recorded its lowest temperature ever, which was zero degrees.

In summary

These are the top five extremely frigid locations in Washington that are below freezing temperatures. You might need to wear layers upon layers of extra clothing in these chilly regions just to stay warm. These locations have experienced freezing or below-zero weather. After all, it adds to the allure of these locations. Wintertime in Washington is breathtaking. Situated in the Pacific Northwest, the year-round scenic views are breathtaking. Of course, to guarantee a warm stay in any of the top five coldest locations in Washington, pack plenty of layers and heavy jackets if you ever plan to visit in the winter.