5 Coldest Places in Nebraska Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Nebraska is renowned for having scorching, muggy summers. Still, a large portion of the state also sees some of the lowest national temperatures. Winters can be extremely cold and snowy; in fact, several cities have recorded record-low temperatures of -40° F. Shiver! Here are some of the coldest locations in Nebraska to be aware of if you plan to visit or relocate there.

There are a lot of frigid towns in Nebraska, and some are colder than others depends on your method of measurement (e.g., comparing average annual temperature to average low temperature).Here are five of Nebraska’s coldest places, ranked by our research.

1. Valentine

Valentine has the lowest average yearly temperature in all of Nebraska. Valentine has the lowest average temperature in the state and is well-known for its severe winters and heavy snowfall. Its average daily low is 34°F, while its average annual temperature is 47.9°F. Valentine is home to more than 2,600 people. In 1989, the lowest recorded temperature was -39° F, the lowest recorded temperature to date.

Valentine is situated in the northernmost region of the state of Nebraska, in Cherry County. The city offers a variety of outdoor activities, like hiking, canoeing, tubing, horseback riding, and more, even though the winters are cold there. On especially chilly days, you can also take advantage of one of the many restaurants and cafes to stay warm indoors.

2. Oshkosh

Oshkosh is another chilly spot in the Great Plains state. On December 22, 1989, this hamlet registered the lowest temperature ever recorded in Nebraska—-47° F. Oshkosh is home to about 790 people and has an average yearly low temperature of 33º F.

Situated close to the North Platte River, the Nebraska Sandhills, Lake McConaughy, and the Crescent Lake Wildlife Refuge, Oshkosh is a city in Garden County, Nebraska. It provides a range of outdoor pursuits and sights, from camping and birdwatching to fishing and hunting.

3. Harrison

The winter months bring low temperatures to Harrison, a small community in Nebraska. Harrison has a population of slightly more than 230 (as of 2021) with an average yearly low temperature of 32° F.

Harrison is a city in northwest Nebraska, in Sioux County. Harrison, although being a small community, is home to the well-known Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. The historic town is sometimes referred to as Nebraska’s “Top Town” since it is the highest elevation in the state, at 4,876 feet above sea level, compared to all other towns.

4. Scottsbluff

Another chilly location in the state of Nebraska is Scottsbluff. The city has 34°F lows on average each year. Furthermore, on February 6, 1899, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Scottsbluff was -46° F.

Part of Scotts Bluff County, Scottsbluff is situated in the Nebraska Panhandle. With a population of about 14,280, the multicultural city offers a thriving culture, lots of parks, eateries, cafes, and family-friendly events. The city is a wonderful destination to live and visit, even in the winter, because of its rich history, friendly locals, and stunning natural surroundings.

5. North Platte

North Platte, Nebraska, lies tucked away at the meeting point of the South and North Platte Rivers, which combine to form the Platte River. The average annual low temperature in this cold city is 36.5°F. In North Platte, the lowest temperature ever recorded was -34° F on December 22, 1989.

North Platte, which is in Lincoln County in west-central Nebraska, is home to about 22,720 people. The Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park Museum, Golden Spike Tower, Grain Bin Antique Town, 20th Century Veterans Memorial, and many other attractions can be found in the city. North Platte is also regarded as a railroad town because it was established on the Union Pacific Railroad and later served as its division headquarters.