5 Best Places in Virginia to Raise a Family

Virginia is a desirable location to raise a family since it offers its citizens several benefits. Strong educational systems, secure neighbourhoods, and high-quality housing are all available. Residents can also enjoy the area’s rich cultural diversity, history, and natural beauty. You can enjoy the stunning shoreline and the Blue Ridge Mountains all year long.

There is something in Virginia for everyone, regardless of your preferences for big or small towns, quiet or lively social lives. The following are some of Virginia’s top areas to think about bringing a family:

1. Arlington

Arlington is home to 27 of the top 50 Virginia cities for raising a family, according to the school website Niche. They examined the quality of life, weather, employment, housing, schools, and crime rate. In addition, Arlington has low crime rates, dog parks, a robust job market, and excellent schools.

The fact that 99% of Arlington inhabitants live just a 10-minute walk from a neighbourhood park is one of the city’s greatest features. They also take great pride in being one of America’s fittest towns. In addition, there are tennis courts, swimming pools, a farmers market, a community centre, and a lot more.

2. Richmond

Richmond, Virginia, the state capital, is a treasure trove of American history, complete with landmarks, museums, historic sites, and cultural assets. Along with gorgeous architecture and cobblestone pathways, visitors can take in views of the James River and Kanawha Canal.

The top-ranked schools in Richmond are one of the best features that entices families to the city. Whatever the age of the kid, both public and private schools provide chances for enrichment. In addition, there are family-friendly activities, botanical gardens, and the interactive Children’s Museum of Richmond.

With the surrounding rivers and a park system offering chances for bicycling, hiking, water sports, and wildlife observation, there is no shortage of outdoor discovery.

3. Norfolk

Norfolk, Virginia, has a thriving economy, a varied culture, and a rich history, making it one of the greatest places to raise a family. It is a commercial port as well as the location of a significant naval installation. Aside from those features, Norfolk offers a plethora of activities, such as museums, theatres, festivals, and a vibrant dining scene.

Even though there is a lot to do in the city, outdoor recreation should always be taken into account. There are chances for boating, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other outdoor activities around the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, there are bike and walking paths that let you take it slow and appreciate the scenery.

4. Harrisonburg

For many reasons, Harrisonburg is among the greatest areas in Virginia to raise a family. There are lots of events and things to do in this energetic city for everyone.

Harrisonburg features a thriving downtown area together with historical charm. They offer a historical walking mall with local businesses and places to eat.

This town regularly organises art exhibitions and is home to one of the oldest farmers’ markets in Virginia. In addition, the Rocktown Beer and Music Festival guarantees that there’s always something enjoyable to do.

Harrison’s proximity to the Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Mountains guarantees that fun outdoor activities are always possible. You can enjoy riding, camping, fishing, hiking, and other activities. In addition, James Madison University’s Edith J. Carrier Arboretum offers walks, picnics, and informative exhibitions. Explore More Discovery Museum, a nearby interactive learning centre for kids, provides an additional benefit for families.

5. The Abingdon

Abingdon is located in Virginia’s southwest corner. With a thriving art and cultural scene, as well as an abundance of family-friendly sights and activities, this city is a hidden gem.

Abingdon’s local economy is broad, with forestry and agriculture having historically played significant roles and continuing to do so. But there are also plenty of employment options in the neighbourhood at surrounding manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and leisure businesses.

Families will find Abingdon even more alluring due to its close-knit neighbourhood, excellent school systems, and low crime rate. There are lots of family-friendly events and festivals, as well as lots of chances to explore the outdoors.

Highlights of The Best Places in Virginia to Raise a Family