4 Reasons Siberian Huskies Are the Best Guard Dogs

You can be concerned about a dog breed’s capacity to protect you and your family from trespassers or other threats when making your decision to acquire one. Siberian huskies are among the greatest guard dogs available, despite the fact that you might not think of them as fearless defenders. These clever, energetic puppies are wonderful assets to any household.

Fortunately, Siberian huskies are generally not aggressive towards people, making them safe to have around youngsters. Despite their kindness and affection, Siberian huskies are excellent security dogs for the following reasons.

1. They Are Highly Alert

Siberian huskies are perceptive, clever canines. They are alert to even the smallest sound or change in their surroundings, so they will be prepared to act quickly if necessary. They become more versatile as a result, which is another essential quality of a competent security dog. These puppies will definitely warn their owners of any potential threats, even though they probably won’t attack a human.

Furthermore, many Siberian huskies can provide a distraction that prevents or de-escalates a potential attack due to their energetic but gentle dispositions. They will probably make enough noise to drive an attacker to leave the area even if they don’t really hit or chase an intruder away.

2. They Can Be Intimidating

The dogs known as Siberian huskies are big and intimidating. Female Siberian huskies average 20–22 inches and weigh 35–50 pounds, while males normally grow to be between 21-23.5 inches and 45–60 pounds in weight. These puppies have striking blue eyes and coats that can be white, grey, tan, or black. Their formidable appearance would deter even the most daring attacker. Many people even mistake them for wolves, in fact.

Despite their mild disposition, they possess a tremendous level of energy that, considering their size, can be scary. Siberian huskies have the ability to hurt someone, even if unintentionally, if they approach them or their loved ones too closely.

3. They Are Naturally Protective

Siberian huskies have a strong tendency to defend their family, particularly the young. They acquire an observation that is frequently unparalleled. They don’t have a reputation for being hostile towards people, but they will at the very least deflect threats made against their loved ones. Furthermore, they’ll move fast to raise a commotion and alert you to any threats.

Although these devoted dogs might not attack an intruder to protect you, if your safety is ever in danger, they will probably put your safety first.

4. They Won’t Immediately Attack

It is a common misconception that a good guard dog fights right away when it senses danger, but this couldn’t be further from the reality. While several “false alarms” could trigger hostility in other security dogs, Siberian huskies are not prone to physical altercations. For instance, you probably wouldn’t have to be concerned about your dog mistaking a loved one for an intruder and attacking if they entered your house unexpectedly. Instead, your dog would most likely only let you know that they were there. This implies that the likelihood of needless violence or a vicious dog attack is decreased.

Siberian huskies did, however, rank among the most deadly dog breeds on our list. Since this breed tends to be larger than average, they often confuse smaller humans and other animals for food. This breed is actually primarily driven by catching prey. Siberian huskies also have a tendency to attack more frequently than other breeds.As per the report that we cited, three percent of all fatal attacks were caused by huskies.

A Siberian husky will rarely attack without cause. They might, however, bite back in self-defense if someone became hostile towards them or a loved one. This breed can produce calm family puppies and excellent security dogs with the right training.

Training Your Siberian Husky to Be a Guard Dog

Your Siberian husky needs a lot of encouragement to learn new skills. Patience, loyalty, and obedience to commands should be given top priority when training them to be guard dogs. The basic “sit,” “stay,” and “come” orders are the first steps in obedience training, and you can advance to more difficult commands later on.

Remember that huskies are active puppies who require nearly continuous stimulus in order to concentrate. Giving them a place to run around will enable them to release their energy and deter negative behaviour.