4 Movies That Show You What Not to Do in a Relationship

Fights happen to every couple eventually; it’s just natural. What matters most is what happens after the fight. Relationships can be made or broken by some out-of-control arguments. These four films centre on arguments between spouses and how the resolutions impact the relationship.

The American Psychology Association states that a positive and healthy relationship is composed of various elements. Married couples argue over money, housework, spending quality time together, and occasionally there is infidelity involved. When an argument starts, people may not know what to expect, and it can be extremely hurtful. Fair conflict resolution, open communication to get to know one another, taking chances, and frequent complementing are all essential components of a healthy partnership. I’ve compiled a list of films that demonstrate the wrong things to do in a relationship. Look for films that you and your partner can both relate to.

The Vow

Leo and Paige are deeply in love. Up until the terrible vehicle accident that robs Paige of her memory. She struggles to recall, but Leo helps her try. Leo enters Paige’s workshop and tries to strike up a conversation, telling her how devoted she was to her work. He claims that in order to stimulate her creativity, she used to play her music loudly. She screams, “Stop! Turn off the music! I have a headache!” This scene was really intense.

You have a couple that genuinely loves the other, and in a relationship, we just want to solve our partners’ difficulties. This incident serves as a fantastic illustration of how to solve someone else’s difficulties when they want to work things out on their own. It is acceptable to make kind suggestions to your spouse, but it is not acceptable to lose your cool when things do not turn out the way you had hoped.

Blue Valentine

After falling in love, Dean and Cindy tie the knot, but their marriage quickly dissolves. Cindy gets fired as a result of a confrontation she has with Dean at work. Their marriage is strained by Dean’s lack of ambition and Cindy’s desire for more from life. They begin to drift apart. This is an excellent illustration of how communication may become difficult when partners have divergent desires. Since communication is the cornerstone of each relationship, it can be detrimental to one another and cause the relationship to become toxic. A relationship cannot exist if there is no communication between the parties involved. Communication is one of the many foundational elements of a relationship.

The Breakup

It’s easy to take each other for granted when we grow accustomed to our routines and our partner. A couple at a crossroads in their relationship, Brooke and Gary quarrel and break up over their shared property. The reason for their breakup is that Brooke doesn’t think Gary values her. He believes that Brooke is overreacting to everything that she says. In a partnership, both parties must feel heard. This is a prime illustration of poor communication and feeling undervalued. Instead, take a seat and have a serious conversation about what you both need from the other person; don’t assume they already know.


A good example of not really listening or making time for someone else is Caleb and Catherine. Caleb believes that Catherine doesn’t listen to him or take care of his needs, and that he just thinks about himself. They knock each other down and fight all the time. When he finally comes to terms with the possibility that he might lose his wife, he enlists his father’s support to help him find methods to support his wife and demonstrate to her that husband and wife can work together as a team.

Last Words

To improve a relationship, many things need to be taken into account. All of these films lack the qualities that make for healthy partnerships. such is clear communication, spending time together, battling fairly, and taking some calculated risks. While no relationship is flawless, you and your spouse may only grow closer by addressing a few important issues.