4 Common Causes of Communication Breakdown in Marriage

Serious communication problems can arise in a marriage without anyone intending it to. Marriage and communication are not mutually exclusive. In fact, poor communication between couples can lead to increased conflict and resentment between them. In some cases, lack of communication can lead to divorce without the couple realizing it.

Communication Breakdown in Relationships

To improve communication disorders in marriage, it is important to understand what communication disorders are and what to do when communication in a marriage fails. Do you feel like you are two strangers just passing each other? Would you like to talk to someone other than your spouse?

Does the conversation seem strained or forced? These are all scenarios of communication failure in relationships. A couple breakup can be defined as the point at which a couple fails to communicate in a healthy way about their disagreements and misunderstandings.

At this stage, couples find themselves in a communication deadlock and are unwilling to understand each other’s point of view. Both partners are stubborn and unwilling to meet their partner’s needs.

What Causes Communication Breakdown in Marriage

Communication problems can have multiple causes, but each reason must be determined. There are many situations that can cause this issue and we want to do our best to resolve it before it really gets worse.

It’s normal for conversations to get stuck at times, so don’t lose hope. Thus, there may be events outside of the marriage that could adversely affect your relationship. You may have gone through something alone, or you may have gone through a major setback together that led to a fight.

This is where it becomes important to find the real reason and work on the solution. If you work together to overcome marital communication barriers, understand what went wrong, and try to solve them with the right attitude to foster healthy marital communication to enjoy your marriage, both of you will succeed. You can get on track.

1. You don’t Put Each other First

Even if you have children and perhaps want to make others happy, or even if you care deeply about your family, you can no longer put each other first and your marriage can become completely uncommunicative. It becomes

When I got married, I was thinking about the two of us. You have other people and other responsibilities in your life now, but you still need to prioritize your marriage and communication with each other.

You have to be mindful of each other’s needs, or you probably won’t be able to have a conversation.

It’s easy to fall into this trap, but be conscious and try to really put each other first. With this conscious effort, you will be able to speak again and overcome your communication failures.

2. You have a Traumatic Situation happening in Your Life

You may have lost a loved one, experienced an injury or a setback, had major financial problems, lost your job, or had marital problems such as an affair.

You are fully aware of this issue because it has caused trauma to your life, but if you can get to the heart of the matter and work on it, it can really benefit you.

It’s okay to grieve and you need to take time to feel your emotions, but try to grieve together before the lack of communication between you and your spouse causes lasting damage to your relationship.

When you get married, you need each other, so when it comes down to it, you want to talk.

Upset by loss or trauma can easily lead to poor communication in a marriage, but this is also the perfect time to reunite.

3. The Daily Stress takes Over Everything

You probably don’t realize it, but the stress you feel in other parts of your life often affects your marriage.

You may be experiencing a great deal of stress at work, with children, in relationships with aging parents, or in other life situations. This stress is easily internalized and affects the spouse, often leading to a breakdown in marital communication.

We all go through some form of stress, but working with your spouse instead of being a punching bag can benefit you in many ways. To solve marital communication problems, learn to cope with stress and know that being together is stronger than being apart, and that your spouse will help you if you do.

4. You are no Longer Intimate or Connected

When physical or emotional intimacy is lacking, it’s the perfect time to dissolve a relationship.

To turn the tables when couples are having trouble communicating, they need to prioritize that passion and connection and recognize when it’s lacking.

To see that we are on the same page and close to each other, we need to work together. We often get so distracted by other aspects of our lives that we forget about them.

Look into each other’s eyes, recognize that it’s missing, and work together to reconnect that way. It can definitely save your marriage and will definitely help you have good communication and a happier partnership in the future.