“35” Questions You Must Answer in SSB Interview

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Individual Interview in SSB is constantly considered the causal inquiry answer drive. Yet, profoundly, it is the generally expected method for investigating the possibility to his profundity. The inquiries posed are exceptionally basic and normal. However, the way and matter of answer by up-and-comers are consistently unique.

A few inquiries are ordinarily posed by IO identified with specific fields and applicants should respond to them. Thus, we are here with a portion of those inquiries.


  1. Who is closer to you, father or mother?
  2. What is your contribution in family works?
  3. What have you learnt from your father and mother?
  4. Tell me something about your family background.
  5. How your elder siblings have helped you and how you have helped your younger siblings in education or other fields?

Place of Residence:

  1. Tell me something about the history of your district and what is the famous thing in your district.
  2. How will you compare your district with other developed cities?
  3. What is the educational, social and economic significance of your district?
  4. What are the basic problems in your district and if you are given a chance, what will you do to overcome them?
  5. What is the difference between your district and this area (where your SSB centre is situated)?


  1. Why there is fluctuation in your marks in 10th, 12th and graduation?
  2. Who is your favorite teacher/ lecturer and whom you don’t like? Give reasons for your likes and dislikes.
  3. Which subject do you like the most and which you don’t like and why?
  4. How did you managed time for studies, sports and co-curricular activities?
  5. Have you ever failed in any examination in school or college? If yes, then why?


  1. What are the mischiefs that you have done during your school or college time?
  2. What are the good and bad qualities of you and what efforts are you applying to overcome your bad qualities?
  3. Explain yourself in a shortest way.
  4. Which was the happiest and sad day of your life?
  5. How will you handle your boss with tough and stubborn attitude?

Sports and Games:

  1. Tell me something about your involvement and achievements in sports.
  2. Which will you prefer, indoor or outdoor games and why?
  3. What have you learnt from sports and games?
  4. What are the hurdles that you have experienced in your sport?
  5. Why did you choose this specific sport/game over others?

Extra-curricular Activities:

  1. Have you joined NSS or NCC? If yes, then what were the activities that you have done there?
  2. In how many activities have you participated so far and tell me about your achievements.
  3. Tell me about those activities in which you have failed and why?
  4. Have you ever compromised your studies for extra-curricular activities and how did you manage both efficiently?
  5. Which was the best and worst experience in your participation?


  1. Why do you want to join Indian Armed Force?
  2. What if you got rejected this time?
  3. What other plans do you have for your career?
  4. Who inspired you to join the Armed Forces?
  5. How will you compare the Armed Forces with other government and private jobs?

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