3 Most Beautiful Places to Live in Arizona That Are Still Affordable

Finding a town or city that satisfies all of your needs and has a lovely appearance is always pleasant. Everybody has slightly varied tastes. A thriving nightlife and an abundance of places to shop and explore within the city limits are desirable to some, while others prefer a calm and serene town close to the woods. Unfortunately, it’s not always inexpensive to find the ideal location. Fortunately, with these three stunning yet reasonably priced Arizona real estate options, you can discover a truly exceptional neighborhood that meets all of your needs while staying well within your means.

You’re likely to discover a spot in Arizona that meets all of your needs, whether you’re searching for a city that’s just a short drive away from everything you need or one that is surrounded by nature.

1. Tucson

The majority of individuals believe that living in cities is expensive. After Phoenix, Tucson is the second-biggest city in Arizona. In spite of this, living expenses are very modest, approximately 6% less than the national average. It’s regarded by many as the greatest place in the state to reside.

Not only is the city affordable. It’s an excellent area to reside. Some of the top education in the state is provided in this location. In 2021, University High School in Tuscon Unified was selected as the 17th best school in the country. A diverse range of private, public, and charter schools are available.

There’s also a ton of culture and art to discover. It’s difficult to find time to be bored in this city because there are so many museums, zoos, and parks, as well as outdoor activities and festivals all year long. The rate of crime is also rather average.

The city and its environs have breathtaking beauty. Saguaro National Park is one of the several parks in the immediate vicinity. Despite being a city, Tucson has a small- to medium-sized town vibe about it. Don’t forget to take in the breathtaking sunsets if you ever decide to move to or visit the city.

2. Yuma

The city is not adequately captured in pictures. For those who love the sun, Yuma, Arizona, is the ideal travel location. It is the sunniest city on Earth, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Every year, there are about 4,000 hours of sunshine.

Despite the desert landscape, there is a lot to do in the area. Colorado River flows close by. The river is great for relaxing on an afternoon or going whitewater rafting. There are three national wildlife refuges and the Imperial Sand Dunes, which contribute to the area’s beauty and charm.

life here is affordable due to the cost of life. The cost of living in Yuma is around 11% less than the national average. There are plenty of employment accessible in numerous industries. It’s a terrific area to live because of the easy access to neighboring cities, the excellent healthcare system, and the abundance of things to do in the city.

But, there are unavoidably drawbacks to living in Yuma. The cost of life is low, but so is the income from work, and the prevalence of crime is very high. Yuma is still a good area to live if you’re ready to commute and put in the effort to choose a safe neighborhood.

3. Bisbee

You should think about moving to Bisbee, Arizona, if you want a community that feels and looks like it belongs in the past. It’s a tiny community with an independent attitude. The town is teeming with ghost stories, historical narratives, and vibrant art scene. This town is wonderful in its own unique manner just because of how vibrant and diverse it is.

Bisbee is located in the Mule Mountains. It’s a welcome diversion from other Arizonan communities’ arid ambiance. There are also plenty of activities to engage in, such as tasting different wines, taking ghost tours, hiking and exploring the nearby mountains, and visiting museums. Because Bisbee is in the highlands, the climate there is likewise rather temperate. Average winter temperatures are at 33 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer temperatures average 89 degrees.

There are many occupations available in the area because to its popularity with travelers, particularly seasonal ones. Fortunately, the majority of visitors only wish to stay, so living expenses aren’t too costly. In Bisbee, it is approximately 15% lower than the national average.

The main drawback is crime. In comparison to many other US regions, Bisbee has a greater rate of violent and property crimes.