19 Places That People Are Forbidden to Visit

Generally speaking, the world is your oyster. There are, nevertheless, some locations on the planet that are off-limits to travellers. Some areas are prohibited by government decree because they pose a risk to public safety or because people endanger the local wildlife and ecosystems. Others possess information that both individuals and governments would prefer to remain private.

You’ll have to read on below to find out more about these prohibited locations.

1. Ducle Base

This article begins with a somewhat contentious statement. Some organisations assert that the US government has a clandestine base beneath Dulce, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists claim that there is a compound close to the town that is home to aliens or various types of experimentation. If verified, it would be the most extreme banned location.

2. Poveglia Island

This island has a tragic past full of fatalities. It originally housed more than 160,000 people on the island as a plague quarantine centre. Italy utilised the island as a psychiatric institution in 1922. There were reports that the doctors there were dishonest and frequently tormented the patients. Some claims indicate that the soil contains at least 50% human remains, making it one of the most haunted locations on Earth.

3. North Brother Island

North Brother Island began as a quarantine hospital, just like Poveglia Island. Typhoid Mary lived on the island that the US declared safe for typhoid patients. It later turned into a rehabilitation facility. North Brother Island was turned into a bird sanctuary following the closure of the centre.

4. Heard Island

On Heard Island, there are two active volcanoes. However, that is not the reason the island is prohibited. As a nature reserve, the island is under protection. The island can only be visited for scientific purposes, according to government regulations.

5. Bohemian Grove

There are 2,700 acres in Bohemian Grove. Some of the most well-known guys in the world gather and converse in this ultra-private gentlemen’s club. On occasion, friends and relatives are welcome, but they have to abide by the strict guidelines and leave the property by a certain time.

6. Ise Grand Shrine

The royal family is the only ones permitted entry, even on special occasions, in order to preserve this temple. One more exemption exists. The temple is restored approximately every 20 years to preserve its integrity and Shinto customs.

7. Area 51

Area 51 isn’t completely off-limits. There’s no way the average citizen can get through the gates. The base is only accessible to designated government entities, such as the military and elite scientists. There are rumours that the base houses army-issue new weapons or is a location for extraterrestrial study.

8. Snake Island

Even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to visit this island. Because of how lethal the island is, travel is prohibited by the Brazilian government. The greatest concentration of pit vipers in the world is found on this island, which is how it got its name.

9. Surtsey Island

The scientific relevance of Surtsey is the reason it is prohibited. It is the world’s most recent landform, having been formed in the 1960s when a volcano broke through the surface. Permission to access the island is restricted to scientists conducting research.

10. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang

About this tomb and the soldiers who have stood for more than 2,000 years, there is still much to learn. The government has banned access to the Tomb Qin Shi Huang and has ordered that no excavation take place out of respect for the tomb.

11. The Vatican Secret Archives

In actuality, the Vatican Secret Archives are not secret. Simply put, they are quite private. A plethora of information about the Pope, church history, and religion can be found in the archives. The Vatican only permits certain church members and researchers.

12. Gruinard Island

Gruinard Island was purchased by the government specifically for the purpose of testing military hardware. They specifically tested anthrax on the island. The weapons were tested on the island even though they were never really used in combat. Although the island is reportedly safe presently, a private buyer has kept it closed to the public.

13. Niihau Island

Niihau Island is home to about 160 people, although the US Navy is the only organisation permitted on the island. The island’s owners made a commitment to use their property to preserve the native Hawaiian language and culture.

14. Pravcicka Brana

The Pravcicka Brana arch was created by nature. It was once a major tourist destination. But the construction has been weakened by tourists’ repeated strolling across the arch. It is prohibited since it is dangerous and ready to collapse at any moment.

15. Coca-Cola’s Vault

The vault itself is prohibited, despite the fact that it is housed in a reasonably well-liked tourist destination for soda lovers. This is allegedly due to the fact that it houses the closely-kept Coca-Cola recipe.

16. Mezhgorye

Despite being only a town in Russia, this location is top-secret and off-limits to anyone who hasn’t had Vladimir Putin’s personal approval. Although no one is certain what’s there, there are rumours that it contains nuclear weapons.

17. North Sentinel Island

Nothing enigmatic resides on North Sentinel Island. But it is quite risky. One of the remaining communities unaffected by contemporary civilization resides there. These individuals have strong protection since they haven’t developed an immunity to the diseases of our day. A significant death and infection rate could result from interactions with the islanders.

18. Lascaux Caves

Nothing is more fascinating to many archaeologists than the cave paintings found at Lascaux Cave. Their age exceeds 17,000 years. The murals inside the caves were harmed by the extreme heat and carbon dioxide levels, which forced the public to close the caverns.

19. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

More than 900,000 seeds from all over the world are kept at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. This storage vault’s primary goal is to contain seeds in case humanity succeeds in eradicating all life on Earth. It is especially excellent for researching extinct or rapidly disappearing plants.

Highlights of Places People Are Forbidden to Visit:

Place Location
Ducle Base United States
Poveglia Island Italy
North Brother Island United States
Heard Island Australia
Bohemian Grove United States
Ise Grand Shrine Japan
Area 51 United States
Snake Island Brazil
Surtsey Island Iceland
Tomb of Qin Shi Huang China
The Vatican Secret Archives Vatican City
Gruinard Island Scotland
Niihau Island United States
Pravcicka Brana Czech Republic
Coca-Cola’s Vault United States
Mezhgorye Russia
North Sentinel Island India
Lascaux Caves France
Svalbard Global Seed Vault Norway