16 Most Unpopular Dog Breeds

You can definitely think of a few of the most well-liked dog breeds, but what about the least well-liked ones? Although it may seem difficult to understand how one breed of dog could be less well-liked than another, each breed has distinct characteristics and demands that could not work well in some homes. See why these furry friends don’t receive as much affection as other puppies by looking through this list of the 16 most uncommon dog breeds.

Finnish Spitz

The vivacious and affectionate Finnish spitz is a brave canine hunter recognised for its intense barking and distinct scenting. These enthusiastic athletes are protective and cautious around strangers, but they are loving towards their owners. They thrive in busy households where they can get the exercise and adventure they require without being bothered by their serious demeanour and loud vocalisations.


Given that so many people are unaware of this dog breed, the Borzoi is undoubtedly an uncommon breed. Tough and agile by nature, this sighthound exudes dignity and tranquilly. They need a lot of patience because they can be independent and stubborn and can be challenging to train. Additionally, they thrive in households with older kids who don’t mind their less sombre behaviour. In addition, borzoi require a lot of mental and physical activity, as well as lots of space to run around in when their predator-prey instinct is triggered.

New Guinea Singing Dog

The moniker “New Guinea singing dog” comes from the peculiar yodel vocalisations of this rare breed of barkless dog, which is closely related to the Australian dingo. They originated in the highlands of New Guinea, where they coexisted in the mountains with native tribespeople. Although rare, some populations have been domesticated, the majority of populations have been found in the wild. The only thing that is known about these canines is that they are extremely timid and non-aggressive. Because they are so uncommon, it is challenging to determine if they are among the least popular dog breeds.

English Foxhound

Galloping hounds used for hunting are called English foxhounds. They are gentle and loving home pets that prefer to live in packs because of their highly gregarious nature. This breed’s high social and active demands make it ideal for huntsmen who maintain packs of hounds. Fortunately, they are docile, versatile, and get along with most people and other animals.

Sloughi (Arabian Greyhound)

The Sloughi are descended from a long-extinct breed of sighthounds that originated in North Africa’s deserts. This breed is quiet and elegant. Sloughis are kind and affectionate towards their family yet distant from outsiders. They do, however, thrive in homes without little children and lots of other pets. Despite having a lot of energy, they are not the most playful breed.

Cirneco dell’Etna

Sicilian hound Cirneco dell’Etna is sleek and agile. Not only are these swift and agile hunters, but they also make wonderful house pets. They are low maintenance, pleasant, and sweet. Even though they enjoy playing and cuddling with their owners, they should be watched around small children and other animals.

Wire Fox Terrier

Formerly, British foxhunters often travelled with these magnificent show dogs as companions. These days, wire fox terriers are devoted companions to their owners and participate in dog shows. Playful, affectionate, and amiable, wire fox terriers. They get along nicely with small children, but they need to be watched around other animals. Owners ought to be conscious of their high energy and want for mental stimulation.


Large and strong, this kind of Hungarian guard dog is honourable and devoted. These are autonomous, smart canines who require homes without small children or other dogs, as well as seasoned trainers. When it comes to their owners, they are incredibly loving, yet they are guarded about outsiders. Komondors keep careful watch on their people and are very protective of them.

Norwegian Lundehund

The Norwegian lundehund, an athletic dog with extra toes and paw pads, was developed for the purpose of hunting puffins. This breed is balanced and vigilant. They can be reticent around strangers but are reasonably affectionate with their owners. Additionally, Norwegian lundehunds strike a nice mix between laid-back and lively. They require an expert trainer because they are a usually amiable breed.

Cesky Terrier

The cesky terrier is intelligent and devoted to his family. They are renowned for their playful demeanour towards small children and are the national dog of the Czech Republic. This breed is not overly chatty, making it an excellent watchdog. They tend to be cautious around strangers and adore their owners. There are only a few hundred of this breed in existence in the United States, making it extremely rare.

Flat-Coated Retriever

The flat-coated retriever’s inner child will always be a puppy. Although this breed is incredibly caring and loving, they require a household that can keep up with their high energy levels. Retrievers with flat coats may also be a little rowdy. Fortunately, they get along well with kids of all ages and other animals. Their want to please dispositions make them easy to train as well.


For otter hunting, the vociferous and well-balanced otterhound was first bred in mediaeval England. This breed has webbed feet, a very good sense of smell, and a love of swimming. Although they thrive in homes with older children and fewer pets, otterhounds are incredibly loving towards their families. They also have controllable energy requirements and are reasonably simple to train.


Who is a nice boy who cares for others? The raptor! This pack hound is talkative and gregarious. It demands a great deal of cerebral stimulation due to its high energy levels. Fortunately, training this breed is not too difficult. Families with kids and other pets get along well with harriers. They also embrace outsiders and change with the times with ease.

American Foxhound

The ideal family must recognise the loving charm of the low-maintenance American foxhound, who is a nice and amiable dog. Due to their high energy requirements, this breed needs a lot of exercise to keep them from becoming destructive and sad. They require a patient and knowledgeable owner because they can be challenging to train and housebreak. And lastly, if you live near to neighbours, you may find it challenging to coexist with the noisy nature of American foxhounds.

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian tervurens are brave and vigilant watchdogs who like a lot of work and thrive under duress. They also have a terrific sense of humour and are rather naughty. Due to their high level of intelligence, these dogs thrive in homes with lots of activity. They are devoted to their owners and simple to train. They are also quite affectionate. Even with these fantastic traits, they are still a rare breed of dog.

Sussex Spaniel

The versatile, calm, and amiable Sussex spaniel is a good housedog and a slow hunter. This dog is constantly happy and friendly, even though it has a perpetual frown on its face. Sussex spaniels are devoted to their family and show them a lot of attention. For people who don’t desire a high-maintenance dog, they are also satisfied to play or relax.