15 Tallest Mountains in Europe

There are some really amazing natural sites in Europe. Europe draws millions of tourists every year because of its beaches, woods, and urban centers. But many travelers to Europe go trekking across the breathtakingly steep terrain in search of a rougher adventure. If you want to know more about the highest mountains in Europe, keep reading!

The Alps and the Caucasus Mountains are two of Europe’s most fabled mountain ranges. The beauty and adventure provided by the continent’s mountain ranges are enjoyed by climbers, hikers, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. One of the highest peaks in Europe is a great place to start if you want an adventure unlike any other.

This is a list of the top 15 highest mountains in Europe, ranked by elevation. These mountains, which rise far above the clouds, provide amazing chances to see some of Europe’s most breathtaking vistas. Discover the tallest mountains in Europe, whether you’re an explorer at heart or just a trivia buff.

15. Mount Bazardüzü

Because it crosses the border between Russia and Azerbaijan, the fifteenth-highest mountain in Europe is listed on both European and Asian mountain lists. At its highest point, it is 14,652 feet above sea level. Like many of the mountains on this list, it’s a stunning mountain situated in the Caucasus region. Stunningly tall mountains can be seen in the Caucasus region of Russia!

14. Matterhorn

Famously located near the border between Italy and Switzerland is the Matterhorn. Although it is the first peak on this list to be found in the Alps, it is by no means the last! Standing at 14,692 feet above sea level, it’s a breathtaking summit. Three thousand climbers attempt to reach the summit of the Matterhorn each year, but the first ascent took place in 1865.

13. Weisshorn

Another tall peak in the Alps is the Weisshorn. At 14,783 feet above sea level, it is the thirteenth-highest mountain in Europe. The Weisshorn is a section of the Pennine Alps that is wholly contained inside Switzerland.

12. Lyskamm

The mountain that is the twelfth tallest in Europe is situated near the Italian border with Switzerland. Lyskamm, also known as Silberbast, is 14,872 feet above sea level. Situated in the Pennine Alps, it’s a stunning location for moderately challenging mountaineering. This hike is undoubtedly simpler than other of the summits on this list, though!

11. Dom

The Dom, a mountain in Switzerland’s Pennine Alps, is the eleventh-highest summit in Europe. The Dom range is stunning, rising an incredible 14,911 feet above sea level. The Pennine Alps are known as the Valaisan Alps in Switzerland.

10. Monte Rosa

This summit, which ranks tenth in Europe, is situated on the boundary between Switzerland and Italy. The stunning Monte Rosa is that mountain. Monte Rosa is the second-highest peak in the Alps, reaching a height of 15,203 feet. This mountain is an intermediate-level climb that may be completed by people with prior alpine climbing experience.

9. Ushba

Georgia is claimed by some to be in Asia, while others claim it to be in Europe. Since Georgia is home to some amazing peaks, we’ll include it in the list for the purposes of this article! At 15,453 feet, Ushba is the ninth-highest summit in Europe. It is situated close to the Russian border in Georgia’s Svaneti region.

8. Mount Dzhimara

The stunning Mount Dzhimara is ranked ninth among Europe’s highest mountain peaks. This mountain is a component of the Khokh Range and is situated near the Georgian border with Russia. Mount Dzhimara rises to an amazing 15,682 feet above the ground.

7. Mont Blanc

The highest peak in the Alps is also the seventh-highest mountain in Europe. Mont Blanc, which marks the border between France and Italy, is that mountain. It is the only mountain on this list that touches France, reaching an incredible 15,777 feet above sea level!

6. Tetnuldi

One of the highest peaks in Europe, the breathtaking Tetnuldi mountain is another peak in the Caucasus Mountains. It is the tenth highest peak in the Caucasus Mountain range, and it is situated in Georgia. At 15,938 feet above sea level, this peak is located immediately west of Georgia’s Russian border.

5. Kazbek Mount

Mount Kazbek is the fifth-highest mountain in Europe. Situated in Georgia, Mount Kazbek rises to a height of 16,581 feet. Given that it is situated in the Caucasus Mountains, it is close to Georgia’s border with Russia. This challenging mountain took up to a week to climb, and the first ascent was recorded in 1868.

4. Koshtan-Tau

Russia is also home to Europe’s fourth-tallest mountain. Koshtan-Tau’s peak is that mountain. Koshtan-Tau is situated close to Georgia’s border with Russia in the Caucasus Mountains. It soars to an amazing 16,877 feet above the ground!

3. Shkhara

The mountain known as Shkahara is the tallest peak in Georgia and the third-highest peak in Europe. Shkahara is located at an elevation of 17,037 feet at the Georgian-Russian border.

2. Dykh-Tau

The second-highest peak in Europe is the stunning Dykh-Tau mountain. It is near the Georgian border, however it is situated in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. At 17,077 feet high, this mountain is incredibly lofty. It’s a beautiful peak with a reputation for avalanches, so climbers take caution!

1. Mount Elbrus

Russia is home to Europe’s tallest mountain. That’s Mount Elbrus, rising to an elevation of 18,510 feet! Interestingly, this mountain is a stratovolcano and is located in the Caucasus Mountains’ western region!