15 Countries That Love Americans (Is the Feeling Mutual?)

What views do individuals have of the United States from throughout the globe? Most Americans believe that foreigners dislike the United States. To be honest, it’s not difficult to locate that viewpoint online. Americans are sometimes misrepresented by foreigners as aggressive, uncivilized, fat, and narrow-minded. On the other hand, a lot of individuals with unfavorable opinions about American culture discover that they enjoy a lot of the Americans they have had face-to-face. Those nations who have had the greatest chance to engage with thousands of Americans face-to-face are among the ones that cherish Americans the most.

Which nations support America the most? According to the Pew Research Center, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 for you, along with the proportion of people who think favorably of the US. How do you feel about these nations? Are the good feelings reciprocated?

15. Singapore (51%).

Situated near the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a city-state home to 5.5 million people. It gains from being situated at a sea trade chokepoint connecting the Indian and Pacific oceans. Today it boasts one of the greatest levels of living in the world. There are more than 30,000 Americans residing there, and 4,000 Singaporeans are studying there. One reason why over half of the population has a positive opinion of the United States is because of the intimate interactions between common people.

14. Australia (54%).

Americans and Australians share a great deal of commonalities. Both were spread over their respective continents after being colonized by the British. Culturally speaking, both created civilizations that were more egalitarian than those of the British, dismantling strict social class divisions. The Australian phrase “no worries” encapsulates the laid-back, easygoing attitude to life that both Australians and Americans find endearing.

13. Belgium (56%).

Despite its tiny size, Belgium has had a significant impact on global politics. Belgium served as a crucial front in both World Wars and currently serves as the EU’s headquarters. Belgium trains its armed forces in missions across the continent alongside American troops as an ally of NATO. Like many other nations, American pop culture—including music, movies, slang, and other elements—particularly appeals to young people in Belgium.

12. France (57%).

The dubious honor of being the world’s most visited tourist attraction belongs to Paris, the capital of France. With a population of little over 2 million, the city welcomes an astounding 44 million visitors annually! Because most tourists only see the city, they may have an inaccurate perception of French people as being uncivil and hostile. However, this is not the case in locations that are not completely overrun by tourists. When Americans travel to less busy areas, they frequently discover that the French are friendly, accommodating, and more than happy to converse in both French and English. Americans, on the other hand, view France as the pinnacle of sophisticated culture and passionate love.

11. Netherlands (60%)

The political views of the United States or the arrogant demeanor of certain visitors and students who relocate there are occasionally the subject of disparaging remarks from the Dutch. Generally speaking, nevertheless, the majority of Dutch people view Americans as honest, giving, and amiable.

10. Spain (60%)

Despite the fact that the majority of Americans do not speak a second language fluently, those who have studied one frequently select Spanish. This facilitates business travelers, tourists, and students visiting Spain by removing some of the linguistic obstacles. Spanish people are usually interested in Americans and willing to make acquaintances with them. Those connections typically leave a positive impression.

9. Italy (61%)

17.8 million Americans are thought to have Italian heritage. Thus, it makes sense that Italians and Americans would have a close bond. Another factor that unites the two civilizations is the common knowledge and fascination Americans have with the Roman Empire (a phenomena that has its own meme). Mutual respect and admiration are greatly enhanced by this mindset of cultural appreciation.

8. Canada (63%)

Most Americans respond instantly to the question of which foreign nation they would relocate to if they had to be asked, “Canada.” Both have a considerable deal of cross-border trade and tourism, as well as many cultural commonalities. There are moments when Americans overwhelm or overlook Canadians. They yet hold a positive view of the nation and its citizens in spite of this.

7. Germany (63%)

Even though the World Wars ended over 80 years ago, they continue to cast a shadow over Germany. These days, especially to the younger generation, that feels like the past. Germans are more commonly known for their avant-garde art, beer, and fine automobiles and machinery. From a political standpoint, Germans value their strong connection with the United States after World War II, which helped bring their nation back together in 1990. In addition, they are more than happy to absorb elements of American popular culture and are less worried about losing their cultural identity than their French neighbors.

6. United Kingdom (64%).

The United States has a remarkable history of forging close friendships with its adversaries after triumphing over them. This is never more evident than in the unique bond between the US and Britain, the erstwhile mother country. Deep trust has been established between the two cultures despite their two countries having fought two wars against one other. The friendliness of Americans and some of their artistic output, together with the stability of the NATO defensive alliance, are frequently admired by British people. British accents are typically charming to Americans, who view traveling to the UK as the ultimate dream vacation destination.

5. Sweden (66%)

Sweden’s decision to join NATO in 2023 marked the end of its 200-year official neutrality. If this is adopted, the United States will be required to defend Sweden in the case of an attack. Since Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine and its threats to the Baltic States, the formerly inconceivable danger has become much more apparent to the people of Sweden. While Americans frequently like Swedish culture, aesthetics, and social structure, Swedes are fans of American music and movies.

4. Japan (70%)

Despite their intense conflict during World War II, which culminated in the devastation of two atomic bombs, Japan remains one of the United States’ closest friends. Following the American occupation, democratic and free market concepts were implemented in the restructuring of Japanese society. The younger generation started to embrace American culture in the ensuing decades. Many Japanese visitors to the United States study English. Additionally, both parties are influenced. Many young Americans are ardent fans of Japanese animation.

3. Israel (83%).

A little over a million Americans travel to Israel each year, and over 140,000 Jewish Americans have settled there. Numerous individuals there have relatives living in the US. Similar dedications to democracy and free market economy are shared by the two nations. Financially and in terms of the heightened friction it causes with Islamic nations, US support is expensive. Israelis are aware of this and see their partnership with the US as essential to their nation’s survival.

2. South Korea (89%)

The Korean War and World War II are the roots of the love shared by South Korea and the United States. South Korea’s ongoing existence was made possible by the allies headed by the United States of America’s triumph over Japan and then North Korea. The presence of a sizable number of US troops, together with foreign visitors, merchants, and students, has brought common citizens from the two nations together. And the sentiment seems to be shared by both. Young Americans are major fans of K-pop and K-drama.

1. Poland (91%).

Poland is the nation that loves America the most. Throughout history, Poland has faced many hardships. It has been conquered and divided numerous times throughout history due to the militarily more powerful and hostile kingdoms to its east and west. After weathering a half-century of Russian-imposed communism, it’s now a NATO partner of the United States. Poland is closer to the US and more anxious than ever as a result of Russia’s senseless conflict against Ukraine.