13 Secretly Amazing Places to Retire in Ohio

The state of Ohio offers retirement opportunities in many major cities, including Cleveland and Cincinnati. Smaller towns and villages, however, offer gorgeous scenery and chances for you to pursue your passions when considering the best areas in Ohio to live out your golden years.

Among the few states with four distinct seasons annually is Ohio. Retirees love living in several of the popular retirement states because they are warm and sunny, but many also long for a cold evening to spend by the fire.

Why Should You Retire In Ohio?

In the Buckeye State, retiring has numerous benefits.

Ohio has a 6.9% lower cost of living than the US average. Consequently, a retirement pension will buy you more and go farther.

Beautiful waterfront areas. Never mind that Ohio is not a coastal state. Ohio’s borders include Sandusky Bay, Sheldon Marsh State Preserve, Ohio River, Lake Erie, and Miami River. If you enjoy swimming, kayaking, birdwatching, fishing, or boating, this is the ideal place to retire.

Outstanding educational opportunities. Retirees have two options: they either go back to work or enjoy the thought that their kids and grandkids might be able to go to college.

Ohio’s healthcare system is outstanding. Modern facilities and medical personnel are available to provide care for the retirees.

Tax advantages such as a complete exemption from Social Security payments

1, Amberly Village: 39.2048° North, 84.4280° West

One of the best retirement communities in Ohio is the village of Amberley if you want tranquil surroundings, tiny villages, and amiable residents. 3,820 people live in Amberly. Situated in Hamilton County, it has retiree shops, cafes, and all the conveniences of a large city in a small town environment.

One advantage Amberly has is that she can eat well. Locals prefer going to eateries like Indian Mound Cafe and Elk Creek Vineyards. A visit to the Overlook Lodge is a must if you liked the book and movie “Shinning.”

In addition, residents take pleasure in leisurely walks and evenings in their neighborhood. This little town gem has a low crime rate and virtually no violent crimes.

2, Bluffton Village: 40.8953° North, 83.8888° West

The counties of Hancock and Allen contain the village of Bluffton. Many retirees and professionals call Allen County home. Less than 4,000 people live in this small town, and the majority of them are conservative. Bluffton was founded in 1832 by European settlers and is located in northwest Ohio.

In this little town, the income tax rate is 1.25 percent. Bluffton University is located in Bluffton. Universities are built in towns that are intended to benefit both students and retirees. Small university towns have more events, such as free concerts, group lectures, and cultural gatherings.

3. Chagrin Falls Village is located at 41.4299° N and 81.3911° W.

Cleveland is one of the most popular retirement locations in Ohio among the many options. Chagrin Falls, a Cleveland suburb, is situated in Cuyahoga County. It is therefore both far enough out to maintain a small-town feel yet close enough to the city for residents to enjoy the activities.

Chagrin Falls has a lot of art stores and eateries that you may visit on foot. On the other hand, the town is a terrific destination to find unique artifacts and has a rich history of old architecture. This picturesque community has a higher cost of living than the country as a whole.

4) 40.0803° N, 80.9018° W is St. Clairsville.

If you appreciate living in communities with a rich cultural background, St. Clairsville is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Belmont County’s county seat is located here. Benjamin Lundy wrote the first newspaper devoted to the abolition of human slavery here. There are 5121 residents in St. Clairsville.

Belmont County offers outdoor activities including wandering through the historic downtown district of the county capital. The residents of this small town, which is surrounded by gorgeous countryside, enjoy the welcoming small-town ambiance, neighborhood fairs, and historic museums. This is the perfect place for retirees to live.

5. At 41.1278° N and 81.6098° W is Fairlawn.

If you’re searching for retirement communities in Ohio, consider Summit County’s Fairlawn. The population of Fairlawn is roughly 7,697. While it is small enough to maintain a rural character, it is large enough to provide an abundance of services and activities.

Retirement residents in Fairlawn enjoy all of the amenities, activities, and healthcare of the Akron metropolitan region without the stress of living in a bigger city because the area is part of it. There are fewer rental options in Fairlawn because the majority of the community members own their own houses.

6. Huron located at 41.3950° N and 82.5552° W.

Huron, Ohio is a great destination for retirees searching for outdoor recreational possibilities in Ohio. You can choose from a variety of lake and river sports because this city is situated at the mouth of the Hudson River on Lake Erie. All four seasons provide easy access to miles of recreational paths for hiking, boating, fishing, and bird watching.

7. Orange Village is located at 41.4494° N and 81.4802° W.

Searching for retirement communities in Ohio? Are you looking for a destination with a laid-back vibe and a diverse population of all ages? Orange Village in Cuyahoga County is a place you should definitely check out. In addition to being home to the Beechmont Country Club, the hamlet includes amenities.

3,410 people live in Orange Village, according to data from the US Census Bureau for 2022. The little village’s surroundings are immaculate and stunning. Residents can enjoy the advantages of the city while living in the suburbs at a slower pace because it is close enough to Cleveland.

8. Ottawa Hills Village is located at 41.6642° N and 83.6433° W.

Ohio has a wide variety of retirement communities with varying options, scenery, and amenities. The tree-lined streets of Ottawa Hills Village are ideal for leisurely strolls. The wildlife is abundant and the air smells better due to the meandering creek’s rich foliage.

Living next to a college has several benefits, like retail malls, concerts, and the tranquility of a suburban region that is adjacent to the University of Toledo. Its population is diversified, spanning a range of ages, and its school system ranks highly. It’s a welcoming and tranquil location to live.

9) Masury: 40.5378° W, 41.2112° N

Masury is a small town in Ohio’s Trumball County. If you’re searching for retirement communities in Ohio that provide quiet neighborhoods, security, low crime rates, and a strong sense of community, Masury is the perfect option. This little village offers a variety of activities, including strolling, bird watching, and community events.

10. Milan Village: 41.2976° North, 82.6055° West.

Ohio retirement communities with small towns like Milan Village have a rich historical backdrop, security, and opportunities for community involvement. Huron and Erie counties are home to Milan. Thomas Edison was born there as well.

Locals take pleasure in the charming town square and peruse the ancient buildings and antique stores in the town center. They also take pleasure in the unique camaraderie that can only be found in small towns, local events, and dining establishments.

11. El Dorado Mulberry: 39.1934° N, 84.2422° W

Mulberry, Ohio, is a census-designated place (CDP) located in Clermont County and Miami Township. Mulberry has a population of about 4,275 people with a low crime rate. This is one of the areas where residents know one another, watch out for one another, and frequently keep their doors open.

One of the advantages of living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone else, which gives you security because your neighbors are aware of your whereabouts. The lack of scheduled activities is a drawback of living in a small area.

12. Munroe Falls is located at 41.1445° N and 81.4398° W.

When considering retirement locations in Ohio that provide access to outdoor pursuits like boating, hiking, and nature trails, Munroe Falls immediately springs to mind. Munroe Falls’s citizens enjoy access to all the professional services, retail, and entertainment that a big city has to offer because it is an Akron suburb. Nonetheless, there are many of opportunities to fish and engage in other river-related activities because the town is small and located on the banks of the Cuyahoga River.

13. Yellow Springs Village is located at 39.8064° N and 83.8869° W.

Yellow Springs ought to be at the top of your consideration list if you’re seeking for historic retirement communities in Ohio. With only 3,750 residents, this little community in Ohio is a hidden treasure. Yellow Springs has all the advantages of Ohio, including senior citizen tax breaks and reduced tax rates. In addition, it provides hiking, biking, shopping, and all that Greene County has to offer.

Yellow Springs might be the setting for a Hallmark film or a painting by Norman Rockwell. It’s a small neighborhood with safety, the comfort of knowing your neighbors, and a low crime rate. Residents may enjoy all the professional services and big city attractions close by—Columbus is only 45 minutes away.