13 Plants You Can Use to Make a Stunning Winter Wreath

When the weather turns chilly, you don’t have to stop using your green thumb, if you’re fortunate enough to have one. There are many beautiful plants that are multipurpose, aromatic, and celebratory. These plants are fantastic for crafting the perfect winter wreath, whether you’re wanting to decorate your home for the holidays or you’re having a craft day with your friends.

1. Spruce

Spruce tree branches are among the greatest plants to utilize while crafting a winter wreath. This plant has dense, vibrant green needles that will look stunning on your front entrance. The greatest place for cut spruce to grow outside is somewhere cooler. Heat can change the form of your wreath and make it require extra care.

2. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can be used to give a winter wreath a pop of color. There are countless options available to you, regardless of whether you want to purchase them this way or dry them yourself. Dried flowers and other plants on this list can be arranged into a wreath; however, do not use any stems as these will eventually disintegrate. We recommend choosing seasonal colors like red, green, and white.

3. fir

One of the best ways to incorporate nature into your home during the winter is to make a wreath out of fir trees. One of the list’s hardiest plants is fir, which may be used in a variety of wreath-decorating techniques.

As the needles are more dispersed and the branches are fluffier than those of spruce, you can add decorations, dogwood branches, pine cones, or cranberries to fill in the gaps.

4. Lavender

Although purple isn’t typically associated with winter, it may be used to create a gorgeous wreath that will fill your house with a lovely floral aroma. The ideal method to bring some color into your home is to make a lavender winter wreath.

In addition to serving as a reminder of the approaching warmer weather, lavender is frequently utilized as a stress reliever and sleep aid. Using this plant during the holidays may have an extra benefit!

5. Pine

It’s likely that pine comes to mind when you think about crafting a winter wreath. With good reason, this is one of the most traditional herbs you can employ. Pine leaves a lasting fragrance that can transport you back to the great outdoors. This easily accessible plant’s dense needles make it ideal for crafting a wreath!

6. Bay Leaves

Although most people associate bay leaves with cooking, they can also be used to create an extremely lovely wreath. Without water, the stems and leaves maintain their structure. Although a wreath with this leafy appearance requires a large amount of leaves, the deliciously earthy scent is unrivaled. It looks festive when combined with red plants, like bay leaves.

7. Rosemary

Rosemary is another herb that works well for a winter wreath. Because the stems are easy to bend around a twig frame and the foliage isn’t sharp, this is one of the easiest plants to work with. The wonderful perfume of both fresh and dried rosemary is particularly difficult to resist.

8. Dogwood Branches

Winter wreaths don’t always have to be green. In actuality, adding color splashes might improve the wreath’s overall appearance. The brilliant red branches of dogwood make the ideal accent to any holiday foliage. This plant is ideal for the winter because of its color! Branches of dogwood fit well on a wreath and are surprisingly easy to work with.

9. Juniper

Juniper is another plant that is classic for the winter. This might provide the illusion of a rustic, cottage-style dwelling. If the vegetation is kept out of direct sunlight and is frequently misted with warm water, it can persist for several weeks. Here at A to Z Animals, we believe a lavender and juniper wreath looks fantastic!

10. Sage

Sage’s thick shape and silvery green color make it ideal for a winter wreath. Sage is frequently used in cooking, but it also has a lot of other creative uses. Making a wreath out of it can fill your house with a lovely, crisp winter fragrance.

11. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a plant that not only looks fantastic in showers and floral arrangements, but it can also be used to produce a fragrant and festive wreath. Eucalyptus is a minty-scented wreath that is perfect for your bathroom or foyer. This plant can be used alone, or you can use it in wreaths made with other plants on this list.

12. Holly

Holly is the ideal plant to include in a winter wreath, so don’t search anywhere else. This plant adds the ideal touch with its glossy, vivid green leaves and lovely crimson berries! Although using only holly for a wreath isn’t the best idea, it works well when combined with spruce or fir.

This might not be the greatest choice for those who have children or pets because of the berries’ toxicity.

13. Oregano

It will be simple for those who live in warmer climates to obtain an abundance of oregano. Unbelievably, this everyday kitchen item makes a beautiful winter wreath. It can be used as is or combined with twigs to make a wreath. It will take a significant amount of oregano to fill a complete wreath because the leaves are rather little. It could be preferable to combine this plant with other foliage to create a gorgeous wreath for the winter!