13 Must-Visit Small Towns in Idaho

Big cities and skyscrapers are not associated with Idaho. This Midwestern state does, however, have some very quaint little towns! A road trip across the beautiful state of Idaho would be ideal, and you should definitely stop by some of these cute locations. They have great restaurants, interesting museums, and more. You’re sure to run into some of the friendly residents of the state wherever you go. Now let’s explore the 13 Idaho little towns that you really must see!

1. Kellogg

The town of Kellogg is one of the many charming small towns in Idaho. Despite having a small population of 2,374 people, Kellogg is a charming place with plenty to see. This city has a rich history and was formerly a mining town. It’s also close to some amazing natural landmarks.

2. Priest River

The town of Priest River in Idaho is another wonderful tiny town. With just 1,742 residents, Priest River boasts unparalleled beauty! It is situated in the northern region of Idaho and offers a plethora of outdoor recreational options, including hiking and fishing.

3. Island Park

One of the smallest cities in the state of Idaho is Island Park, which is situated in Fremont County. Within the limits of Island Park, there are just 193 people living there as of the most current census. The community is nearby to several fantastic state parks, including Harrison State Park, in addition to Yellowstone.

4. Sugar City

With only 2,616 people living there, Sugar City is little but sweet and located between some larger sites. There used to be a sizable sugar beetroot factory in the historical town!

5. St. Maries

St. Maries, like many of the must-see tiny towns on this list, is home to less than 3,000 people. The population of the town was just over 2,400 as of 2021. The community is populated mostly by pensioners, who are dispersed around the region.

6. Hailey

Hailey is one of the bigger little towns on the list. As of 2021, there were a little over 9,000 people living in Hailey. It’s larger than many of these little villages, but it’s still a really interesting destination to visit. Hailey is a beautiful town with amazing locals.

7. Wallace

Wallace, Idaho has a main street that is really charming, although the town itself only has 803 residents. You may learn about the town’s history by taking an underground mine tour when you visit!

8. Stanley

Stanley is yet another one of Idaho’s smallest and most noteworthy tiny towns. Stanley is home to just 122 people, but possessing a considerable amount of land. Sawtooth National Recreation Area, the town’s natural neighbour, is what makes it famous, though.

9. Driggs

Driggs is an amazing must-visit tiny hamlet in Idaho for winter explorers. There were just 2,139 people living in Driggs in 2021. Despite the small population, there is a long list of things to do! Take a walk in Grand Teton National Park or head to Grand Targhee Ski Resort with your skis.

10. McCall

Another tiny town in Idaho is McCall, which has a marginally larger population. Within McCall’s city borders in 2021, there were about 4,000 inhabitants! With so many state and national parks close by, it’s an excellent place to go if you want to spend some time outside.

11. Sandpoint

Sandpoint is comparable to Hailey, Idaho, but on a greater scale. There are actually 9,000 people living there as of 2021, despite the fact that it’s still one of the nicest tiny towns in Idaho to visit. By Idaho standards, that’s a fairly hectic schedule! Although the lake is a fantastic summertime activity, an excellent wintertime getaway is the Schweitzer Mountain Resort, which is close by.

12. Sun Valley

There are some incredibly gorgeous mountains near Sun Valley, but not many people live there. With only 1,814, it’s one of the most picturesque tiny towns in Idaho to visit. One of the top ski resorts in the country is located in Sun Valley, which is its main draw.

13. Melba

And last, if you want to unwind, Melba is among the greatest small towns in Idaho to visit. You can be sure to find some peace and quiet because the town only has 581 residents.