13 Flowers and Plants that Represent Libra

What flowers and plants symbolize Libra and capture the artistic elements of this air sign in a harmonious and intellectual way? In addition to being represented by the scales, Libras are found in a wide variety of living and growing objects. You are a Libra if your birthday falls between September 23 and October 22. What can you learn about your zodiac sign from the symbolism of plants and flowers?

Before we dive into the flowers and plants that best reflect the seventh sign of the zodiac, let’s review some basic astrological facts about Libras!

13 Plants and Flowers that Symbolize Libra

Libras, being a cardinal air sign, stand for abstraction, beauty, and setting the standard for justice in leadership. Libra’s affinity for the scales, justice, and harmony is the reason behind this idea of fairness. Libra is also associated with the 7th house, which stands for partnerships, the duality and balance of how we evolve alongside others. Venus, the planet of love, creativity, and beauty, is also a sign that rules Libras!

However, how do these factors work together in the Libra personality? Now let’s use plants and flowers to provide an answer to this exact issue!

1. Asters

Asters are one of the two birth flowers for September, representing knowledge and love. Any Libras born at the beginning of Libra season will likely feel connected to asters because of this. In any garden, asters are a delicate, subtle flower that blooms easily. Furthermore, Libras will recognize how many jewel-toned colors asters come in!

2. Marigolds

Marigolds are a perfect fit for October birthdays since they are kind, hospitable, and adaptable. Marigolds’ optimism and youth fit very nicely with Libra’s attitude of harmony and serenity. Marigolds can be produced from seeds or established plants with ease, giving discerning Libras more options for where to place this well-known flower!

3. Roses

Libras and roses go hand in hand because of their affinity for Venus, the passionate planet. Because of their dedication and romantic tendencies, roses are among the flowers that are most frequently associated with Libras. When paired romantically, Libras experience immense personal fulfillment and appreciate the idea of love. Furthermore, considering how many variations there are, roses are equally as distinctive and graceful as Libras!

4. Morning Glories

Morning glories are the other flower that represents you if you are a September Libra. Morning glories are a vining flower that can transform the appearance of any ground cover, trellis, or fence. This makes them appealing to the creative side of every Libra. Although the enormous, delicate morning glories flowers don’t stay long, Libras will still find them to be beautiful while they’re growing!

5. Cosmos

Cosmos, the other birth flower for October, has numerous metaphorical meanings. The universe and Libras are synonymous since both possess order, harmony, and resilience. For the visually-inclined Libra, there are many different varieties of Cosmos flowers to pick from, and they are simple to raise from seed!

6. Gardenias

Gardenias are a common choice for bridal bouquets due to their perfume and white colorations; they are a good representation of Libras. Gardenias are recognized to symbolize refinement in addition to being romantic and symbolic of commitment. Gardenias are a love companion symbol that Libras will find meaningful and their subtle scent appealing.

7. Catnip

Grown on their land, catnip is associated with friendship and adaptability, so Libras might choose to plant some. Although this could potentially draw in the neighboring cats as companions, catnip represents good fortune and the development of friendly relationships. Partnerships are Libras’ top priority, but they also make a lot of platonic friends and acquaintances!

8. Ferns

The delicate beauty of ferns is a representation of Libras, despite its fickle nature and occasional difficulty in caring. Ferns are adaptable because, depending on the climate where they are found, they can be grown indoors or outdoors. Ferns are a timeless and trustworthy symbol that stand for the Libra sign’s capacity to always decide fairly, even if it takes some time!

9. Passion Flowers

The passion flower is undoubtedly one of nature’s most unusual blooms. These vining blossoms are unusual and should be associated with Libras because of their statement-making capabilities. Although passion flowers might be a little bolder than the typical Libra, these plants nonetheless draw a lot of pollinators and draw attention—two things that Libras probably want from their flowers!

10. Orchids

Orchids, in addition to passion flowers, are available in a wide range of unusual hues, types, and more. Orchids symbolize the refined and sophisticated Libra nature, even if Libras could find the general upkeep of these flowers to be more than they have time for. Venus and Libra both symbolize beauty and love, which is exactly what orchids stand for!

11. Peace Lilies

Peace lilies and Libras go hand in hand because nothing appeals to Libras more than maintaining harmony. Peace lilies are a classy addition to any home and require very little maintenance. The air-purifying properties of these plants also enhance harmony in interior design projects, which will appeal to design-savvy Libras!

12. Lavender

Venus is the planet of luxury and the well-earned relaxation that comes after winning a fight or war. It’s possible that Venus and Libras both value lavender’s calming, calming properties. Lavender is a simple plant to cultivate in containers or the ground, so Libras might wish to try it at home. This well-liked plant is striking and has a wide range of therapeutic applications—perfect for a decadent Libra!

13. Eucalyptus

Because Libras are such astute observers in all area of their lives, eucalyptus might be a good fit for this sign. Eucalyptus is an excellent tree for landscape and interior design. For the ordinary Libra, eucalyptus has a sophisticated, understated flair that will assist them add both beauty and greenery to their home!