12 Perfect Pumpkin Patches of Nevada

Checking out a pumpkin patch could be precisely what you’re searching for this fall, whether you have kids or are just seeking for something enjoyable to do. If you go, you can enjoy games, carnival rides, fall cuisine, and most importantly, pumpkins.

After some searching, I’ve located 12 ideal pumpkin patches in Nevada to make it simple for you to find Halloween decorations and fall celebrations!

1. Moapa Valley Corn Maze

A visit to the Moapa Valley Farm will undoubtedly give you a taste of every aspect of the nation. There are farm animals and crops sprouting everywhere, but there is also a lack of pavement! The paths are largely coated in dirt. Having said that, their website emphasizes how important it is to wear appropriate footwear when visiting.

It’s not just your footwear. They talk about the clothes you wear as well. They usually have a lot of bees because they are an active farm with a sizable harvest area. Options for attire that would assist dissuade them are mentioned.

This company does more than just provide fall activities and Halloween catering. The location’s main function is that of a farm. They have a vast garden full of melons, a pumpkin patch, and farm animals. They gather corn as well. The enormous corn maze they let you stroll around from now on!

You ought to visit Moapa Valley Corn Maze if you’re searching for a fun family outing!

General Admission: $12; children under 4 admitted free of charge
Attractions: prices change
Cost of pumpkins: varies
Starts on September 29, 2023
Ends on October 31, 2023.

2. Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch

In the same way, Seasonal Adventures Pumpkin Patch is a terrific spot to visit if you’re looking to discover another ideal pumpkin patch in Nevada! You’re sure to locate the ideal pumpkin in one of the most well-known pumpkin patches in the state!

On their website, they list the following activities:

Carnival rides
Games galore
Train rides
Petting zoo

And an enormous patch of heart-grown pumpkins.Speaking of growth, you have to stop by their place in the winter because they are one of the biggest sellers of Christmas trees! Visit one of the two Nevada locations that are now open.

Free General Admission
Attractions: different
Tickets Price:
1 Ticket: $1 – $1.45
20 Ticket Booklet: $28.00
40 Ticket Booklet: $52.00
Pumpkin Cost: $11-$36.00
Opens: September 29th, 2023
Closes: October 31st, 2023

3. Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch

You don’t need to search any farther for a location with an excellent selection of carnival rides.Remarkably, Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch, which has three locations, has centered its operations around the kids it caters to. Furthermore, one of their locations—the original Halloween Town in Boca Park—is designed to amuse kids between the ages of two and ten.

This place has games that are more appropriate for younger players. There’s a face painting station and a pumpkin decorating section. It’s also known that the rides are scaled back. They don’t qualify as “full-size” rides.

On the other hand, the two other venues cater more to an older audience, with full-size attractions and a scarier ambiance. You’re going to love this pumpkin patch-esque setting that has a carnival vibe to it!

Programs and activity costs differ. To learn more, you can go to their website.

starts on October 5, 2023
Ends on October 31, 2023.

4. Mckee Ranch Foundation

It is indisputable that this is a smaller pumpkin patch that is geared primarily at younger kids. From now on, there will be a petting zoo and pony rides. In addition, you can visit the pumpkin patch and ride a hayride. Remember to visit their corn maze and have your face painted!

They even ask you to pack snacks, but for the animals only! The Mckee Ranch Foundation’s Farm Fun website states that if you would want to help feed the animals in their petting zoo, you should bring carrots and crackers.

General admission costs $25 per family and includes a complimentary pumpkin.
Opening Day: October 1, 2023
Ends on October 31, 2023.

5. Diversiones Uruapan’s Pumpkin Patch Festival

The only pumpkin patch designed with the Latino community in mind is this one. This Pumpkin Patch, which is part of the Silver Nugget Casino in North Las Vegas, has carnival rides, food, games, face painting, music, and pumpkins. You are welcome to join in on the fun at any moment from September 28 to November 5!

Programs and activity costs differ. To learn more, you can go to their website.

Starts on September 28, 2023
Ends on November 5, 2023.

6. Cosmic Pumpkin Patch and the Undead Maze

In a similar vein, this is the place to go if you want a novel experience! Having said that, this location opened its doors for business this year, in 2023. It’s interesting to note that this pumpkin patch is all about space! You may expect a “Extraordinary Family Experience That Takes You On A Journey Beyond The Stars,” says the website of the Cosmos Pumpkin Patch.

Another patch that is more suited for younger children is this one. Without a doubt, their website indicates that children between the ages of 3 and 10 are eligible for their programs.

Additionally, you can experience the thrill of a lifetime by entering their 2,000-square-foot Undead Maze for a little cost of $20.While you wait, please keep a look out for monsters, clowns, and the occasional sound of a chainsaw slicing through the patch!

General admission is $2.00; children under two enter free of charge.
Attractions: prices change
Single Ride: $2.05 ea.
Family Ticket Bundle: $35.00 for 20
Pumpkin Cost: varies
Opens: September 30th, 2023
Closes: October 31st, 2023

7. The Las Vegas Farm and Farm Fall Harvest Festival

You’ll note that a few of the pumpkin patches on this list are also farms. There are events dedicated to this time of year during the fall season. October is when their Farm Fall Harvest Festival takes place.

There are carnival rides, games, sweets, a corn maze, and most importantly, a pumpkin patch, all during this celebration. Specialty gourds and pumpkins from The Farm Experience and The Las Vegas Farm are well-known. In addition to offering a huge assortment of baked goodies! They provide numerous varieties of bread as well as numerous jams to accompany it! This is a spot you have to go if you’re looking for the cuisine of the season!

General admission costs $5 for children under the age of two and $10 for those 13 and above.
Attractions: prices change
Pumpkin Price varies.
starts on October 7, 2023
Ends on October 29, 2023.

8. Corley Ranch

For example, here is a ranch in Nevada that is situated just beneath the Sierra Mountains and has well over 300 acres of pasture area. Recognized for its breathtaking landscapes, the Corley Ranch hosts a variety of events, including bus tours and weddings.

Their Pumpkin Patch, which is open in the fall, is another event that they host. They provide a variety of fall events, including:

Straw maze
Corn maze
Farm animals
Pumpkin patch
Miniature golf
Hay slide
Haywagon ride
Carnival ride called “The Slingshot”
Train rides

With so many activities available, practically everyone may find something they enjoy! A fantastic location to take the whole family!

General Admission:
Weekday: $5.00 per person, children 2 and under free
Weekend: $10.00 per person, children 2 and under free
Attractions: prices vary
Pumpkin Cost: varies
Opens: September 30th, 2023
Closes: October 31st, 2023

9. HalloVeen at the Magical Forest

This organization offers the best foundation out of all the other locations. It began providing services to the community’s disabled members in 1954.In order to achieve this, Opportunity Village offers “arts and social recreation, inclusive housing, workforce development, community employment, and day services.” They can explore independence and community integration, make new acquaintances, realize their dream careers, and follow their creative passions.

To sum up, they organize a number of public events, such as:

The Magical Forest
Las Vegas Great Santa Run

Programs and activity costs differ.To learn more, you can go to their website.

Commences on October 6, 2023
Ends on October 31, 2023.

10. GLP Pahrumpkin Patch

A company that has the highest standards for its fruits and vegetables is Green Life Produce. Thus, “they are highly dedicated to producing the most nutritious and highest quality produce possible” is one of their stated missions on their website.

Having said that, they have a fall festival known as the “Pahrumpkin Patch. “They are hosting a two-day event in October where you are welcome to visit their farm and sample their delectable food. There are pumpkins to pick, carnival rides to ride, activities to pass the time, and food to satisfy your hunger—all with a strong Halloween theme.

They list items like popcorn, apple cider, and hot chocolate on their Facebook event page. in addition to face painting!

Activities have different prices. To learn more, you can go to their website.

Opening Date: October 13, 2023
Terminates on October 14, 2023

11. Gilcrease Orchard

This orchard covers an area of roughly 1,500 acres. They make use of their property for farming, rearing livestock, and gathering produce like pumpkins, apples, and alfalfa! It’s only a small firm that the two brothers founded. Above all, these brothers wished to impart to the society what they had known as children. paying close attention to being able to harvest fresh produce from the vine! or a bush or tree You get the concept, I guess.

They provide seasonal events throughout their Fall Harvest, which is a terrific time to visit! A wagon ride, a corn maze, and apple cider too! Pumpkins too!

Let’s say you are seeking for a location founded on the joys of countless generations. If so, you’ve arrived to the ideal location!

All-Ages Admission:
Weekday: $5 per person; free for kids under five
Weekend rates: $8.00 per person; free for kids under five
Attractions: costs differ
Cost of pumpkins: varies
Starts on September 23, 2023
Ends on October 31, 2023.

Review: Nevada’s 12 Stunning Pumpkin Patches

As you’ve read, there are multiple locations in Nevada that offer Halloween decorations and fall festivities. Your October should be AWESOME with this list! In relation to enjoyment, see our piece about The World’s Biggest Pumpkin!