12 Countries With the Best Food Perfect for Foodies

Do you have a taste for food? Do you have a persistent search for delectable and distinctive meals from other cultures? You need look no farther than our list of the top 12 nations for foodies to find the greatest cuisine.

Food plays a huge role in culture. It’s an excellent method of learning about the culture, language, and history of a nation. There’s no better way to discover a culture than by tasting its different cuisines.


Mexico is a place you will never forget. Almost 129 million people live in this thriving nation in Latin America. You can only imagine how much of Mexico you can explore, given its surface expanse of 761,610 square miles. However, popular dishes differ greatly by location. The cuisines available in Puebla and Guadalajara are different from one another.

Mexico boasts a wide variety of cuisines, perhaps from the blending of indigenous and Spanish cultures. Other than tacos, what other traditional Mexican foods are there? Tamale, mole, pozole, and chapulines are a few of the best Mexican dishes.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, another Spanish-speaking nation, is the next country on our list of nations with the best food ideal for foodies. Although Puerto Rico is officially an unorganised territory of the US, it is very distinct from the US and has a very lively culture. Puerto Rico occupies 3,435 square miles and is home to more than 3 million people.

There are differences in the meals found on the island depending on where you go. For example, you may find mofongo, tostones, fried beef, rice, and beans in almost every restaurant. Fried delicacies like pastelillos, or empanadillas, alcapurias, and papa rellenas, or stuffed fried potatoes, are a staple of any food truck in Puerto Rico.


If you enjoy eating, especially pastries and desserts, you really should travel to France. There are over 64 million people living in this beautiful European nation, which welcomes over 80 million tourists annually. France is roughly 211,208 square miles in size.

French food is tasty but light. Coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon, crème brûlée, and quiche lorraine are a few amazing French foods.


Greece has a lot of tasty and refreshing meals! The nation offers much more than just gyros and souvlaki. Greece is a country in Southeast Europe made up of numerous islands. Greece has a surface area of 50,949 square miles. Greece is home to over 10.4 million inhabitants, but it also welcomes over 20 million tourists annually.

What therefore ought one to eat in Greece? This Mediterranean nation serves delicious pastitsio, baklava, moussaka, fasolatha, and dolmades.


Not just in Vietnam, but all across the world, Vietnamese cuisine is highly favoured. Vietnamese restaurants are not uncommon in the United States. However, Vietnamese cuisine at its best is found in Vietnam! But which dishes, and where? Covering an area of over 127,000 square miles, Vietnam is a sizable nation in Southeast Asia. There are one hundred million people living in this magnificent country!

Hanoi, Hoi An, and Sapa are the greatest cities to visit if you want to try Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine includes xôi, ga den, con sui, bánh mì, and Mì Quảng (Quảng noodles).


Italy is yet another European nation that is a must-see. America’s cuisine has been greatly influenced by Italy. This Mediterranean nation offers several additional speciality foods in addition to its well-known pasta and pizza! Both western and southern Europe contain Italy. The land area of the nation is 116,350 square miles. With a population of almost 58 million, Italy is a popular travel destination. Approximately 50 million tourists visit Italy each year.

What kind of food may gourmets anticipate tasting and seeing in Italy? Try some amazing and memorable dishes including panna cotta, pizza, gelato, casatiello, pasta dishes, and seafood risotto.


Peru is another country on our list of the top places to eat that is ideal for foodies. For gastronomy, many people believe Peru to be among, if not the best countries in the world. Peru is a South American nation of roughly 34 million people that receives over 2 million tourists annually. This stunning nation spans about 500,000 square miles on the surface.

Spanish and indigenous flavours can be found in Peruvian cuisine. The numerous immigrants, particularly the Japanese, have also influenced some of the cuisine. In Peru, you may savour delectable delicacies like ceviche, makis criollos, cau-cau, jalea de mariscos, kamlu wantan, and turrón de Doña Pepa.


The globe is greatly influenced by Japan. Japanese dramas, anime, sushi, and other things have become extremely popular worldwide and are still rising in demand. There are restaurants with an anime theme all around the country, including ones that are based on Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

But there’s much more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi and ramen. You should sample dishes like okonomiyaki, nikuman, and chawanmushi while you’re in Japan.


Nigeria is a fantastic addition to our list of the 15 counties that are ideal for foodies. If you want spicy and flavorful rice meals, this is a terrific place to visit! Nigeria is a West African nation home to about 226 million people. Nigeria has a surface area of 356,669 square miles. Almost a million individuals visit this dynamic nation each year.

Nigerian cuisine is home to some delectable delicacies including fufu, jollof rice, moi moi, pepper soup, edikang ikong soup, and ewa agoyin.


Thailand boasts an amazing culinary scene. Rice, noodles, and tofu are some of the flavorful ingredients in Thai cuisine. The recipes are prepared with fresh veggies and herbs. Nearly 70 million people live in the stunning country of Thailand in Southeast Asia. Thailand covers a surface area of over 200,000 square kilometres. So, what is the annual number of visitors to Thailand? Thailand is a popular travel destination because of its gorgeous historic structures and lush beaches. Thailand had about 11 million visitors in 2022. What then can guests try?

You can enjoy meals like massaman curry, khao soi, hor mok prow awn, and som tam (shredded green papaya salad) while in this culinary-lover’s paradise.


Turkey is the next nation on our list of the top places in the world for foodies to eat. Some of the world’s tastiest and most delectable food may be found in this Middle Eastern nation. You can try thousands of different dishes and variations! Turkey, which lies mostly on the Anatolian Peninsula, is a culturally diverse nation. With a total size of 302,535 square miles, it is inhabited by approximately 85 million individuals. Over 40 million tourists visit this beautiful country each year, primarily to Istanbul. In Turkey, some of the best dishes to taste are imam bayaldi, baba ganoush, guvec, and baklava.

United States

Not to be overlooked is the United States. This vast nation in North America is home to numerous regionally distinct iconic dishes. Not even one visit will do. Every state has a variety of cuisine options, some of which may even differ by city. For example, Cajun and Creole cuisine, as well as Louisiana seafood boils, are well-known. You can have Cuban sandwiches and key lime pie if you visit Florida. Soul cuisine is prevalent in southern states like Georgia and Alabama. Macaroni & cheese, fried catfish, fried okra, red beans and rice, and collard greens are examples of soul food.