12 Awesome Things to Do on Halloween in Salem

5 Tips for Celebrating Halloween in Salem

It’s crucial to bear these suggestions in mind before learning more about Halloween activities in Salem.

Plan Ahead

All year round, Salem is very busy. The region gets extremely wild around Halloween. The majority of hotels and restaurants are also fully booked well in advance of October. As a result, you should begin planning your trip to Salem at least six to twelve months in advance.


If you have little money to spend, avoid going to Salem. When visiting Salem, one should examine their spending plan. You should set aside at least $1000 for your trip, accommodations, and entry to the Salem attractions that you want to see. You should also bring an extra $1000 for food, presents, and activities.

Bring batteries and chargers.

You do not want to miss out on getting any of the priceless moments, whether they involve the scenery, eerie decorations, or entertainment. Because of this, don’t forget to include all of your chargers, camera batteries, and backup power supplies.

Create a Spooky Bucketlist

Bucket lists don’t have to be limited to things you wish to accomplish before dying. Making a spooky bucket list actually can help you accomplish all of your wildest ambitions.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Salem requires a lot of walking, particularly in October. The trolleys can stop running after a certain period because most of the cabs are already packed. As a result, you might want to give up on the fancy shoes and go instead for footwear that is shockproof and won’t cause your feet any harm.

Don’t forget your first aid and medicine kits.

Salem is a lot of fun and has a lot going on. This can also refer to being knocked over by a stray animal, a child in motion, or an unruly adult. As a result, don’t forget to include a first-aid kit and any necessary medications.

Bring Warm Clothes

October in Salem is often warm. However, you might wish to pack warm clothing if you plan to attend Salem in the evening or stay over.

Know Your Environment

Although Salem may not be a large city, it may get congested. You can navigate better by keeping maps and GPS apps on your devices.

Keep kids close by

Salem is not a place where kids may play. It is strongly advised to hold their hand or keep them on a leash while you are moving.

Fun times

Enjoy your trip to Salem most of all. There is a ton of history, enjoyable activities, and memories tremendous be had.

12 Fantastic Activities in Salem

1. Experience Salem’s Best Features

Salem Food and Coffee Tours can be something to dig into if you’re a food blogger, a foodie, or someone who likes to broaden their palate. You’ll discover the history of food and the spice trades in Salem while sampling some unusual meals.

2. Receive an Oracle or Tarot reading

Get a tarot or reading to broaden your consciousness. You can learn how to deal with difficulties and adversity by using tarot and oracle readings. Readings can also help you learn more about your higher self’s more in-depth features.

3. Take a Ghostly Walk

A walking tour of Salem’s ghost history might be for you if you enjoy the supernatural and thrills. The history of witchcraft is also covered on this ghost tour. They also discuss Salem’s militia history during the day if you enjoy war history.

4. Haunted residences

Visit one of Salem’s haunted houses if you enjoy getting goosebumps and chills down your spine. You’ll run into wild clowns, sneaky jesters, and terrifying fairies.

5. Get Magical

You’ll like exploring Salem’s many businesses if you’re interested in metaphysics or witchcraft. There are so many witchy treasures, from buying a stone to aid in self-love to buying a new book on the various pagan ways, to banishing bad luck.

6. Tour of Witches and Seafarers

This tour is for you if you like witches, pirates, and sailors. You’ll pick up some fantastic gifts to take home while learning about the history of witchcraft and pirate legends.

7. Go on a ghostly boat tour

Salem not only offers some of the country’s spookiest ghost tours, but it also offers a special boat excursion that you may go on. It is better to leave the children in bed because this tour is only open to adults. Allow the tour guides to frighten you with fascinating ghost stories as you immerse yourself in Salem’s history.

8. Hocus Pocus Movies and More Tour

Visit the area where movies like Bewitched, The Crucible, and Hocus Pocus were shot. The statues and spots on the property can also be photographed. Additionally, you’ll learn about the horrific background of the Salem Witch Trials.

9. Visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Visit the Old Burying Point Cemetery to see the remains of the witches who were cruelly tortured to death. One of America’s most chaotic and pointless instances of evil making history was the Salem Witch Trials. At least 19 Salem Witch Trials victims were interred at the Memorial. Sadly, a 4-year-old who was labeled a witch was one among the unfortunate events’ victims.

You’ll be happy to know that there have been reports of sight-goers coming face to face with the infamous and despised judge of the Salem Witch Trials if you’re a ghost hunter. After you’ve finished your ghost tour, choose from a variety of delectable food and beverage selections.

10. Visit the Colonial Revival Garden

In the Colonial Revival Garden, you can find calm and peace. You’ll find a variety of tranquil and vibrant flowers that horticulture specialist Suzanne Gentiluomo planted and created. Her goal was to capture and replicate a garden suitable for commerce in the 18th century.

11. Dance With a Vampire

The Endless Night Vampire Ball should be attended. You’ll dance with immortals, enjoy some delectable foods, and engage in relaxing tea ceremonies the next day. Additionally, you’ll meet up with old pals while making new ones.

12. Drink and Trick

An annual trick-or-treat event is held a few miles outside of Salem. This event is for you if you enjoy sampling delectable cocktails while enjoying Halloween. Additionally, this event lasts for three days, during which time you can visit three different bars and receive discounts on drinks with a Halloween theme.