11 Things to Certainly Do Before Your Next SSB Interview

SSB Interviews happen throughout the year. Batches after batches reporting and going through the procedure. And at the endonly a few finally making it through. There are candidates I have seen who don’t even know the full form of SSB while they report. As a responsible candidate, it’s your responsibility too to do some things before your next SSB Interview.

1. Make a Time Table:

Make sure you recognize the tests in SSB inside out and make a time-table, religiously following it till you depart.

2. Buy appropriate dresses:

All the dresses and material that need to be carried should be taken care of in advance. Don’t panic yourself at the last moment as it can cause you for your result.

3. Get to know the OLQs:

I suggest remembering the OLQs by heart and identifying which OLQ you’re applying in daily life. If there’s some approach towards an activity, like a general discussion together with your friends, try to include as many OLQs as possible in it.

4. Take all the signs and attest your documents:

With your SSB call letter comes a long list of documents that you simply got to bring. Follow it by heart as even if one document is missing, you’ll be sent back. So keep original and Xerox and attested copies available in plenty. don’t mess up YOUR PAPERWORK.

5. Physical Fitness:

A part in your time table should be to exercise daily for about an hour. this is often to make you fit and can assist you during your GTO tasks.

6. GK and Current Affairs:

Start reading English newspapers immediately . Follow National, international and trending news. this may assist you increase your vocabulary and knowledge base. Also, you’ll brush upon your knowledge of basic science, general knowledge and current affairs of the last six months.

7. Why do you want to join the forces:

This is the universal and ultimate question that the Interviewer will ask you in your interview. Take some time and prepare an original and natural answer to it. Don’t lie in this question. Write down all the explanations to join – pay, allowances, adventures and all. And choose the most effective from them.

8. Polish Speaking Skills:

Speaking skills are utmost necessary while giving interview, in GD, GPE and Lecturette. It also forms for one among the foremost highly trainable OLQs – Power of Expression. Keep a track on the words you use in expressing your feelings so on sound sober.

9. Be Positive:

SSB testing revolves around the test of your personality in optimism in extreme cases. The words you use while speaking, your body language and the way calm are you able to be in pessimistic cases can show your optimism. this may also boost your confidence and provides you an enlightened approach.

10. Make yourself mentally prepared for the climate:

Unfortunately, the climate where you were to report for the SSB could be different from where you come from. If you go from Hyderabad to Allahabad or Dehradun in these months, you’ll have a hard time to acclimatize to its winter. So, do your research properly and take appropriate clothing with you for the journey and also the stay. you need to adapt quickly to the climate there, so, you need to be in a good physical condition.

11. Have in-depth knowledge about the following:

Have detailed knowledge about the common topics like your academics (technical and non-technical) India, Current Affairs, History, the service you would like to join – Army, Navy or Air Force, etc. you’ll hands down expect questions from these topics from both – interviewer and GTO.


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