11 Best Cat Toys You Can Buy for Less than $5

Enjoying daily playtime with your pet cat is one of the finest things about owning one. Considering how much of their time is spent napping and relaxing, it’s very exciting to watch a cat swoop across furniture or take down a plush mouse. But, keeping a supply of new toys on hand for your cat to play with (or ignore entirely, considering their particular preferences) may be costly. Discover the top 11 cat toys that cost less than $5 by reading on. A lot of these inexpensive cat toys may be constructed with everyday home objects, which will help you keep your cat occupied, engaged, and healthy.

1. Wand Toy

Being hunters, cats have a strong inclination to stalk and jump. Cats may exhibit their predatory tendencies with wand toys, keeping your hands safe from their sharp claws. A wood or plastic rod with ribbons, feathers, or a thread linked to a ball, cork, or other small object is the basic component of this kind of cat toy.

To start, gently drag the ribbons or feathers down the ground to attract your cat’s attention. Another option is to poke the feathers out from behind a corner or beneath a piece of furniture. You may encourage your cat to jump by waving the wand toy in the air as they begin to chase and jump on it.

2. Ball of Paper

Try throwing a piece of paper to your cat instead of throwing it away the next time you wad it up. It’s likely that your cat would merrily whack at the ball, launching it across the room so they may pursue it. After a little while, they might grow bored and hide the paper under some furniture until a later time.

3. Stuffed Toys

Look for tiny stuffed toys from dollar or grocery stores if you want to offer your cat something they can bite onto. Cats prefer to hunt mice and birds, and little plush toys mimic these kinds of prey. Cats can bite and kick to their heart’s delight when they have stuffed toys. You can make your own stuffed cat toys by sewing, knitting, or crocheting if you’re crafty. However, as soon as the toys’ stuffing becomes visible, make sure to replace or fix them.

4. The Catnip Mouse

Nepetalactone, found in catnip, is a plant that makes many cats friskily happy or relaxedly euphoric. Your cat can be pampered and encouraged to play with affordable toy mice that are filled with catnip. The active element in catnip is released when a cat bites, chews, or swats at a stuffed mouse. However, only around half of cats react well to catnip.

5. Yarn Ball

You are probably aware of how much cats enjoy playing with yarn if you knit or crochet. The balls roll around on the floor, attracting cats who love to run after them. Their soft texture makes it easy for cats to bite and scratch at them. Make sure your cat isn’t attempting to eat or chew the loose ends of any yarn they are playing with by keeping a watch on it. Look for balls or skeins of yarn in the craft section of your neighborhood thrift store to find inexpensive cat toys.

6. Christmas Balls

Certain cats become obsessed with tiny plastic balls that have bells. Cats seem to whack them much harder as they roll across the floor, making a jingle-jangle sound. Usually, dollar stores and grocery stores have these inexpensive toys. Remember that in order to avoid being awakened by the noises of fun at midnight, you might wish to store these toys away in the evening.

7. Play a Video

Try streaming a nature video online to give your cat a change of pace. Certain cats get really excited when they see representations of animals they would normally pursue, such birds and bunnies, on TVs or computer displays. In the event that your cat tries to swat at an animal, make sure your laptop or TV is safe!

8. Box made of cardboard

Cats are known for their fondness of empty cardboard boxes, which makes them either famous or infamous. When the delivery arrives the following time, place the empty box down and watch how long it takes your cat to jump in. You can tease them from over the top edge of the box after they’re inside with a wand toy. Alternatively, you could make a unique play area for your cat by including some of their favorite toys or a small amount of catnip in the box.

9. Paper Bag

Some cats seem to have a specific attraction to paper bags. They provide cats with a fresh spot to curl up in addition to making a crinkly sound that some cats find amusing. When your cat is inside a paper bag, you can play with them by dragging a wand toy over the edge for them to swat and bite at. To save your cat from being tangled in the handles of the bag, make sure to cut them off.

10. The tube for toilet paper

It’s ideal to offer your cats the empty cardboard tube, even if some may play contentedly with a full roll of toilet paper, twisting the roll until it’s entirely empty. While some cats are content with a simple tube, you may add some interest by inserting a tiny bell and sealing the ends. As an alternative, you may make a cheap cat toy for your cat to chase and gnaw on by adding ribbons or plastic drinking straws to the end.

11. Laser Pointer

Grab a laser pointer from the grocery store to get your cat to race around the house with minimal assistance from you. These inexpensive cat toys shine a red dot on any surface they are pointed at. Many cats find it impossible to stop pursuing the red dot over furniture and across the floor. Your cat will be encouraged to exercise a lot with this toy. Never aim the laser directly in your cat’s face, and make sure you’re not guiding them into hazardous areas while they chase the dot.