10 Ways to Celebrate Your First Thanksgiving as Married Couple

You will have many “firsts” as a newlywed couple and have plenty of choices to make, not the least of which will be where to spend your first Thanksgiving. You might have even talked about this when planning your engagement and wedding.

So, how do you two intend to mark your first Thanksgiving together?

Your choice will probably be influenced by your unique personal circumstances, such as the proximity of your parents’ respective homes and the strength of your bond with them. Some couples will find this decision to be simple, while others might need to consider their possibilities.

On Thanksgiving, what should couples do?

Families and loved ones get together to celebrate their blessings on Thanksgiving. This may be a unique chance for couples to establish new rituals and deepen their relationship.

Cooking a meal together, throwing a dinner party for close friends, helping out at a local food bank or charity, going on a romantic trek or nature walk, watching football, or viewing holiday movies are some common Thanksgiving activities for couples.

Couples can also express their gratitude to one another in writing or by exchanging meaningful presents. The ultimate aim is to spend quality time with each other and make memorable experiences that will last for years to come.

Here are a few helpful questions for you to answer

Are you having trouble deciding how to spend your first Thanksgiving? Let us decide what works best for you once you respond to these straightforward questions.

What are your top priorities for family gatherings?

Thanksgiving presents a wonderful chance for couples to establish new traditions. You all need to be open and honest about what matters most to you personally. Possibly, whereas your spouse’s family goes all out with the customary meal for Thanksgiving, your family doesn’t make much of a fuss.

It’s possible that you two would much rather spend time alone laying the groundwork for your marriage and your own unique family traditions. You are prepared for the following question once you have clarity over your own personal priorities.

What are your parents’ thoughts on your plans?

Happy first Thanksgiving, newlyweds! Perhaps both of your parents have already begun to express their desire for you to spend this special day with them.

Or maybe there isn’t any pressure at all, and they’re letting you make your own decisions. In either case, talk to your parents to get their thoughts and what they anticipate from you.

What logistics are involved?

This inquiry is intended to gauge how far you are from both of your relatives.

If you live in the same city, it makes things much easier, but many couples find themselves far from their parents, and travel expenses as well as the time it would take to travel back and forth would need to be taken into consideration.

What choices do you have?

After giving these items some thought, you should be able to identify a few possibilities that might work for you and your spouse to celebrate your first Thanksgiving together. One of them could be switching between your families, spending time with one this year and the other the following.

If they are nearby, you may split the day between one family and the other. Or you could think about having both families over to your house.

What is your final decision?

You must come to a decision that is acceptable to both of you after outlining all of your possibilities. Whatever choice you make, keep in mind that because you two are now married, your relationship with your spouse comes first.

Ten suggestions for enjoying your first Thanksgiving together as husband and wife

Thanksgiving is a memorable occasion to thank your lucky stars and spend time with your loved ones. The first Thanksgiving a couple spends together as husband and wife is an exciting time to start new traditions and start a life together.

Ten original and healthy ways to spend your first Thanksgiving as a married couple are listed below:

1. Organize a Thanksgiving dinner gathering.

Invite your closest family and friends over, then prepare a meal as a couple. This is a wonderful opportunity to show off your culinary prowess and create priceless memories.

2. Help out at a neighborhood food bank

Giving to charity can be a wonderful addition to a couple’s Thanksgiving rituals. On Thanksgiving Day, several localities provide chances to assist at a food bank or soup kitchen. Giving back together as a couple may be gratifying and meaningful.

3. Go on a beautiful hike.

Spend some time together in nature and take a break from the hectic Thanksgiving preparations. Take a lovely hike while taking in the breathtaking fall foliage and cool air.

4. Create a gratitude jar

Make it emotional; it’s your first Thanksgiving as husband and wife. Spend some time together reflecting on the blessings from the previous year and listing them on slips of paper. These words of appreciation should be collected and read aloud on Thanksgiving.

5. Host a Friendsgiving

By bringing friends over, you may make your first Thanksgiving as a couple a memorable occasion. If you and your spouse live far from your family, you might want to host a Friendsgiving gathering with your closest friends. Enjoy one other’s company and a dinner that is brought by everyone.

6. Attend a local Thanksgiving parade

Thanksgiving parades featuring floats, marching bands, and other celebrations are held in many localities. Together, attend one of these events to celebrate the season.

7. Have a movie marathon

Watch all of your favorite holiday movies in one sitting while cuddling up with your spouse. Together, enjoy the day by popping some popcorn and relaxing on the couch.

8. Make a fresh recipe.

Try a new recipe together to change up your Thanksgiving feast. Making a new meal together may be a creative and pleasant task.

9. Arrange a weekend vacation

Plan a romantic retreat as a pair over the long weekend to take advantage of the long weekend. Go on a wine tasting tour, explore a new city, or just chill and unwind as a couple. It might be a wonderful way to spend your first Thanksgiving together as husband and wife.

10. Express gratitude to one another through letters.

If you have ever gone to professional or inexpensive marriage counseling, you are aware of how crucial it is to show your partner your appreciation.

For your first Thanksgiving as a married couple, consider keeping things traditional. Spend some time considering how your marriage has improved your life, then express your gratitude to them in a letter. On Thanksgiving Day, read these letters out loud to one another.

Creating a wonderful Thanksgiving for your first time

Your first Thanksgiving as a married couple can be celebrated in a variety of unique and customary ways.

The most crucial thing is to spend quality time with your spouse and take stock of the good things that have happened over the last year, whether you decide to throw a dinner party for family and friends, work at a food bank, or simply enjoy a cozy day together.

You may begin constructing a life together that is brimming with love, pleasure, and gratitude by starting new rituals and establishing enduring memories. Happy Thanksgiving, newlyweds, at last!