10 Top Places to Raise a Family in Louisiana

Numerous factors influence the decision of where to live in the United States. You should live in a city where you can comfortably and reasonably afford to live first and foremost. Additionally, you should live in a city with a wide variety of activities.

While some states, like New York, offer vibrant city life, other states, like California, enjoy access to the Pacific Ocean. Raising a family in one state as opposed to another may be the better decision. Ultimately, a state such as Louisiana is taken into account due to numerous factors that contribute to its appeal as a place to live.

Here is a list of Louisiana’s top 10 places to raise a family along with an explanation of the factors to take into account. We’ll also examine factors like cost, family-friendly activities, crime rates, and distinctive features of Louisiana.

1. Lafayette, LA

The first city on this list that you will come across is Lafayette. Ultimately, this city is interesting since it offers a plethora of interesting sites to see and thrilling activities to do. If you wish to show your family some historical structures, the Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist is a great place to start.

A great place to combine fun and learning with your children is the Children’s Museum of Academy. Ultimately, a plethora of engaging activities, such as role-playing grocery store food purchases, seeing the Louisiana Cultural Center, and running a bubble factory, let kids learn about the real world while having a great time.

The population of Lafayette is over 121,000. According to Niche, the superbs score highly in terms of family life. Youngsville, Erath, and Delcambre are, in the end, the best neighborhoods in this city. The average cost of a house in the neighborhood is $227,400, whilst the average monthly rent is $1,350. High standards are also observed in the neighboring schools.

2. Mandeville, LA

The following city on this list is Mandeville. Notably, this city offers a tranquil and serene environment to its more than 13,000 residents. Mandeville offers a range of entertaining activities, including Pelican Park and Fontainebleau State Park.

At Fontainebleau State Park, activities include bicycling, boating, camping, glamping, and canoeing. There are therefore a ton of entertaining activities you may do with your family. Pelican Park is a recreational facility with 32 sporting fields accessible for use. There are loads of activities to do there. The park also has multiple gyms, a skate park, and a dog park.

Niche reports that a median property in Mandeville costs $323,200 on average, while the average monthly rent is $1,219 there. In addition, Neighborhood Scout reports that Mandeville has a considerably lower crime rate than similar towns in the state. One of the things that makes Mandeville one of the greatest places in Louisiana to raise a family is this.

3. Pineville, LA

Pineville comes in at number nine on this list for a few reasons. To begin with, your family won’t want to miss the Gone Wild Safari. Discovering all that this place has to offer in terms of activities and wildlife is something your entire family will enjoy. Finally, some of the animals you might come across are giraffes and zebras. There’s also a bull or an ostrich in sight.

There is also motorboat racing in Pineville. If you want to have some fun on the water, nothing is better than taking the family on an adventure.

Pineville is a tiny city that is suitable for families. Ultimately, it has a very family-friendly culture and a community that looks out for one another. Pineville is among the best places in Louisiana to raise a family.

4. Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles, Louisiana, is the next place on our list. Ultimately, your first thing to do when visiting Lake Charles should be to check out an indoor play gym. Kids can push themselves to the limit and learn how well they can explore physical fitness at We Rock the Spectrum.

Play a round of mini golf with the family at Putt Putt of Lake Charles. Additionally, there is an arcade area with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Other yearly themed events, such as the Fall Fest Vendor Market on November 5, take place in Lake Charles. Finally, Niche came to the conclusion that Lake Charles offers a suburban setting, and that the public schools and housing both scored Bs. It’s one of the best places in Louisiana to live.

5. Alexandria, LA

The next city on our list is Alexandria. Make sure to start your family’s visit to this city at the Alexandria Zoo. Seeing fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and mammals is amazing. You can see animals like bobcats and black bears. In addition to honoring Earth Day, the Alexandria Zoo also throws a big Mardi Gras celebration with cake for you and your families.

Another fun thing to do with your family is to explore the Tree House Children’s Museum. Ultimately, there are shows to see and events to go to. Fridays at the end of each month are dedicated to creating and building bridges with families.

According to Best Places, Alexandria has a cost of living that is 15.6% less than the national average. It was ranked favorably in the healthcare category as well. Alexandria is among the greatest places in Louisiana to raise a family.

6. Gonzales, LA

Do you know Gonzales at all? If not, you certainly should learn more about it! Discovery Cove Park is the first location you should go if you want to have a good time with your family. The park is well-maintained and situated in a pleasant region.

But if you want to indulge your family with the tastiest food, Gonzales is the place to go! Steve Juneau was so taken by the food that he proclaimed the city to be the “Jumbalaya capital of the world” in 1967. Gonzales has since hosted the Jambalaya Festival. Every year, the festival is a fun-filled family affair.

Niche gave Gonzales a B+ in public school and a B in housing. As such, it’s an excellent place to move your family. If you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood with top-notch restaurants and schools, Gonzales is the best place to visit.

7. Sulphur, LA

This list’s previous highlight was Lake Charles. But there are more reasons to take your family to Sulphur than just that. You must go to Sulphur to see a striking site like the Creole Nature Trail.

Along the Creole Nature Trail, you and your family can discover marshes, a variety of birds, and alligators. There are also numerous beaches, fishing holes, and hunting grounds. The road provides the family with a wealth of options and experiences.

Sulphur is the perfect little town to call home. Niche voters, who highlight its advantages for families, housing, and public families, give it an overall B-score. Best Places included the affordable cost of living and the recent growth in employment as reasons to think about moving here.

8. Zachary, LA

We have arrived at number three. Ultimately, Zachary possesses many admirable traits. The first thing that comes to mind is the Zachary Community Farmer’s Market. It’s amazing that you can get fresh produce directly from farms when you visit this market on a Saturday. There’s also an auto display on the second Saturday of every month.

There’s also a Zachary Youth Park where your kids can engage in a calendar of events. Kids can also practice their athleticism and keep a healthy lifestyle by joining Zachary’s young baseball and softball teams.

Niche gives Zachary excellent marks and ranks it as one of the best places to live in the state. Additionally, they give public schools an A+ grade. On the website, housing is rated a B+ overall and an A- for families. For this reason, it’s one of the greatest places in Louisiana to raise a family.

9. Shreveport, LA

The second city on my list is a fascinating one. The best place to start is actually the Shreveport Aquarium. The aquarium’s best features are the sharks and stingrays. The fact that birthday parties may be organized here is incredible.

The Gardens of the American Rose Center are a beautiful place to visit. First thing you’ll notice are the wonderful walking pathways. A kids’ playground with entertaining and educational activities for kids of all ages is located within the garden.

There are lots of things to do in Shreveport. But, in the main, you presumably want to know about the level of living. Move Junction highlighted Shreveport’s strong economy, reasonable cost of living, and top-notch public schools.

10. Baton Rouge, LA

If you want to raise a family in Louisiana, Baton Rouge is the ideal area to live. When making housing decisions, your family’s educational history is often the first thing you consider. Consequently, you ought to consider it as Louisiana State University is situated in Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge is affordable. Moreover, the typical resident gave it a Niche rating of 3.5 out of 5. The people and attractions of the city are the primary reasons for Niche users’ enjoyment.

Still, why would you move your family here? Ultimately, Baton Rouge combines all the amenities of a large city with a small-town atmosphere. Additionally, it provides a selection of first-rate suburbs, such as A-rated Prairieville and Inniswold on specialization. It enables you to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town while still having the convenience of living close to a big city. For this reason, it deserves a place on the list of best places in Louisiana to raise a family.