10 Things You Must Take Care of at SSB Interview

Be careful to not contradict any of your responses anywhere, for doing so you need to be truthful, so that you don’t contradict yourself in Psych, Interview or GTO. Are you going for SSB interview, if yes, you would like to know 10 things you must take care of at SSB. Without writing much let’s come directly to the point. Here is a quick list of 10 things that you must take care of at the SSB Interview.

  1. Go prepared, nothing will be achieved without preparations, gone are those days when SSB’s were almost going and doing everything as it came. SO go with full preparations.
  2. Don’t be a robot of the coaching you’re taught in, apply your own brain and don’t act consistent with mugged up things.
  3. Take care of your dress up, wear only what you’re supposed to wear, follow the dress codein fact these things don’t fetch you marks but it gives your personality a decent outlook.
  4. Follow the principles in all tasks, once you break any don’t hesitate to admit. Honesty is the most significant quality of an officer.
  5. Writing mugged up responses in psychological tests will get easily caught. Let your imagination run wild. Write what you see and imaginethey need to see your thoughts.
  6. Be careful to not contradict any of your responses anywhere, for doing so you would like to be truthful, in order that you don’t contradict yourself in Psych, Interview or GTO.
  7. SSB is all about ‘Manasa, Vacha and Karmana’, you would like to be one person, and hence your thoughts, actions and words should be an equivalent . So keep this in mind.
  8. Do not hear and believe in any rumor and also not spread any.
  9. A good leader knows the way to preserve his/her own life also so don’t try to do anything (in GTO) which can end in hurting yourself physically and thus disqualifying you from going any further within the SSB.
  10. Remain enthusiastic and a cheerful person. a gloomy face is generally not admired by many.

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