10 Tallest Buildings in Wisconsin

Wisconsin isn’t recognized for being a center for global commerce or for housing expansive metropolises. The Badger State lacks really tall skyscrapers as a result of these reasons and its abundance of space. However, the state does feature a few fairly tall structures. See the top ten tallest structures in Wisconsin to learn more about them, including their locations and heights!

10. Milwaukee City Hall
Height 353 feet
Location Milwaukee

Milwaukee City Hall is the first structure on our list of Wisconsin’s tallest structures. This 353-foot-tall building is located in Milwaukee. When Milwaukee City Hall was completed in 1895, it stood as the highest structure in the city for eight decades. Located in the eastern section of the city, the skyscraper comprises fifteen stories. This place is not too far west of the Milwaukee River.

9. Kilbourne Tower:
Height: 380 feet;

Kilbourne Tower has a height of 380 feet. Kilbourne Tower has 33 stories, in contrast to Milwaukee City Hall, which derived a large portion of its height from a tower. Situated at 923 East Kilbourn Avenue, this residential tower boasts a modern architectural style. There are 74 condo apartments in the building. This tower is close to Lake Michigan and Juneau Park.

8. 7Seventy7 Building
Height 387 feet
Location Milwaukee

The height of the 7Seventy7 Building is 387 ft. The building is located in Milwaukee at 777 North Van Buren Street. The residential structure is 35 stories tall, with 10 parking levels, 24 apartment floors, and a variety of amenities. The building’s original plans called for 34 stories, however in 2016 those plans were modified. The building was constructed in August 2018 and March 2016. The Kilbourne Tower is not distant from the building.

7. Northwestern Mutual North Tower      
Height 395 feet
Location Milwaukee

With 19 stories, the Northwestern Mutual North Tower soars to a height of 395 feet. Like every other building on this list, this one is located in Milwaukee and opened its doors in 1990. To be more precise, this building’s address is 818 E Mason Street.

The original architecture of the building was based on postmodern design. On the other hand, the structure is undergoing extensive renovations and development. October 2023 saw the start of construction on the new building, and the $500 million restoration project is expected to cost much more.

6. 411 East Wisconsin Center
Height 408 feet
Location Milwaukee

Standing at 408 East Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, the structure is quite tall. This 30-story commercial office building has 654,165 square feet of space overall. Built by laborers, the structure was inaugurated in 1985. The building has since accommodated a wide range of enterprises. The 7Seventy7 Building and Kilbourne Tower are both nearby the building in the East Town district.

5. Associated Bank River Center
Height 426 feet
Location Milwaukee

The height of the Associated Bank River Center is 426 feet. Milwaukee is the location of this building, just like the others on this list. There are a total of 28 floors in this building. This 1988-opened commercial office building has a contemporary architectural style. The Milwaukee River and Kilbourne Tower are both somewhat close to the structure, which has the address 111 East Kilbourn Avenue.

4. University Club Tower     
Height 446 feet
Location Milwaukee

Measuring 446 feet in height, University Club Tower is only 20 feet higher than the previous entry on the list. This building opened its doors in 2007, hence it is relatively new. The address of this 36-story residential building is 825 North Prospect Ave. In addition to a gym and parking garage, the building offers several amenities to its diverse residentele.

3. 100 East Wisconsin    
Height 549 feet
Location Milwaukee

Just one foot separates 100 East Wisconsin, the third-tallest skyscraper in Wisconsin, from the building in second place. The building, also known as the Faison Building, is located near a number of the other structures on the list. Completing its construction in 1989, 100 East Wisconsin comprises 37 stories. It has been used as an office building ever since. By 2026, though, the skyscraper will have 350 units.

2. Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons    
Height 550 feet
Location Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons is a 550-foot-tall structure. This building faces the Northwestern Mutual North Building directly across the street. The building was first opened in August 2017; groundbreaking took place in 2014. Northwestern Mutual is housed in the tall structure that is used for office space. The building is among a number of other structures on this list; its address is 805 E Mason St, Milwaukee, WI.

1. U.S. Bank Center  
Height 601 feet
Location Milwaukee

In Wisconsin, the U.S. Bank Center stands as the highest structure. At 601 feet tall, this edifice towers over the next-tallest building in the state by a whopping 51 feet. This 42-story skyscraper first opened for business in 1973. There are 1,077,607 square feet of offices in the building. This building, like the most of the other entries on this list, is situated in the East Town area at 777 East Wisconsin Avenue.

Highlights of the Tallest Buildings in Wisconsin:

Building Height
U.S. Bank Center 601 feet
Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons 550 feet
100 East Wisconsin 549 feet
University Club Tower 446 feet
Associated Bank River Center 426 feet
411 East Wisconsin 408 feet
Northwestern Mutual Tower 395 feet
7Seventy7 Building 387 feet
Kilbourne Tower 380 feet
Milwaukee City Hall 353 feet