10 States that Get the Most December Snow

A snowy Christmas is a holiday that many people long to celebrate. In certain states, where snowfall occurs every year, people discover an outdoor winter wonderland when they wake up on Christmas morning. The following ten states provide unique locations to witness snowfall in December.

New Hampshire

Some areas of New Hampshire may receive a lot of snowfall in December. Depending on where you live in the state, New Hampshire has rather different average snowfall amounts in December. The northern part of the state receives an average of 47.7 inches on Mount Washington. But just 8.9 inches fall in the southern parts of the state, close to Durham.


Maine is one of the states that experiences snowfall each year. The first snowfalls in northern Maine usually occur in October. Snow usually does not arrive in Southern Maine until December. On Christmas morning, there is a 60% probability of seeing snow on the ground. While Maine is expected to see snow in December, the state has its heaviest snowstorms in February and March. Blizzards that struck Maine in February and March of 1717 left two to six feet of snow in their wake.


Michigan receives its annual snowfall in December, out of all the states that see snowfall each year. Nonetheless, February and March get the most amazing amounts of snowfall. Additionally, the months with the greatest consecutive snowfall are February and March. The biggest snowfall to ever hit Michigan occurred in 1913, with wind gusts reaching 90 mph, hurricane-force winds. In Michigan, there were consistently winds of 60 to 70 mph.


The majority of states that experience snowfall each year get it around February and March. Nonetheless, January sees the highest snowfall totals in Washington. Seattle received 20 inches of snow in January of 1950. For the remainder of the month, it snowed every day, covering Seattle with 57.2 inches of icy white powder.


Idaho may surprise you among the states that receive snowfall every winter in that, in 1949, Eastern Idaho saw 13 weeks of extreme cold and an abundance of snow. That was a lethal winter. Heavy winter snows fell on Idaho in December 1997, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported.


Montana is one of the states that receives snowfall every year; they can receive up to 49 inches (3 feet) of powder there. Like many other states, Montana experiences its worst snowstorms in February or March rather than December. In February of 1986, Montana saw its worst snowstorm ever. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that 853 inches of snow fell at the Silver Gate location of the Log Cabin Cafe during the winter of 2022–2023.


California is hardly the first state that comes to mind when considering states that experience snowfall each year. Beach volleyball, bikinis, and pleasant weather are all prevalent in California during the Christmas season. That is accurate for the state’s southern regions. On the other hand, areas like Big Bear Lake, Truckee, and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Ranges have snowfall every year.


Alaska leads the states that receive snowfall every winter in terms of snowfall totals, number of snowfall days in a row, and low temperatures that keep the snow from melting. Alaska has colder weather earlier than the other states. In Kethcikan, October brings the first snow flurries. Alaska experienced its largest snowfall in October 1925. In October, Alaska usually receives 8.8 inches of snow, but on that particular October day, they received 15 inches in a single day.

The Wyoming

In Wyoming, snowfall in December is more common at higher elevations. This is accurate for the majority of states that see winter snowfall. The state experienced its worst snowfall in January 1949. Twelve people were killed in Wyoming, one in South Dakota, seven in Colorado, and twenty in Nebraska by the storm, which also left 12 to 40 inches of snowfall and hurricane-force winds of 73 mph. In January, Wyoming typically receives four to eight inches of snowfall.


Oregon is the least likely state to be ranked top on the list of all the states that receive snowfall every winter. This is due to the fact that snowfall occurs in some areas of Oregon so infrequently that most locals can enumerate the number of times they have ever seen snow. However, some Oregonians receive up to several feet or many inches of snowfall each year.

10. New Hampshire

New Hampshire typically receives a lot of snowfall in December. December snowfall occurs in much of the southern part of the state two to five days out of the month. December sees 19.7 days on Mount Washington with an average of 47.7 inches (3.97 feet) of snowfall. In December 2020, Danbury experienced 48 inches of snowfall in a single day. Every year, 174.35 inches of snow fall on New Hampshire.

9. The Maine

If you want to see snow in December, you can go to Maine. In December, Maine typically receives between 9 and 28 inches of snowfall. Every December, Rangeley experiences 14 days of snowfall on average. Additionally, Rangeley receives the state’s deepest annual snowfall. There is a 7% chance that people in Maine will get 12 inches or more of snow on Christmas morning. Every year, 92 inches of snow fall on Maine.

8. Michigan

In Michigan, the average December snowfall ranges from 4 to 31 inches. While Tahquamenon State Park and other parts of the upper peninsula have seen as much as 42.7 inches of snowfall in December, the Grand Rapids area usually receives 20.8 inches. In Michigan, the number of consecutive days with snowfall varies: four days in Dearborn and Adrian, and 17.4 days in Sault Ste. Marie. Every year, Michigan receives 70.38 inches of snow.

7. Washington

December brings skiers the thrill of fresh snow. In Washington, there is about one to three inches of snowfall in December. It’s hit or miss in Washington in December when it snows. In Leavenworth, 32.4 inches of snow fall falls on average in December. But the average is zero in Aberdeen, Grayland, and Long Beach. With seven inches of snow falling from December 8 through Christmas Day, 1990 was a white Christmas in Western Washington. Every year, Washington receives 20.18 inches of snow.

6. Idaho

97% of the time, there is snow on the ground on Christmas in Ketchum, Idaho. Idaho receives anywhere from 4 to 33 inches of snowfall on average in December. Every year, Idaho receives 25.17 inches of snow. Storms from the Pacific Coast hit Idaho, causing the mountain ranges to receive more precipitation. Snow is produced when precipitation is cooled by wintertime temperatures.

5. Montana

between 4 and 45 inches Every year, 49.81 inches of snow fall on Montana. However, January through March is when they receive the most snowfall. The Rocky Mountains in the western part of the state see a lot of snowfall. Only about 20 inches of snow fall, on average, fall in the eastern portion of the state each year. People who live in Montana are used to road closures lasting several days due to blizzards and storms. In Montana, January is the snowiest month.

4. The Golden State

In Truckee, California, there is 38.3 to 45 inches of snowfall in December. An average of 0.88 inches of snow falls on this state each year. California is one of the last states that comes to mind in December when you think about snow. On the other hand, Lassen National Park receives 55 feet of snowfall annually. In years when Lake Helen experiences a lot of snowfall, that figure increases to 83 feet.

3. Alaska

Snow accumulations in December range from an average of 8.1′′ on Anette Island to 70.5′′ in Valdez. In this state, October is the snowiest month, though it can snow in some parts of Alaska as early as May. Alaska receives 160 inches of snowfall every year. The state’s residents are accustomed to snowfall for eight months of the year. They are aware, though, that for a few years snow has fallen every month. Residents do not take snow days off; instead, they learn to cope with the abundance of the chilly, white powder. They see apple-sized snowflakes.

2. Colorado

In December, Wyoming typically receives between six and sixty-four inches of snow. Compared to other parts of the state, Yellowstone Park’s South Entrance experiences more days with continuous snowfall and a higher amount of snow accumulation every December. Snowfall occurs at the South Entrance of Yellowstone around eighteen days out of the month in December. Every year, Wyoming receives 77.33 inches of snow.

1, Oregon

December brings two to ninety inches of snow to Crater Lake, Oregon. One of the states with completely nonexistent snowfall in some places and tremendous amounts in others is Oregon. But the reason it is the top state on our list is that the areas of the state that get snow every December get a ton of it. While Oregon does not typically experience severe winter weather, in 2008 the state was slammed by a blizzard that left behind 30 inches of snow. People enjoyed a rare white Christmas from Portland, Oregon, to the Willamette Valley.