10 Recent AFSB Interview Questions

10 Recent AFSB Interview Questions: Candidates can observe the 10 ongoing AFSB inquiries questions which have been asked at AFSB during the individual meeting. These inquiries are posed according to the current issues, news connected with the Indian aviation based armed forces and its new arrangements.

Applicants who will go to the AFSB sooner rather than later should answer these 10 ongoing AFSB inquiries questions. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue about the response of these new AFSB inquiries questions, you can google something very similar to get the definite articles.

Notwithstanding, we propose every one of the up-and-comers who are going to AFSB interview, to hone their present undertakings and general information.

10 Recent AFSB Interview Questions:

  1. What will be your contribution to IAF after becoming an officer?
  2. What are the types of RADARS used by IAF?
  3. If you are doing a job, what problems do you face? and how you tackle them?
  4. What are FGFA and MRCA? In what category Tejas will come?
  5. Tell 10 features of TEJAS?
  6. What is the minimum length of antenna required to catch FM signal?
  7. How many Tejas and Rafael we are going to have?
  8. Is the deal of Dassault Rafael beneficial to India and why? and if not, what are the other options and their benefits?
  9. According to you what improvements does Indian Air Force needs at present?
  10. The difference between a cruise and ballistic missile? Name them and their differences?

These inquiries are exceptionally fundamental in nature and you are relied upon to answer every one of these assuming you are going for AFSB interview. To set yourself up for these sort of inquiry, read current undertakings and general information routinely.

What different inquiries you have looked during AFSB interview? Compose your reactions in the remark area beneath.

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