10 Pillars of a Relationship That Make It Strong

It might be difficult to keep up a connection with your partner, but it might be helpful to know what makes yours work.

Stated differently, perhaps you should read up on the foundational elements of a partnership. To learn more about these, continue reading.

What qualities do we want in a partner?

Generally speaking, you are looking for the one who is right for you when you search for the proper connection.

Is there someone who wants to listen to you, show you love, and reassure you that everything will be okay? These are the foundational elements of a relationship, or the things that many individuals look for.

It’s common for people to desire to feel supported, listened, and trusted by their partner. These are essential components of any relationship, particularly if you want yours to prosper and expand.

Your key to relationships may lie in your ability to collaborate with your partner to solve problems, achieve goals, or just to simply hang out and have fun.

It is possible to feel safe and comfortable when you have a terrific buddy, a reliable counsel, and a support system all in one person.

It’s acceptable to discover your mutual desires and strive toward fulfilling them for the other person in a relationship. Conversely, in case you’re searching for a mate, get further guidance and recommendations from reliable friends and relatives.

Remember that each person has different priorities when it comes to the foundations of a relationship. It is up to you to decide what qualities make a relationship work and what qualities you want in a possible partner.

It will be simpler to communicate this to your partner if you’ve decided what this means to you. In every relationship, it’s acceptable to have expectations, but you also need to give your partner space to share theirs.

Ten foundations of a solid partnership

“What is a relationship?” seems like a simple enough question, doesn’t it?

It’s actually a very simple question. However, the solution is a little more nuanced. For years, people have been dating, falling in love, getting married, and getting divorced.

However, very few of us take the time to consider what constitutes a healthy relationship or what its foundations are. Most of the time, we experience feelings and don’t really learn anything from the relationships we have with other people.

It is a fact that our nature is social. It is in our best interest to establish some standards for doing it correctly because humans long for connection and camaraderie with other people.

The foundations of love or the recipe for a successful relationship are more complicated than they first appear due to a number of influencing factors. There are some relationship foundations that every successful partnership we have ever seen has demonstrated, despite the fact that relationships may be difficult overall.

We should take a moment to go over each of these pillars in more detail in the hopes that if we can determine them, we will have a chance at a lifetime of love.

1. Interaction

Even if we hold back, we frequently believe that we are being honest and open with our partner. We may be afraid that the person seated across from us will think it unattractive, so we choose not to reveal the most vulnerable parts of ourselves.

Reserving ourselves in this way leads to reserving ourselves in other areas of a marriage or relationship.

What you originally believed to be an honest and trustworthy relationship may suddenly have holes made in it due to a white fib here, an omission there. These gaps get wider with time, and the communication you think you have isn’t there at all.

According to a 2021 study, talking to each other can be one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship. However, if you argue more often than you converse, one or both of you may not be happy with your partner.

Keep your mouth open. Be truthful. Bring out your dark side to your spouse. Making your relationship faithful to what you believe it to be is the only option.

2. Trust

You are nothing if you lack trust. Your partnership should be a safe haven where you feel comfortable and at ease. If you don’t trust your spouse, you’ll tell endless stories that you’ve made up that will probably drive you and them both insane.

If you feel as though you can’t put your whole trust in your partner, then you’re in the incorrect kind of relationship. In a partnership, having pillars of trust would be ideal.

It’s been said that love is blind, and when it comes to trust, that’s also true. Not that you should be gullible, but you should be able to trust that, in spite of temptations, you and your spouse are always behaving in a way that respects you and your relationship.

3. Show off your strength.

How did your parents catch you when you fell as a child? When you become an adult and are old enough to venture out into the world, it would be beneficial if you still had unwavering support.

While your parents will always be there for you, your significant other may take on the role of “the rock” in your relationship.

One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is your willingness and inspiration to support one another when the other is having a hard time. You should be their shoulder to weep on if a member of their family passes away.

Should your significant other want assistance in launching a business, you must be the welcoming face they see when things finally go south.

It is necessary; it is not optional. They must be prepared to repay you for being the one who supports them during their difficult times.

4. Patience

Humans are prone to making mistakes. We are flawed beings born of our DNA. Saying, “I accept you as you are, flaws and all,” is what it means to choose to live your life with someone else.

And meaning it.

Sometimes they’ll make you feel crazy.

They will occasionally cause you emotional distress.

There will be instances where they must recall to complete a task that they committed to doing.

Are you going to absolve them? No, not at all. However, you must be patient with them while you try to patch things up after they’ve broken a commitment or said something nasty. Although there’s a good chance they won’t intentionally harm you, they might do it again.

Humans are decent at their core. However, they are not flawless either. Have faith that the individual expressing their affection for you is not malevolent. Recognize that they, like you, are prone to making stupid mistakes.

The only way things will last with your spouse is if you both have patience. One of the most crucial foundations of a relationship is patience.

5. Go beyond your romantic narrative

Permit yourself and your spouse to engage in activities outside of your relationship. Remain separate from one another without losing your intense love for one another.

It’s commonly believed that marriage unites two individuals into one. It’s a great saying, but it’s not necessarily necessary to heed it.

Encourage them to pursue a pastime that is unrelated to them by engaging in one yourself. It’s just that creating time for your interests in your partnership is really healthy—you don’t have to push yourself to spend time apart.

Engaging in a hobby enables you to take time apart and cherish the moments you spend together.

You don’t have to be together all the time. Take a step beyond your fantasy world and return feeling rejuvenated.

6. Being exposed

Being able to be vulnerable with one another is another essential component of a healthy relationship, which basically means that you should be comfortable being yourself around one other.

There may be moments when you just want to be honest and genuine with your partner, regardless of how you behave—you can be silly, foolish, or serious.

Naturally, you have to make sure you let your spouse do the same. If they have to change who they are to fit in with you, it won’t be fair.

7. Showing support

Another one of the main cornerstones of a strong relationship is mutual support. The ability to support one another through thick and thin can have a profound effect on your relationship.

For example, a 2017 study discovered that even in cases where a pair isn’t actively stressing each other out, stress can still have an effect on one partner. On the other hand, you can reduce stress if you can support one another.

If you are unable to support one another, think about getting relationship counseling. This could help you get closer and function as a team by enhancing a number of areas of your relationship.

8. Having the closest friendship

Do you see your partner when you consider who your best friend is? If so, it may indicate that your relationship with your partner is solid. When you consider the fundamentals of a relationship, friendship is equivalent.

You presumably think of your spouse as a wonderful friend, which is why you probably have a lot to tell them.

You might want to share with your partner your day’s high points and low points. I’m sure you’re eager to hear their thoughts as well. This is so because one of the foundations of a relationship is friendship.

9. Comparable passions

To be compatible, you both need to enjoy spending time together and share similar interests. As an alternative, you can engage in a few enjoyable activities that you can do together.

It’s a good idea to attempt new things when you both feel comfortable doing so if you’re still unsure about what you two want to do. Try out a new movie at the theater, check out a particular restaurant you’ve been eyeing, or think about playing video games together.

You never know what you might find enjoyable or what could strengthen your close bond.

10. Getting along

Getting along with each other is yet another essential component of a successful partnership. When you argue and fight a lot, it might be hard for your relationship to develop and progress. Naturally, it’s acceptable to resolve conflicts amicably and reach a compromise.

Though no relationship is flawless, you should make an effort to discuss issues rather than argue about them whenever possible.

Having constructive disagreements rather than attempting to calm your partner down while they’re angry can be more beneficial. Remember this the next time you disagree with someone.

In summary

It’s more like an art or a dance to create a lifetime of love than a science.

You have to take into account specific relationship pillars. These items can also be viewed as the cornerstones of a marriage. Once you get them down, you can work on nurturing your relationship, as these are like the building blocks of something great.

After you master these fundamental moves, you should dance to the beat of your own drum since no marriage or relationship is the same. Additionally, if you want additional guidance on relationships or what the cornerstones of a relationship are, you can speak with a therapist.