10 Pekingese Mixed Breeds: List, Pictures, and Guide

Not many people own Pekingese as companion dogs. Nonetheless, mixed breeds are using them more and more. There is a growing trend of “designer dogs,” and Pekingese mixed breeds are no exception.

The following are a some of the most well-liked Pekingese hybrid breeds:

1. Peekapoo

Not surprisingly, the Peekapoo, a cross between a Pekingese and a Poodle, is one of the most well-liked Pekingese mixed breeds. Like most hybrids, this astute, athletic hybrid varies greatly. They are beloved because of their fluffy charm, but not all of them are exceptionally fluffy.

These canines can come in different sizes. Since poodles exist in a variety of sizes, a lot relies on the specific kind that is being utilized.

These devoted canines need a lot of grooming and mild activity. They aren’t low-maintenance dogs by any definition.

2. Peka-a-Chon

A Peka-a-Chon is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Pekingese. These fuzzy, fluffy dogs generate a lovable mixed breed. Similar to any other hybrid, these dogs are unique, but because of the similarity of their parent breeds, they tend to be less unique.

For example, they’re frequently incredibly amiable and upbeat. However, they can also function independently. Many struggle with training, and some are really stubborn. Still, they are generally well-behaved indoors.

These canines require little upkeep. Although they do require occasional brushing, it is considerably simpler to maintain good grooming when they are cut.

3. Peke-a-Tese

These canines resemble the other mixed-breed dogs that have been listed thus far. They tend to be quite laid back and have a smooth coat. They are very focused on their family and like spending time with them. They are, above all, canines that are focused on people.

They enjoy cuddling and are at their happiest when someone is sitting on their lap. They are playful in a way, yet they thrive most on attention.

They need frequent brushing to avoid tangles, just like the majority of the dogs on this list. Most need to have their fur cut as well to keep it from growing abnormally long.

4. Peagle

Peagles are not very widespread. They become more relaxed, though, when a Pekingese and a Beagle are added. They typically have an acute sense of smell, which makes them more likely to go lost. These dogs have a tendency to get lost, therefore you should keep them leashed or in a safe place.

Compared to other dogs on this list, these canines frequently require less activity and maintenance. But they need to be mentally stimulated. It can be difficult to keep children content and well-behaved, as you might anticipate.

5. Bostinese

More than other Pekingese, Bostinese are extremely energetic. They do differ greatly, but they are often quite playful. More often than not, a dog’s temperament is influenced by their upbringing rather than their genetic makeup. These dogs are less lapdogs, though, as they have a tendency to be more playful.

Although they enjoy cuddling, these devoted friends are capable of autonomous thought. Although they don’t particularly enjoy training, constancy can aid in their behavior modification. These dogs require varying amounts of grooming, but they are generally low maintenance in terms of exercise.

6. Peke-a-Pin

Little Pinschers are incredibly energetic and perceptive. They, along with the Peke-a-Pins, are known for having an abundance of energy. Of fact, some dogs may be more relaxed and emulative of their Pekingese parent.

Most of the time, these dogs are incredibly devoted and intelligent. They require a little daily exercise, like one or two walks. Their requirements for grooming differ. Their fur tends to be uneven, so occasionally they need to be trimmed. It could be brief in certain areas and lengthy in others.

When properly socialized, these dogs typically exhibit friendliness. They can be distant from outsiders, though. Contrary to popular belief, they are not friendly.

7. Peke-a-Pom

When you cross a Pekingese with a Pomeranian, you get an extraordinarily fluffy dog. Due to their mixed breed heritage, their fur isn’t usually the most uniform. They do have a tendency to be fluffier, though.

These dogs can be independent and have a lively attitude. Although they are people-oriented and lapdogs, they are not the easiest to train. Yes, they do require routine brushing. Their opulent coat’s variable texture makes it prone to tangles quite quickly.

8. Puginese

Pugs make excellent companion dogs. However, because of their reduced faces, they are also extremely sick. Many individuals cross their dogs with different breeds, such as Pekingese, in an effort to improve their health.

These dogs typically exhibit tenderness and love. They are infatuated with playing and cuddles. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or taking a stroll, they want to be there.

The maintenance of puginese is somewhat low. They don’t need a lot of activity or maintenance, yet some do require trimming. Once more, a lot of it is determined by the characteristics kids receive from their parents.

9. Yorkinese

Yorkinese are incredibly diminutive. Given that they are among the smallest breeds, yorkies typically pass on their diminutive stature to their offspring. Although yorkies can range in size quite a bit, you should expect them to be very little.

These dogs frequently have an active lifestyle. They need regular exercise and mental stimulation. Exercise is essential, but if necessary, you may simply exercise them indoors because they are tiny enough.

These dogs have a reputation for being yappy. Nor are they the easiest to train. To properly train them, you must be patient and consistent.

10. Cheeks

Mixing Pekingese with Chihuahuas results in a very petite, people-oriented companion, which makes them quite popular. They tend to be smaller in size, though this might vary.

They differ greatly in personality, though. They can have a more laid-back demeanor or be more assertive. They are frequently devoted and in love with others. They can be amiable if they are socialized appropriately. Some people, on the other hand, are quite suspicious of strangers, particularly if they were not properly socialized.