10 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Yangtze River

Every river in the globe has had a function throughout its existence. Whether it’s to guarantee that mountains, rainforests, and other natural beauties are flourishing or to provide water to animals and people. There is one river in particular that is breathtakingly beautiful. China is home to the Yangtze River, which is a beautiful sight. Let’s examine ten astounding facts regarding the Yangtze River.

1. Longest River in Asia

It makes sense that the Yangtze River’s Chinese name is “long river.” It is the third-longest river in the world and the longest in Asia. The Amazon and the Nile River are the only longer rivers. The Yangtze River is 3,975 miles long and 698,000 square miles in total area. Additionally, a natural border between North and South China is formed by the river.

2. Drainage Basin

The Yangtze River’s vast drainage basin is arguably one of its most notable features. The basin is so large that it occupies 20 percent of China’s total land area. The Yangtze River passes through eleven different regions.

3. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

The river originates in Tibet’s mountains. The Yangtze River rises on the southwest face of the main peak of the Tanggula Mountains, which is concealed under the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Yangtze River then travels through the majority of the nation before emptying into the East China Sea.

4. Influential History

For millennia, the Yangtze River has held significant power. The Yangtze River gave rise to several cultures, ensuring a successful history and growth. These cultures developed a variety of transportation methods for trading with other parts of China and the world. One of the many reasons it is remarkable is its important past, earning it the title of “Mother River” of China.

5. Three Gorges Dam

The world’s largest hydropower plant, the Three Gorges Dam, was built in 2009. Every year, almost 100 billion KWh of electricity are produced, enough to power 200 million people’s daily needs. The Three Gorges Dam’s development has, nevertheless, generated some criticism because it has an effect on the environment.

6. Yangtze River Delta

Ten percent of China’s population and 4% of its land area reside along the Yangtze River Delta. The river delta is surrounded by a number of significant cities, including Wenzhou, Shanghai, and Nanjing.

7. Number of Tributaries

The Yangtze River has an astounding 700 tributaries due to its immense size. The basin area of eight of the tributaries is larger than 19,000 square miles. The Jialing River has the largest basin among its tributaries, whereas the Minjiang River has the highest runoff. Additionally, the Yangtze and its tributaries are crossed by more than 50 bridges.

8. Abundant Wildlife

The diversity of fauna found in the Yangtze River is remarkable. Over 400 different species of fish can be found in the Yangtze basin. Of them, about 200 are unique to the Yankee River. Regrettably, numerous fish species have experienced a reduction over time due to the pollution that has plagued the river, with some almost going extinct. The Chinese government banned fishing in all of the river’s drainage basins due to overfishing, one of the issues.

9. Economic Powerhouse

The region along the Yangtze River is perhaps one of the richest and most developed in the nation. The Yangtze River and its tributaries provide the growing grounds for about 35% of the nation’s grain production. The Yangtze River basin is where over 70% of the world’s rice is cultivated. All things considered, the Yangtze River has given many Chinese people a great deal of money and numerous jobs.

10. Yangtze Cruise Tours

The Yangtze Cruise Tours between Chongqing and Yichang are not only one of the most cherished and well-liked cruise tours worldwide, but they also support the economies of millions of people. The economies of those who live near the river benefit greatly from these cruise cruises. Additionally, you get to explore the Yangtze River’s surrounding natural sceneries.

In summary

That’s it—these are the ten astounding facts about the Yangtze River. Being the longest river in Asia, it has played a significant role as a waterway in China and the surrounding area. If you ever get the chance to take a Yangtze River tour, you should definitely take in the breathtaking scenery along the river as well as the river’s magnificent shape.