10 Largest Airports in Europe

There is a huge list of amazing holiday spots in Europe if you’re thinking about traveling there. Choosing might be challenging. Europe’s biggest cities, like London, Paris, and Rome, are stunning and varied. Is there anything that can simplify your international flight experience? Landing in a big airport.

These are the top ten airports in Europe in terms of passengers. Each year, these airports handle more than 400 million passengers. Since the 2022 enplanements are the most current data available, we will be examining these. You and your traveling companions may explore far and wide while staying close to the major airports thanks to these airports, which are spread over seven nations on the continent.

10. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport

Rome, Italy is home to Europe’s tenth-largest airport. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport is that airport. 29,360,613 passengers used this big airport in 2022. Over 5 million tourists are expected to visit Rome in 2022, making it a popular travel destination. Rome is the location of magnificent museums, historic ruins, lovely fountains, and delectable cuisine. Come fly with us this year at Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, where approximately 30 million travelers will pass through!

9. Munich Airport

Munich, Germany is home to Europe’s ninth-largest airport. The first of Germany’s two top 10 airports is this one, Munich Airport. 32,839,000 passengers passed through the Munich Airport in 2022. Munich is a stunning city in Germany with a vast past. The city saw over 16 million overnight visitors in 2022, making it a popular destination for tourists.

8. Gatwick Airport

The United Kingdom is home to Europe’s eighth-largest airport. This is the airport in Gatwick, which is in London, England. This is London’s first of two major airports, both serving a sizable population. In 2022, 32,839,000 individuals traveled via the Gatwick Airport. In addition to being a popular tourist destination, London serves as a handy hub for travelers to other regions of the continent.

7. Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport

The Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport is one of Spain’s two airports. In terms of passenger volume, this airport ranks sixth in all of Europe with 41,641,444 in 2022. Madrid, the location of Spain’s busiest airport, receives twice as many visitors as the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona Airport!

6. Frankfurt am Main Airport

Frankfurt am Main Airport is the sixth-largest airport. This airport is located in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2022, there were 48,923,474 enplanements at the Frankfurt am Main Airport. The largest city in the state of Hesse and one of the nation’s major cities is Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a major travel destination, with slightly under 9 million overnight visits annually.

5. Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Madrid, Spain has the second of its two airports in the top ten list, making it the fifth-largest airport in Europe! The Adolfo Suarez Madrid – Barajas Airport is located here. 50,633,759 passengers passed through Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport in 2022.

4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The Netherlands is home to Europe’s fourth-largest airport. The airport in question is Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, which handled 52,472,188 passengers in 2022. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is a significant hub airport for flights across Europe and a frequent connecting point. However, the Netherlands is a beautiful nation to visit in its own right.

3. Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris, France is home to Europe’s third-largest airport. The Charles de Gaulle Airport is that one. In 2023, this airport hosted 57,474,033 enplanements. Since its construction in 1974, this enormous international airport has grown to be a hub for people visiting Europe for business or pleasure.

2. Heathrow Airport

The United Kingdom’s Heathrow Airport is the second-largest airport in Europe. England is home to the Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom. This airport handled 61,599,196 enplanements in 2022. Given that London has a few major airports, a sizable number of people must fly into and out of London, England, for the airports to continue serving so many passengers.

1. Istanbul Airport

Lastly, Istanbul Airport in Turkey is the biggest airport in Europe. This airport, which serves 64,486,178 passengers annually, is situated in Istanbul. That is a significant amount of travelers! A popular route for people entering and leaving both Asia and Europe is Turkiye. But the nation also boasts a fantastic tourism industry. In 2022, 16 million tourists visited Turkiye.