10 Highest Elevation Towns in Colorado Are Sky High

The state of Colorado contains several extremely high altitudes. Actually, the “mile-high” city is its capital, the Denver metropolitan area.

Nonetheless, a number of Colorado municipalities are situated at an elevation of more than one mile. Within the boundaries of this state are numerous American communities with the greatest elevations.

Check out this list of the highest-elevation settlements in Colorado if you’re interested in the Centennial State or have plans to visit some of the world’s highest locations.

1. Alma

The town of Alma is the highest point in Colorado. Furthermore, it is the highest-elevation inhabited community in all of the United States. This town has an average elevation of 10,522 feet, reaching amazing heights. This elevation surpasses the summits of numerous states’ highest mountains.

With only 296 persons, Alma is a small town in Park County close to the state’s center. Due to a mining boom in the area in the 1800s, the city had a much greater population of 10,000.

2. Leadville

Leadville is claiming the distinction of Colorado’s highest city, although Alma is the highest settlement. At 10,152 feet, this small settlement of 2,633 people is situated at a striking height. It has become known as the “Two-Mile High City” as a result.

Due to the local mining boom, Leadville surpassed Denver as the state’s largest city in the late 1800s. The city was once known as one of the most insane and lawless places in the Old West. This was made possible by the temporary inhabitation of individuals like Doc Holiday and Poker Alice.

3. Blue River

Another tiny hamlet in Colorado that is located at a very high elevation is called Blue River. The settlement is located at 10,089 feet with an elevation of 877.

The river with the same name that passes through the Blue River Valley is the source of the name Blue River. The small community is within the bigger statistical area, and it is not far from the small city of Breckenridge.

4. Fairplay

Located in the South Park region—the same place that inspired the famed adult cartoon—fairplay is a historic community. At 9,953 feet, Fairplay is located at an extremely high height.

Fairplay is sufficiently close to Denver to be included in the city’s greater metropolitan region. The adjacent discovery of gold is another reason for the existence of the small town. The town got its name because of its reputation for having more equitable mining contracts than many other nearby gold rush towns.

5. Platoro

Probably the most isolated place on this list is Platoro, a tiny community of 250 residents that is primarily used as a vacation destination during the summer. It’s a long way from when it was a mining camp.

Platoro is located directly on the Colorado–New Mexico border. This intriguing area is well-known for its diverse cultures and stunning natural surroundings. It takes less than two hours to get to the neighboring town of Chama, New Mexico.

6. Copper Mountain

At 9,712 feet, Copper Mountain is a community known for its ski resort. The town’s primary purpose is to serve as a supply hub for some of the many ski resorts in the nearby mountains.

Three settlements make up the town: The Village at Copper, The West Village, and The East Village. During the height of the winter ski season, the village’s population increases significantly beyond what it typically reports.

7. Victor

Victor is a little historical city with a rich history and culture that belies its modest size. The city honors this aspect of its past with multiple museums. It is another goldrush town in Colorado.

Historic West architectural enthusiasts will enjoy Victor. The small city’s downtown also features a number of historically significant structures that have been renovated and restored.

8. Twin Lakes

Leadville is a short distance away from Twin Lakes, a small summer hamlet. This mountain village is 9,700 feet above sea level.

Twin Lakes is the name of a local body of water. There are several chances for recreational watersports in this area for the people.

9. Ophir

Perched at 9,695 feet above sea level, Ophir is a charming mountain town. This little community of 200 people is notable for the breathtaking alpine landscape that envelops it.

Ophir is located on the Colorado Rockies’ western border. This indicates that some of the other Mountain West states and the prospects they offer are not too far away.

10. Breckinridge

One of the bigger cities on our list and one of the most popular Colorado mountain towns is Breckinridge. This community is the largest in the state above this elevation, at 9,600 feet.

Breckinridge’s ancient architecture is charming, and there are plenty of eateries and pubs inside many of the buildings. These are all there to cater to the large number of tourists that come through its streets every year.