10 Food Dishes That Are Absolute Symbols of Canada

Are you considering travelling to Canada? Canada, the second-largest nation in the world, is a lovely destination for vacations with loved ones. Canada has a lot to offer both residents and tourists, from charming cities to breathtaking landscapes in locations like Banff National Park. Consider including a stop for Canadian food in your travel itinerary. Make a meal plan to make sure you sample some of the cuisine that represents Canada. Continue reading for some motivation!

1. Poutine

Poutine is a great place to start if you want to sample Canadian cuisine. Originating in Quebec, this classic Canadian dish is now enjoyed globally. Nothing beats cheese curds and flavorful gravy on top of French fries. One of the foods that is emblematic of Canada is poutine, which is straightforward but incredibly satisfying.

2. Maple Syrup

Being one of the culinary items that is emblematic of Canada, maple syrup is more commonly referred to as “liquid gold” by Canadians. The maple tree yields maple syrup, which is frequently the highlight of Canadian cooking. The maple leaf is indeed displayed prominently on the Canadian flag. Although maple flavouring is common in many Canadian recipes, the best way to savour this sugary delicacy is right here on a stack of pancakes!

3. Beavertails

Beavertails, a delightful Canadian pastry shaped like a flat beaver’s tail, originated in Ontario.This traditional dessert is fried, then covered with various toppings and butter. It is still a traditional dessert in Canada even after being copyrighted in 1978.

4. Montreal-style bagel

Visit Montreal for a freshly cooked bagel if you’re searching for real Canadian food. Montreal-style bagels are denser, thinner, and sweeter than New York City bagels, despite having a similar form and appearance. Additionally, bakers sprinkle salt or seeds on this type of bagel, which is perfect for enjoying at a quaint cafe while travelling.

5. Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian pizza is actually from Canada, despite the common misconception that it comes from Hawaii. Ham and pineapple are atop this traditional pie. Because pineapple is a traditional fruit of Hawaii, there was some uncertainty over the label of this excellent pizza. Whichever way it came from, the question still stands. Does pizza have a place for pineapple?

6. Tourtière

Treat yourself to some tourtière if you’re looking for comfort cuisine that’s native to Canada. Originating in Quebec, this classic meat pie is typically filled with beef, hog, or veal. Tourtière is, in fact, a traditional New Year’s dinner dish in Canada.

7. Montreal-style smoked meat

Montreal is where the renowned deli meat sandwich first appeared. The flavour is derived from the smoked brisket, which tastes like pastrami or corned beef on a sandwich. Savour this traditional Canadian dish on rye bread dipped in yellow mustard.

8. Sugar Pie

Sugar pie, a beloved dish in Canada, was brought there by French immigrants from France. It’s a traditional open pie with straightforward flavours. This meal is often sweetened with maple syrup. Another traditional Christmas treat is sugar pie.

9. Peameal Bacon

Peameal bacon is a mainstay of Canadian cuisine, despite the fact that many people refer to it as Canadian bacon. Peameal bacon is a common breakfast meat in Canada, made from lean, boneless pork. When travelling, it’s simple to find at delis, cafes, and local markets.

10. Maple Taffy

It is impossible to travel to Canada and not try this traditional dessert. Originating in Quebec, maple taffy is the ideal snack on a wintry day. The classic method involves dousing the snow with boiling maple syrup, which solidifies instantly upon contact. After that, enjoy the sticky syrup by rolling it onto a popsicle stick.