10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

There are a plethora of wedding-related questions that need to be addressed in order to ensure a seamless planning process and prevent any hiccups on your special day. These are the top 10 questions that have been addressed to assist you in organizing your wedding and provide guidance on how to make your wedding day truly amazing and unforgettable!

1. Do we have to spend thousands to get a perfect wedding?

Some traditionalists might always believe that having a lot of money is necessary for excellence. We wholeheartedly disagree; you are free to spend your money however you see fit. Everybody has different standards for perfection, but keep in mind that today is your day, so don’t strive to impress anyone.

2. How do guests who are “plus one” behave?

We acknowledge that figuring this out is not simple! We recommend that the people on your invite list who are married, engaged, or in a serious relationship are excellent choices to invite an additional guest.

But once more, it comes down to what you two desire! Recall that you are not required to invite anyone! If you are accommodating, however, consider the venue numbers, the price of the food, and whether you are aware of the requested plus one.

3. Who covers the cost of best men and bridesmaids?

To put it briefly, there are no costs for you as a pair. Never give in to pressure to believe otherwise!

Even though your budget dictates everything, you may think that it is the appropriate thing to do. The majority of couples we speak with are able to pay for their best man and bridesmaids’ thank-you gifts, but they are unable to pay for anything else.

4. Do videographers and photographers need to be hired?

It’s crucial to find a means to preserve your memories and the joy of the day. The old cliché that the day goes by in a blur is absolutely accurate. Skilled photographers and videographers catch the important events of the day as well as the little ones you overlook. If money is tight, consider giving your guests disposable cameras or even asking those with the newest cellphones to record important events.

5. Shall we have a bar open?

It is customary for you to offer the first toast, which frequently occurs during or after the speeches. But there are several things to take into account while having an open bar. It’s not necessary to have one, and depending on the crowd size, we might occasionally suggest against having an open bar. If you decide to proceed with this, make sure you leave a good portion of your budget unoccupied so your visitors can benefit!

6. Is a rehearsal necessary?

A practise can provide you and your spouse with a great deal of confidence if you’re feeling really anxious. Additionally, if this is your best man’s or bridesmaids’ first wedding, a rehearsal might make them feel more at ease in their roles.

Whether or not your ceremony is religious, practicing beforehand will help you feel more at ease and give you a chance to run over the schedule and figure out the specific times.

7. Why should I hire a wedding planner?

The stress of organizing your wedding day is completely taken on by wedding planners. In other words, planners ought to be pros at designing the perfect day for you two. They can find and collaborate with all of your vendors to plan your ideal day and reduce your stress levels. Depending on who you select, the price can vary significantly because most planners include the cost of their trip in their packages.

How far in advance should I make my plans?

The fact that there is no limit is crucial! It’s not difficult to get engaged and wait a few months to start preparing. A couple can easily organize a whole wedding without assistance in 12 months. If you give yourself too little time, especially if you plan to marry on a summer weekend, you can find it difficult to find a venue.

If time is of the essence, having additional assistance from parents, friends, or a wedding planner can greatly simplify the preparation process.

9. How many invitees do we send out?

Other than requiring two witnesses, there are no rules here. Hundreds of people can be invited if you have the funds and the available space.

10. Do you have kids or not?

One of the most contentious issues has been reserved till last. It’s ultimately up to you to decide. Although you won’t be responsible for any children on the day, it does add another layer of planning to ensure that there are kid-friendly food and drink options available.

Based on your existing guest list, estimate the number of youngsters who will likely attend the wedding. Are you alarmed by it or are you not bothered? That question’s response will probably aid in your decision-making.


Whatever you choose to do, never forget that the purpose of the day is to celebrate your love for your partner. With these wedding planning questions answered, hopefully, your wedding planning process will be a lot simpler.